Free Diagnosis for Foreign Employment

Your employment of foreigners Are you OK?
We are offering free diagnosis about employment of foreigners only for first-come-first-served 10 company. For those who are considering the employment of foreigners from now on, please contact us for troubles such as employment of foreigners but do not know the law! Please take advantage of this opportunity.

Guide for free diagnosis

What you should be most careful when managers hire foreigners,
It is judgment whether or not the employment of that alien is legal.

Typical example of illegal employment
In many cases, we do things other than activities prescribed by Immigration Control Act

· In charge of cooking izakaya with the status of residence "engineering" of engineers etc
· When you are doing simple work in the factory

For foreign workers already hired, if you have not confirmed your status of residence before starting employment, it is necessary to confirm the status of residence of foreign workers concerned.

· People who employ foreigners
· For those managers hiring foreigners from now on
· Those who are a little uneasy about foreign employment

【 the purpose 】
We will strive for stable foreign residents to stay and work.

Status of Residence ...

· Confirmation of qualification applicability
Confirmation of standard compatibility
· Confirmation of equivalence

If there is a problem with that employment by any chance ...

The following one is a crime of 73 2 term of 1 article of Immigration Control Act,
The punishment imposed on the employer side is imprisonment for illegal employment promotion of less than 3 years or a fine of 300 ten thousand yen or less.

(I) A person who has caused foreigners to engage in illegal work in relation to business activities
(Ii) those who have put them under their control in order to allow foreigners to engage in illegal employment activities
Three industries, those who caused foreigners to engage in illegal work or those who mediated on the acts of the preceding item

Because it is a punishment, it means that there is a possibility that a company may be presided.

Allowance rate 100%

An experienced administrative scrivener with a permission rate of 100% (2016 year 5 month 1 day) is diagnosed free of charge.

We propose the best policy from past experience etc. We are able to help you get visa.

As a result of applying at your own discretion, if you refuse and re-apply, the hurdle will surely go up.

Please make a free diagnosis on this occasion by all means. Application method is accepted by e-mail or fax.

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