【Corporations】 Voice of Customers Who Allow Acquisition of Working Visa in General Global Group, Hidehiro Ito

Mr. Hidehira Ito, you are leaving the general acquisition of work visas

Regarding administrative scrivener corporation Climb, consultation on many visa applications is received regardless of individuals or corporations.

This time, we asked Hidehira Ito, Director of Global Group Co., Ltd., who has appointed a work visa application.

We will assist you in changing, acquiring and updating to a working visa at our office.

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Hide pear Ito Shoji
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Personnel introduction specialized for Nikkei Brazilians
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On the encounter with administrative scrivener corporation Climb

- How did you learn the administrative scrivener corporation Climb?

Mr. Koga of AMICUS Inc. introduced me.
I asked Ms. Koga, "Which teacher are you asking for?" When I heard that, I introduced you.

- What kind of business is requested to administrative scrivener corporation Climb?

My job is to obtain a visa in general. They often tell me about immigration and ask for a student visa to work. The volume is about 10 per year.

About administrative scrivener corporation Climb

- Why did you decide to be administrative scrivener corporation Climb?

Originally, I applied for visas on my own.However, the number of cases is about 10 per year, so I have little experience.This office has a lot of work done, so it's good to get more appropriate advice.In addition, since the administrative scrivener teacher gives careful and accurate instructions, there is no need for specialized knowledge, and you can leave it to your subordinates.I think it's really good that I can leave the hearing and confirmation of the requirements for working in Japan with peace of mind.Law revision is not my main business, so I can't keep an eye on it.Also, since our company is located in Gunma Prefecture, the administrative scrivener corporation Climb is close to the Tokyo Immigration Bureau, and I have the impression that it has the latest information. It is attractive to be able to interview and have confirmation so that labor problems such as "running to the Labor Standards Inspection Office" do not occur.I also hear that other administrative scrivener teachers are too sloppy to respond depending on the student, or they apply for "simply to pass the visa".When I think about the future, I think that it does a lot of harm and no benefit.

- Good point of administrative scrivener corporation Climb

There are several administrative scrivener teachers such as Mr. Hara, Mr. Saito, Mr. Minagawa, etc.Children with visas sometimes introduce other friends, but it is not uncommon for them to suddenly bring them along.In such a case, thanks to your prompt response, I can check my educational background and work content, check if I am suitable for a visa, and proceed smoothly.I don't have any specialized knowledge, so it takes time to research.If you do that, people will disappear.I think it's one of the attractions that you can ask for it in a timely manner.

- I think it is difficult to visit the Gumma from where to come ...

It ’s certainly the neck that ’s far away. However, the application system and fee are also attractive. Even if there is no knowledge at all, there is an accurate instruction, so even the clerk can handle it, and it is safe because the fee is clearly indicated. Checking the phone one by one in order to inquire about the charges is time consuming. It's cheaper and smoother than the others, so I've never thought about comparing collaborating companies.

- Is there a sense of security in leaving it to administrative scrivener rather than individual application?

If I do it by myself, all the responsibility falls on me, so I get so nervous that my stomach hurts. (Laughs) I feel pressured every time I am asked by a student.In that respect, by asking an administrative scrivener teacher, it is attractive to be able to say, "I asked the teacher, so it's okay."For those who are prepared to come to Japan from overseas, I want them to work without worrying as much as possible.If you get caught in the legal side, you'll be worried.I think it's an important point that it's okay because you leave it to a teacher you can trust.Even as a start-up, having a professional backing is a reassuring factor.Also, if you continue to ask the same teacher you trust, there is a big advantage that you can prevent information from being eaten by worms.The renewal of the visa will come after 3 years or so, but if you are an individual, the data may disappear or the person in charge may disappear.There is also the value of being able to "accumulate information" by asking the teacher.

Future prospects

- Please tell us your future goals and prospects

In the future, I think that the acceptance of foreigners will increase as a national policy.There will be more forms than now, such as the dispatch of long-term residents and permanent residents.When considering the safety and future prospects of one's own country, more and more people will choose "Japan." When the number of people who want to work for 10 years and save money to start a business or obtain permanent residency increases, permanent residency will eliminate more restrictions on work.The number of people who can work in a variety of occupations in Japan is increasing, so I would like to help there.In that regard, I would like to introduce good jobs to talented foreigners, and do my best to make them leave with a good impression of Japan. We are happy to hear that you want to stay here forever.

Comment from staff in charge: Rie Saito

Comment from Mr. Ito staff

As Mr. Ito applied for visa acquisition by himself, there are also many questions to ask about latest information such as legal knowledge.
I think that it is one of the important tasks of administrative scrivener to not only act on behalf of visa acquisition but also provide correct knowledge.

Application for visa is close to order made, it is necessary to make an accurate judgment by sticking to each case.
Those who are worried about applying for visa or who are in charge of companies who have become increasingly voluminous and who have become difficult to deal with individually, please consult our place.
An administrative scrivener with expert knowledge and know-how will ask customers' requests and help you solve your problems.


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