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Difficulty returning to Japan due to the new coronavirus How to apply for a change to a 6-month specific activity (workable) for medium- to long-term residents For international students

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, a state of emergency was declared in Japan on April 4, and the impact has continued since it was lifted on May 7, and from the business scene not only in Japan but also in other countries. I continue to be influenced by various situations up to my private life.As is the case with international students, it is difficult to return to their home countries even after graduating from a vocational school, university, or graduate school.

International students are studying abroad in Japan with a status of residence of "College Student", but after graduating from school, in principle, they must return to Japan even if the period of stay of the status of residence "College Student" remains. Will be.Therefore, international students who are about to graduate choose to get a job at a company, go on to school, or return to their home country.

However, if an international student who chooses to return to his / her home country does not have a flight due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the ticket price is soaring and he / she cannot purchase a ticket, etc. You will be an illegal resident.

Therefore, the Ministry of Justice has established a special status of residence, "Specific Activities (Working Allowed)," for international students who have difficulty returning to Japan due to the new coronavirus.Not only does it prevent illegal immigrants after graduation, but it also makes it possible for international students who have difficulty returning to Japan to work part-time within 1 hours a week. I am trying to pay for my living expenses.

Since the status of residence of this special case is not automatically switched, it is necessary for international students who have difficulty returning to Japan to apply by themselves or by requesting an expert such as an administrative scrivener to act as an agent.

You need to prepare the following as necessary for application

・ Clarification material that it is difficult to return to Japan (Explanation of circumstances such as cancellation of return ticket, soaring or decreasing ticket)
・ A document certifying that you have graduated from a Japanese school after January 2020, 1 (a copy of your graduation certificate is acceptable)
・ Checklist of submitted documents that have been checked (If you want to do activities outside the status of qualification, check the relevant part)
・ Passport, residence card
・ Face photo (length 4 cm x width 3 cm)
・ Application for permission to change status of residence (Form U)

Apply for the above to the Immigration Bureau of Japan in the jurisdiction where the international student who has difficulty returning to Japan lives, and change the status of residence to "Specific Activities (Workable)" which is the status of residence for special measures by obtaining permission. I can.
* Also due to the influence of the new coronavirusApplications for changing the status of residence of international students who live in the area under the jurisdiction of the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau and have difficulty returning to Japan are limited to applications by mail until October 2020, 10 (must arrive).Please check the announcement by the Immigration Bureau of Japan for the application method after October 2020, 10.

The period of stay for this "specific activity (workable)" status of residence is 6 months, but the period of stay can be renewed if the situation of being unable to return to Japan continues due to the influence of the new coronavirus. ..

Please note that the Immigration Bureau of Japan will be examined including emergencies due to the effects of the new coronavirus.

If necessary, please consult with the Immigration Bureau of Japan or the nearest administrative scrivener office that is applying for agency.

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<p><img class=”alignleft wp-image-8407″ src=”” alt=”” width=”116″ height=”111″ /><strong>澤村 和三(さわむら かずみ)</strong></p>
Immigration Bureau of Japan application agent.An administrative scrivener who plays a central role in Climb, an administrative scrivener corporation that boasts 1,000 visa applications annually.He has a PhD in justice from Kwansei Gakuin University (professional) and has studied abroad at Ohio State University in the United States.
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