[New Corona] What if a foreigner with a permanent resident visa cannot enter the country by the deemed re-entry deadline?

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What is "deemed re-entry permit"?

 "Deemed re-entry permit" means that foreigners who meet certain conditions can, in principle, maintain their status of residence (visa) at the time of departure on the condition that they return to Japan within one year after leaving Japan. It is a system that can be done.This is a simplified version of the conventional "re-entry permit", but since the expiration date cannot be extended, the status of residence will expire if you do not re-enter Japan within one year after leaving Japan.

Therefore, this method of re-entry is due to immigration restrictions between countries due to the new coronavirus.Relief measures for permanent residents who have difficulty returning to JapanIt becomes.

 Initially, those who can use this method are those whose last day of the deemed re-entry permit is valid is "January 2020, 1-one month after the date when the entry restrictions for each country are lifted." "was.After that, this standard was updated on November 1, 1, and from one month after the date when the immigration restrictions were lifted *.Extended to "XNUMX months later"It is done.

* "The date when the immigration restrictions for each country are lifted" means the date when both the refusal to land in the country / region where you are staying and the suspension of the visa that has already been issued are lifted.For the status of immigration restrictions in each country / region due to the effects of coronavirus infection, see the website of the Ministry of Justice below.From hereplease confirm.

What to do if you cannot enter the country by the "deemed re-entry" deadline?

 So how can the above people come back to Japan?The method of applying for permission is as follows.

DeemedRe-entrySaiyuukoku Ofthe termKigenuntilImmigrationNyukokuCan notCaseIn case OfPermission applicationPermit

① CountryKuniFor eachImmigration restrictionsNyukokuseigen ReleaseKaijoWas doneDayHi Of6After a monthGetsugoUntilToliveToI'mRegionChiiki OfJapanese EmbassyEmbassyorConsulate GeneralConsulate GeneralTo theSettlerTejusha"ofvisaLet's go(visa)ApplicationShinseiTo do.At this time,自 分Jibun ThePermanent residentEijushaThat wasDeclarationShinkokuTo do.

② SettlerTejusha OfvisaLet's go ThePassportholdAlsoIf soJapanに ほ ん Of空港Kukouso"Permanent residentEijushaAsrecognizeMitoTo get itprocedureTetsuYou can do it.

Permanent residence applications are more rigorous than so-called work visas and family visas, and the examination period is long.To prevent your permanent resident visa from expiring after you have had a hard time, please apply for a permit at the Japanese embassy or consulate using the method introduced here.It will be smooth if you contact us by phone in advance before applying for a permit.


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Kazuko Sawamura (Kazumi Sawamura)

Immigration Bureau of Japan application agent.An administrative scrivener who plays a central role in Climb, an administrative scrivener corporation that boasts 1,000 visa applications annually.Dr. Juris Doctor (professional) at Kwansei Gakuin University, has studied abroad at Ohio State University in the United States.

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