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How foreigners living in Japan can call their parents from their own country

■ In principle, there is no visa to bring parents from your country

Currently, under the status of residence system in Japan, visas for foreigners living in Japan to call their parents from their own country are not permitted in principle.
However, even with these restrictions, there is no complete way to attract parents.

For example, parents themselves can obtain visas for staying in Japan such as "technical / humanistic knowledge / international work" and "working visas for business management" based on their own backgrounds, or for short-term stays. You have the option of coming to Japan.However, when parents are old and need long-term care, such options are difficult to implement in reality.

Therefore, in this article, I will explain the countermeasures for such cases where "parents are old and want to call in Japan for long-term care".

■ You can bring your parents to Japan by using specific activities (dependents of old parents).

As a special case, it may be possible to bring a parent to Japan only if the parents in their own country are elderly, have no relatives in their own country, and have a chronic illness.
Since it is a special approval, the following conditions are required to call it.

[Conditions that a child living in Japan must meet]
The main premise is that the foreigner in Japan must be "not illegally staying (legally staying in Japan)".
It will be difficult to bring in parents unless you have a status of residence and are officially permitted to stay.

In addition, "having an economic base that allows you to live in Japan" is also added as a condition.
Perhaps it is a judgment that it is meaningless if the people who have called in are in need of life.
These conditions will be judged from the current household status such as tax payment and deposit balance.

[Conditions that parents living in a foreign country must meet]
The condition is that the parents who are invited to Japan are elderly.
However, there is no clear standard for the age of parents, so it is necessary to objectively "recognize the need for child support" as a condition.

It is also a condition that there are no spouses, children, or relatives around the calling parent.In many cases, if you can take care of yourself in your home country, you will be judged that you do not need to call in Japan.

I have explained various conditions so far, but it seems that it is rare for a person to be able to completely meet the above conditions.
However, even if you do not actually meet the conditions, please be assured that you may be permitted if there are circumstances such as "If you do not take care of yourself, it will interfere with your daily life."
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