Naturalization in Hokkaido

After acquiring Japanese nationality
If you want to live in Hokkaido
Consider a naturalization application.

Naturalization in Hokkaido

If you want to live in Hokkaido with Japanese citizenship, consider applying for naturalization.

What kind of procedure do you take to become a Japanese citizen by naturalization and live in Hokkaido?
It is generally said that it is more difficult to naturalize and acquire nationality in Japan than in other countries.

If you naturalize, you will have the same name as a Japanese person in terms of family register, passport, suffrage, and social security.
You can also get a loan from a bank when purchasing a house or car in Hokkaido.

In this article, we will introduce the cost of naturalization application and necessary documents for those who are thinking about naturalization to live in Hokkaido.

Naturalization in Hokkaido

Cost of naturalization application in Hokkaido

Here is an estimate of the cost of applying for naturalization in Hokkaido. Although our office is located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, we handle naturalization applications at each legal bureau in Hokkaido.

・ Basic cost
Naturalization applicant occupation Reward amount
employee 165,000 yen (tax included)
self employed 220,000 yen (tax included)
・ Additional cost when an administrative scrivener accompanies the Legal Affairs Bureau in Hokkaido
Additional costs of the Legal Affairs Bureau 55,000 yen (tax included)

When consulting with the Hokkaido Legal Affairs Bureau, it is necessary to prepare necessary documents.
There are many difficult documents, and the type of documents required depends on the application.

It is not unusual for you to try to apply yourself, but to be frustrated and consult with us.
In such cases, we recommend using the accompanying service for the Legal Affairs Bureau.

Our office will support complicated and troublesome consultations and procedures.

* In addition to these, actual expenses such as transportation expenses, resident's card, tax payment certificate, taxation certificate etc. may be required. Consultation is free.

Naturalization conditions in Hokkaido

To live in Hokkaido, to naturalize7 conditionsthere is.
Naturalization can be granted if all of the following conditions are met.

Naturalization requirements Message
Address conditions Continue to have an address in Japan for five years.
Ability condition He is at least 20 years old and has the ability to act under his home country law.
Action requirements Judgment is made based on the degree of inconvenience to society, such as whether they are committing criminal acts or paying taxes properly.
4 Livelihood conditions Be able to make a living on the property or skills of one's own or a spouse or other relative who makes a living.
Condition of loss Not having nationality or losing nationality by acquiring Japanese nationality. If you acquire Japanese nationality, you can only naturalize if you are a foreigner who can lose your nationality.
Thought requirements Foreigners who attempt to harm or insist on the Japanese government through violence or criminal acts and who have formed or joined such organizations cannot be naturalized.
Japanese language proficiency requirements If you have the ability to read and write about the third grade of elementary school, you can clear it.

Examples of documents required when applying for naturalization in Hokkaido


It is considered that one of the following documents in the home country of the foreigner wishing to naturalize in Hokkaido will be required.

Examples of documents required when applying for naturalization Birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, kinship certificate, death certificate, adoption certificate, cognition certificate, custody certificate, court document, final certificate

* Required documents vary depending on the naturalization applicant's individual nationality and living conditions.

Cases in which application for naturalization in Hokkaido is rejected

The following individuals are at risk of being rejected for naturalization applications.

[varimg]Check ・ Person who violated traffic within the past 5 years
Check ・ Person who has criminal record in the past
Check ・ Those with low income (based on annual income of about 300 million yen or more)
Check ・ Person who did not pay tax and paid late

* If applicable, please consult in advance.

Statistical data on foreigners in Hokkaido

Status of foreign residents in Hokkaido (as of June 2019)

Total number of foreign residents: 37,906
The top three countries with the highest number of foreigners out of the total number of foreign residents in Hokkaido

Ranking Country of people
1 bit Chugoku 10,460
2 bit 8,184
3 bit South Korea 4,267

Citation data: e-Stat, a government statistics window

Consultation counter when applying for naturalization in Hokkaido

Name Sapporo Legal Affairs Bureau
Location 060-0808
Kita-ku, Sapporo, Kita-8-Jo West 2-1-1
Phone Number 011-709-2311
Name Hakodate District Legal Affairs Bureau
Location 040-8533
25-18 Shinkawacho, Hakodate City, Hakodate Regional Government Building
Phone Number 0138-23-7511
Name Asahikawa Legal Affairs Bureau
Location 078-8502
4155-31 Asahikawa Joint Government Building
Phone Number 0166-38-1111
Name Kushiro Legal Affairs Bureau
Location 085-8522
10-3 Sachimachi, Kushiro City, Hokkaido
Phone Number 0154-31-5000