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Work restrictions on family stay visas and what to do if you exceed your working hours

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XNUMX. XNUMX.What is a family stay?

Family visa visaMeans staying in Japan with a certain working status of residenceStatus of residence (visa) provided to accept spouses and children who are dependent on foreignersis.For example, a spouse or child of a foreigner working in Japan with a visa of technology, humanities knowledge, international work or skills, which is a working status of residence, is eligible for a family stay visa.
One of the characteristics of a family stay visa is that you are dependent on your spouse or parent who has a work visa (or a student visa in some cases).Financial reliance on a spouse or parent with a work visa is a condition of a family stay visa.
In relation to this condition, the residence card of a person with a dependent visa will include:"No work"There is a statement.but,Allowance for activities outside your statusIf you receive permission toWithin 28 hours a weekYou will be permitted to work as a part-time worker.
Due to restrictions on working hours,Be careful not to exceed the standard.

XNUMX.What are the work restrictions for dependent visas?

▼ Are there two types of permission to engage in activities other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted? (Difference between individual permission and comprehensive permission)

For permission to engage in activities outside the status of qualification,➀Blank permit②Individual permissionThere are two things that can be said.
Basically, foreigners with a family stay visa getComprehensive permitIt is a permission for activities outside the qualifications.

Comprehensive permitYou can obtain this by meeting the following conditions, and you will be able to work for a limited time of up to 1 hours per week.

  1. (1) Engaging in the activities related to the application by the applicant does not hinder the performance of the activities related to the current status of residence.
      → Working hours are limited to 28 hours and are permitted provided that this restriction is complied with.
  2. (2) Maintaining the activities related to the current status of residence
      → It will be accepted if the prerequisite activities for a dependent visa, such as continuing to be married, living with dependents, and being economically dependent, are maintained.
  3. (3) The activity related to the application does not correspond to any of the following activities
    1. A. Activities recognized as violating laws and regulations (whether criminal or civil)
    2. B. Activities conducted at sales offices where customs sales or store-type special sales are operated, or non-store-type special sales, video transmission-type special sales, store-type telephone heterosexual introduction sales, or non-store-type telephone heterosexual introduction Activities to engage in sales
  4. (4) No detention order has been issued.

Similarly, ➁Individual permissionThis is an application for permission for activities that do not exceed the 1-hour limit in a week.
This is necessary when operating as a sole proprietor or when it is difficult to objectively check operating hours.
In addition to (1) to (4) above, in order for individual permission to be granted,

  1. (5) The activities related to the application correspond to the activities listed in the lower column of the status of residence in Table XNUMX or Table XNUMX of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.

It is necessary to satisfy the condition.

▼ Are there any restrictions on where I can work or what I can do?

With permission for activities outside the qualificationThere are restrictions on where you work and what you do.. In particular,You cannot work in customs sales, store-type sex customs special sales, video transmission-type sex customs special sales, store-type telephone heterosexual introduction sales, and non-store-type telephone heterosexual introduction sales..

▼ Are there any restrictions on working hours?How long can you work?

 There is a limit to working hours,You can only work up to 28 hours a week.
What I want to pay attention to here isTotal working hours at all workplaces within 28 hoursThe point is that it has to be.
Please be careful if you have multiple jobs.

▼ Can I earn as much money as I want as long as I don’t overwork?

Whether or not the activity is within the scope of the non-qualified activity permit is judged from the viewpoint of whether or not the working hours exceed 28 hours a week.
However, even if the working hours limit is 28 hours or less per week,When the income earned from non-qualified activities exceeds the range of dependents and is high enough to exceed the income of dependentsAs a result of not fulfilling the prerequisite for a dependent visa, ``being economically dependent on dependents,''Permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence will no longer be grantedAndFamily stay visa renewal will no longer be acceptedThere is a possibility that the situation will occur.

XNUMX. XNUMX.What to do if you overwork with a family stay visa

▼ What happens if you overwork?

Say hereOverworkBasically, it means a period of time long enough to hinder the activities of a dependent visa, i.e.Working part-time, etc. for more than 28 hours a weekRefers to the state.
Overwork may be required by the Immigration Bureau when applying for a visa.Discovered from documents such as taxation certificates and withholding slipsYou must to do something before you go on.
If you work less than 28 hours a week at your regular hourly rate, you will be paid an annual rate.Approximately 130 million yen as the upper limit(approximately 11 yen per month).If a number exceeding this is shown on a tax certificate, etc., it is likely that the person worked more than 28 hours a week.
If it is true that you were overworked, it will be determined that your status of residence is poor, and as a result,Renewal of dependent visa is not allowed,at the worst case,be forced to return to one's home countryThere is also a thing.

▼ How to deal with overwork

If you have a family stay visaOverworkIf you are asked to point out or explain it from the Immigration Bureau when you renew your visa, etc.A document called "Questionnaire" will be issuedThere are many things.
The questionnaire includes the ``name, address, and contact information of the company where you work part-time, etc.,'' which is the basis for the fact of overwork, and ``the period of work at the workplace, working hours per week, hourly wage, and actual wage. Write down the amount of remuneration.Please submit this questionnaire within the period specified by the Immigration Bureau.
If you have worked part-time at more than one place of employment, you will need to write about all of them.
Your application will be rejected because your employment information is leaked.Please write it down so that there are no discrepancies with the facts.

In addition to filling out the questionnaire, we may also submit a copy of the bank passbook to which the salary was transferred at that time or the wage ledger of the place of employment as a document to prove the contents.
When giving an explanation after being overworked, explain the working situation at the time based on the contents of the questionnaire above, and provide a written statement stating that you have reflected on your situation and pledging to strictly abide by Japanese rules in the future. may also be created.

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