Naturalization in Fukuoka

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Naturalization in Fukuoka

If you want to naturalize in Fukuoka, please leave it to administrative scrivener corporation Climb.

Fukuoka is the most popular area in Japan. The 2015 Census ranked No. 1 in the population growth rate, despite the decline in the population of many local cities.

Fukuoka has a rich food culture and is convenient for transportation such as Hakata Station and Fukuoka International Airport. The population is increasing not only for Japanese but also for foreigners.

This is the statistical data released by the Fukuoka Prefectural Office, and the number of foreign residents in Fukuoka has been increasing for the past 10 years. In 2009, the number was 52,172, but as of June 2019, it was 6, an increase of about 79,129.

Changes in the number of foreign residents in Fukuoka

Cost of applying for naturalization in Fukuoka

I will introduce the approximate cost of naturalization in Fukuoka.
The administrative scrivener corporation Climb is located in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, but we are accepting naturalization applications at each legal bureau in Fukuoka.

・ Basic cost of naturalization
Naturalization applicant occupation Reward amount
employee 165,000 yen (tax included)
self employed 220,000 yen (tax included)

・ Climb, an administrative scrivener corporation, conducts over 1000 residence procedures annually.
・ There are 6 administrative scriveners at our office, and all of them have the qualifications of agent for immigration control agency application.
・ Languages ​​are available in English, Chinese, and Vietnamese.
・ If you are worried about the naturalization procedure, we will provide consultation free of charge.

・ Additional cost if an administrative scrivener accompanies the Legal Affairs Bureau in Fukuoka
Additional costs of the Legal Affairs Bureau 55,000 yen (tax included)

When applying for naturalization in Fukuoka, it is handled by the Fukuoka Legal Affairs Bureau headquarters and Kitakyushu City Bureau. As for the naturalization procedure, the required documents and documents to be prepared will vary depending on the circumstances of each foreigner.

When consulting for a naturalization application, you cannot go over the phone and must go to the Legal Affairs Bureau.

At the time of consultation, it is necessary to obtain the documents instructed by the Legal Affairs Bureau, and depending on the documents, the contents are difficult and you may be frustrated if you do not have knowledge or procedural experience regarding naturalization.

If you are worried about applying for naturalization in Fukuoka, please consider using the accompany service to the Legal Affairs Bureau.

Flow of naturalization application procedure

Naturalization flow Inquiry Please contact us from the website, telephone, etc.
Naturalization flow 相 談 Please tell us what you would like to discuss about naturalization in Fukuoka.
Naturalization flow Request / Contract We will start the procedure only when you are satisfied.
Naturalization flow 4 Document collection Collect documents from Japan and home country. Required documents vary depending on the country of origin of the customer.
Naturalization flow Collection of materials for an interview with the Legal Affairs Bureau Decide the date and time of the interview with the official of the Legal Affairs Bureau having jurisdiction over the address where the person applying for naturalization resides.
Naturalization flow Application for Naturalization The person who is the applicant makes the naturalization application.
Naturalization flow interview Submit the naturalization application documents, and two to three months after receiving the application, you will have an interview between the person who applied and the official in charge of the Legal Affairs Bureau.
Naturalization flow Wait for results The Minister of Justice decides "permitted" or "not permitted".
Naturalization flow Permission / non-permission notice Applicants will be notified of permission / non-permission. If naturalization is permitted, it will be published in the Official Gazette.
Naturalization flow Naturalization notification procedure In the case of permission, the procedure for "naturalization notification" is submitted to the municipality. The city, town, or village of the applicant's address is the notification destination.

Naturalization conditions in Fukuoka

To live in Fukuoka, so to naturalize7 conditionsthere is.

Naturalization requirements Message
Address conditions Continue to have an address in Japan for five years.
Ability condition He is at least 20 years old and has the ability to act under his home country law.
Action requirements Judgment is made based on the degree of inconvenience to society, such as whether they are committing criminal acts or paying taxes properly.
4 Livelihood conditions Be able to make a living on the property or skills of one's own or a spouse or other relative who makes a living.
Condition of loss Not having nationality or losing nationality by acquiring Japanese nationality. If you acquire Japanese nationality, you can only naturalize if you are a foreigner who can lose your nationality.
Thought requirements Foreigners who attempt to harm or insist on the Japanese government through violence or criminal acts and who have formed or joined such organizations cannot be naturalized.
Japanese language proficiency requirements If you have the ability to read and write about the third grade of elementary school, you can clear it.

Example of documents required when applying for naturalization in Fukuoka

Naturalization conditions in Sendai

It is considered that one of the following documents in the home country of the foreigner wishing to naturalize in Fukuoka will be required.

Examples of documents required when applying for naturalization Birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, kinship certificate, death certificate, adoption certificate, cognition certificate, custody certificate, court document, final certificate

* Required documents will vary depending on the status of residence of the applicant wishing to naturalize.

Cases where permission is denied for naturalization application in Fukuoka

The following individuals are at risk of being rejected for naturalization applications.

Check ・ Person who violated traffic within the past 5 years
Check ・ Person who has criminal record in the past
Check ・ Those with low income (based on annual income of about 300 million yen or more)
Check ・ Person who did not pay tax and paid late

* If applicable, please consult in advance.

Foreign residents of Fukuoka by nationality

The most resident foreign nationals in Fukuoka are Chinese with 20,511, followed by Vietnamese with 16,067 and Korean with 15,860.

Citizenship Number of foreign residents
Chugoku 20,511 16,067
South Korea 15,860
フィリピン 5,471

Source: Statistics Center e-Stat (incorporated administrative agency)

Consultation desk when applying for naturalization in Fukuoka

Name Fukuoka Legal Affairs Bureau
Location XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 
Phone Number 092-721-4570
Traffic [By subway] About XNUMX minutes on foot after getting off at Akasaka Station
[JR] Subway transfer from Hakata Station, get off at Akasaka Station, then walk for about XNUMX minutes
Name Fukuoka Legal Affairs Bureau Kitakyushu Branch
Location Kitakyushu City Ogura Kita Ward XNUMX-XNUMX Castle (Ogura Government Office)
Phone Number 093-561-3542
Traffic [For Kitakyushu Municipal Monorail] About XNUMX minutes on foot after getting off at Tanpa Station
[JR] About XNUMX minutes on foot after getting off at Nishikokura Station