[New Corona] For foreigners who cannot renew their visa or whose visa expires

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Recently, we have received many inquiries from foreigners who cannot renew their visas or are worried that their visas will expire because they cannot enter Japan by the current expiration date due to the influence of the new coronavirus. I will.In this article, we will answer frequently asked questions using the Q & A method.

This article deals with visa renewal applications for foreigners who have visas that are not permanent residents (eg, technical / human knowledge / international business visas, student visas, Japanese spouses, etc.) Visas, business management visas, resident visas, specific activity visas, skill visas, skill training visas, etc.).⇒ For permanent residents,This articlePlease see.


Q ■ What if my visa expires without being able to re-enter Japan?

A: As a prerequisite for dealing with this situation, the application for permission to renew the period of stay (application for visa renewal) requires that the person applying for the visa is in Japan.

 Therefore, those who cannot enter Japan by the current period of stay cannot apply for visa renewal.Therefore, if you are a foreigner who has passed the period of stay and you want the same visa as before because of the company you work for and your marriage relationship, you should apply for "certification" again (status of residence). You will be required to apply for a visa issuance).


Q ■ If my visa expires, is it difficult to apply for a visa?

A: In this case, as a special case, the documents to be submitted are relaxed.In other words, less documents are required than usual, and the examination is simplified.The reason is that the effects of the new coronavirus are widespread around the world, and that is not the responsibility of visa applicants.


Q ■ What documents are required to apply for the same visa as the expired visa?

 A: As a general rule, you can apply for a visa with only the following three points.

【Required documents】

・ Application for issuance of Certificate of Eligibility

・ Reason written by the company or dependents

・ A copy of the previous residence card

There are different types of reason books, one for those who work for a company and the other for those who are married to a Japanese person.

 In addition, you can apply for this certification even if you have a current period of stay but the period is less than one month and you are unlikely to be able to enter Japan by the period of stay. ..

 However, depending on the type of visa you have and the situation of the person, you may be required to submit documents other than these three points.

 For example, if you have a "business / management" visa, you can use the company's most recent financial statements, and if you have a "Japanese spouse, etc." visa, you can use the tax certificate / tax payment certificate of the Japanese marriage partner.


Q ■ Do I need an agent when applying for a visa?

 A: If you cannot enter Japan by the expiration date, you will not be able to complete the procedures in Japan by yourself, so you will need an agent to apply for the above.An agent is required even when requesting an administrative scrivener to prepare documents and transfer applications for immigration.


<Example of a person who can be an agent>

・ For work visas Company representatives, recruiters, etc.

・ For international students, such as school representatives

・ Japanese spouse, etc. Relatives in Japan


Q ■ How long is the visa examination period?

 A: I get the impression that it will be difficult to apply for certification again, but it has been announced that the required documents are few and the examination period is basically about two weeks.


■ The person who wrote this article ■

Kazuko Sawamura (Kazumi Sawamura)

Immigration Bureau of Japan application agent.An administrative scrivener who plays a central role in Climb, an administrative scrivener corporation that boasts 1,000 visa applications annually.Dr. Juris Doctor (professional) at Kwansei Gakuin University, has studied abroad at Ohio State University in the United States.

⇒Consult the "administrative scrivener corporation Climb" to which this teacher belongs


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