【Corporations】 Voice of customers of Ikebukuro who applied for a work visa Co., Ltd. AMICUS Mr. Koseka Koga

Mr. Kosha Koga who applied for a work visa

Regarding administrative scrivener corporation Climb, consultation on many visa applications is received regardless of individuals or corporations.

This time, I have talked to Mr. Kosega Toshiza of AMICUS Co., Ltd. who has left a work visa application.

We will assist you in changing, acquiring and updating to a work visa with 20 ~ 30 name in month.

Full Name
Hello Koga, Mr. Arisa
Your profession
Personnel introduction specialized for foreigners
Head Office Location
Full Name
Hello Koga, Mr. Arisa
Your profession
Personnel introduction specialized for foreigners
Head Office Location

On the encounter with administrative scrivener corporation Climb

- How did you learn the administrative scrivener corporation Climb?

We moved and now headquarters in Ikebukuro, but before that we had an office in Takadanobaba.
We are matching with foreign companies and companies that are recruiting.
Since customers have troubles with visa, I found and found an administrative scrivener office that is responsible for applying for visa.

- Please tell me why you decided to ask Climb administrative scrivener

This is because I was closest to the office at that time, and many administrative scrivener teachers specialize in working for foreign nationalities, so I thought it was safe. The first time I requested was in 2016, and until then I had asked other administrative scrivener teachers.

About administrative scrivener corporation Climb

- How much volume do you have for monthly requests for work visa relationship?

Depending on the time of year, we ask you to obtain or renew your visa about 20 ~ 30 names a month. Our company has relocated, and now it is Ikebukuro, but it has been relocated because it is easy to do.

- Please tell us the good points of administrative scrivener corporation Climb

It's good that the work is meticulous, detailed, fast, and at a reasonable price.The atmosphere in the office is good, friendly and welcoming.Employees are easy to talk to, so feel free to ask questions.There are cases where the visa examination does not pass on the first time due to reasons on the person's or the company's side. If there are 30 people, there are cases where about 1 person will not pass the screening on the first try.In many cases, it goes smoothly by reapplying.I think it's thanks to the careful rehearsal and the appropriate response.There is a volume of requests from our company every month.However, the administrative scrivener teacher provides prompt and accurate instructions and correspondence, so it is helpful because the work can proceed efficiently and smoothly.

- Is there anything to worry about Administrative Scrivener Corporate Climb?

I do not see any particular improvements ... There is no complaint at all, so I'm indebted to everything by focusing on it every day.

Future prospects

- Please tell us about future goals and developments

At our company, we have changed to a holding company and launched two subsidiaries for telecommunications business, business contracting, and part-time worker dispatch.The Nagoya branch has already opened, and in 2 we will open branches in Fukuoka and Myanmar. Since the system of "Specified Skilled Worker" will start, we plan to increase the volume of matching between domestic companies and overseas students.For foreigners to come in, it is necessary for the company that accepts them to prepare for acceptance. "How should I hire?", "What should I do?", "What should I do?" it's our job.We plan to continue to increase our needs in the future, so we would like to have a long-term relationship with administrative scrivener corporation Climb.

Comment from staff in charge: Noriko Minagawa

Mr. Koga and I have been on business trip to Fukuoka prefecture together to apply for the status of residence of customers who are in Fukuoka prefecture and sometimes I helped.
Depending on the case, the application for a work visa varies, such as the location of the headquarters and the residence of the applicant himself.
Therefore, if necessary, we will support business trips to other prefectures such as Tokyo, Kanagawa prefecture, Saitama prefecture, Chiba prefecture etc. not only in the Kanto area but also Fukuoka prefecture.

At our office, we obtain and change working visas, and support renewal.
Visa acquisition has more than 1,000 yearly experience, and we try to make the best advice and correspondence by taking advantage of know-how.
In addition, we will respond with the 6 name system, so we can respond to the needs "I want to apply for visa early".

You can feel comfortable at our company where you have a record of corporate response, as well as the needs of companies that apply nearly 20 ~ 30 monthly.
By continuing to keep in touch, we are also offering voice at the timing of updating and providing information on legal revision.
If you are planning to obtain more than one person's visa, please do not hesitate to consult us.


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