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We support visa acquisition for sightseeing and recreation of foreigners' wealthy people

The Japanese government is issuing a visa that allows long-term stay in Japan only for rich people of visa-free countries.

Foreign nationals who acquire this visa have a wide range of purposes, such as visiting Japan for sightseeing and medical treatment due to long-term stay and visiting Japan for relatives.

However, you can not work or work while staying in Japan with this visa.

Below, we summarize the acquisition conditions of Foreign HNWI visas.

If there is something you do not know, feel free to call Visa Application Nabis Tokyo.

It is now possible to acquire 'specific activity visa' for sightseeing and recreation of foreigners' wealthy people.
A part of the provisions for the activities listed in the lower column of Table 1-5 of the Act is revised based on the provisions of 2015, 6, month 23, 7, 1, Article 2, XNUMX, XNUMX. It was.

Background and purpose of amending the acquisition of visas for foreigners' high net worth
The following was decided on "Revamped Japan Strategy" 2014 "decided by the Cabinet on 6 Year 2014 month. "We aim to implement the 2015 fiscal year on systems that allow long-term stay for sightseeing purposes for overseas wealthy people".

In response to this, we decided to grant foreign residents the status of residence of "Specific Activities", which is subject to new acceptance, to allow entry and stay. As a necessary measure for that purpose "the matter to decide the activities listed in the lower column of the table of appended table 1 to 5 based on the provision of 7 Article 1 item 2 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act" was revised I will.

Outline of amendment to acquire visa for foreigners
Foreigners who visit Japan for the purpose of sightseeing and recreation can enter the country with a status of residence "short-term stay". However, in principle, you can only stay up to 90 days long in "short-term stay". It has become possible to allow it to stay in Japan with the status of residence of 'Specific Activities' for the longest 1 year for sightseeing and sanitation for sightseeing and recreation for foreign rich people. Requirements for foreigners are as follows.

· Persons in countries where visa exemption measures are being taken by Japan for those seeking to enter the country on the basis of the status of residence "short-term stay"
· 18 years and over
· Deposit savings is 3000 ten thousand yen or more (at the time of application, married couple sum is also possible)
· Join medical insurance in Japan (insurance in case of death, injury, illness during stay in Japan)

Specific activity visa

Visa application Navi Tokyo
Remuneration amount is 108,000 yen
When sightseeing and recreation of Foreigners' HNWIs
Acquisition of "Specific activity visa"
We will support.

Visa-exempted countries eligible for foreign visitors' visas
What is a visa-exempt country?
2014 Year 12 Visa exemption is being implemented for the following 67 countries / areas at the month of the month.

In the case of these countries / regional people aiming at "commercial", "meeting", "sightseeing", "visit to relatives / acquaintances" etc, it is not necessary to obtain a visa for entry.
However, if you are engaged in activities that receive fees in Japan, or if you are staying beyond the period of short-term stay determined for each country, you need to obtain a visa.

Period of stay

The period of stay granted at the time of landing permission,
Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei have "15 days"
For other countries / regions, "90 days"
It becomes.
List of exempt countries for visas
North America
USA, Canada

Australia, New Zealand
Indonesia (Note 1), Singapore, Thailand (Note 2) (within 15 days), Malaysia (Note 3)
Brunei (15 days or less), Korea, Taiwan (Note 4), Hong Kong (Note 5), Macau (Note 6)

Middle East
Israel, Turkey (Note 7)

Tunisia, Mauritius, Lesotho (Note 7)

Latin America
Argentina, Uruguay, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Suriname, Chile
Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Barbados (Note 7), Honduras, Mexico (Note 8)

Iceland, Ireland (Note 8) Andorra, Italy, Estonia, Austria (Note 8)
Netherlands, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, San Marino, Switzerland (Note 8), Sweden,
Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Denmark Germany (Note 8),
Norway, Hungary, Finland, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland,
Portugal, Macedonia Former Yugoslavia, Malta, Monaco, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein (Note 8), Romania, Luxembourg, UK (Note 8)

(Note: 1) Visa exemption for Indonesia (2014 year 12 month X XUMX days or later) is subject to visa exemption for Japan's foreign embassies in Indonesia, possessing an IC passport (International Civil Aviation Organization) standard IC passport Embassy / Consulate General / Consular office) (Prior registration valid period is 1 year or passport valid term expiration date, whichever is shorter)

(Note 2) Visa exemption for Thailand (2013 year 7 month X XUMX days or later) subject is limited to those who have an ICAO standard IC passport.

(Note 3) Malaysian visa exemption is limited to those holding an IC passport with an ICAO standard (after 2013 year 7 month 1 days). Those who do not possess an IC passport are advised to obtain a visa in advance (In the case of entering without obtaining a visa in advance, a strict immigration review will be conducted at the time of entry into Japan, and as a result there is a possibility that they can not enter the country there is)

(Note 4) Taiwan's visa exemption is limited to those who possess Taiwan Okami (passport) where identification card number is stated.

(Note 5) Hong Kong's visa exemption is limited to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passport and those who possess a British Overseas Citizen (BNO) Passport (Hongkong residence holder).

(Note 6) Macao's visa exemption is limited to those holding Macao Special Administrative Region Passport.

(注7)バルバドス(2010年4月1日以降)、トルコ(2011年4月1日以降)、及びレソト(2010年4月1日以降)のビザ免除の対象は、ICAO標準の機械読取式旅券(MRP:Machine-Readable Passport)又はIC旅券を所持する方に限ります。MRP又はIC旅券を所持していない方は、ビザを取得することをお勧めします(事前にビザを取得せずに入国する場合、日本入国時に厳格な入国審査が行われ、結果として入国できないおそれがあります)

(Note 8) Those in these countries are allowed to stay within 6 months in visa exemption arrangements, but if staying beyond 90 days, before the expiration of the period of stay the Ministry of Justice (local immigration bureau ) You need to renew your period of stay.

(Note 9) We have introduced a visa recommendation for Peru (after 1995 month 7 day of 15) and Colombia (after 2004 month 2 day of 1). If you enter Japan without obtaining a visa in advance, there is a risk that you will not be able to enter Japan as a result of strict immigration checks when entering Japan.

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