Naturalization in Kagawa

If you want to naturalize in Kagawa
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A smooth application can be made at each stage.

Naturalization in Kagawa

What kind of procedure should I take if I want to naturalize and live in Kagawa for a long time?

Naturalization requires documents from the country of origin, the creation of complicated documents, and discussion with the officials of the Legal Affairs Bureau.
It can be said that the difficulty for the general public to carry out the procedure is high.
The administrative scrivener corporation Climb provides thorough support for creating difficult documents when applying for naturalization in Kagawa, acting as a collection agent, and meeting with the Legal Affairs Bureau.

Naturalization in Kagawa

Cost of naturalization application in Kagawa

We would like to introduce the approximate cost for naturalizing in Kagawa.
We are located in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, but we are accepting naturalization applications at the Legal Affairs Bureau in each region of Kagawa.

・ Basic cost of naturalization
Naturalization applicant occupation Reward amount
employee 165,000 yen (tax included)
self employed 220,000 yen (tax included)
・Additional cost when an administrative scrivener accompanies the Legal Affairs Bureau in Kagawa
Additional costs of the Legal Affairs Bureau 55,000 yen (tax included)

* In addition to these, actual expenses such as transportation expenses, resident's card, tax payment certificate, taxation certificate etc. may be required. Consultation is free.

How many people are allowed to naturalize

This is the change in the number of permitted and disapproved Japanese naturalized applicants announced by the Ministry of Justice.

Unit (person)
年度 Number of applicants for naturalization permission Total South Korea Chugoku Other Unauthorized number
2013 10,119 8,646 4,331 2,845 1,470 332
2014 11,337 9,227 4,744 3,060 1,473 509
2015 12,442 9,469 5,247 2,813 1,409 603
2016 11,477 9,554 5,434 2,626 1,494 607
2017 11,063 10,315 5,631 3,088 1,596 625

Reference: Ministry of Justice based on the number of applicants for naturalization permission (

Changes in the number of foreign residents in Kagawa

This is the number of foreign residents living in Kagawa.
The number of foreign residents in Kagawa prefecture is on the rise, increasing from 2016 as of June 6 to 10,313 in 2019, more than 13,385 in three years.
Kagawa is in the northeastern part of Shikoku, and "Sanuki Udon", Shikoku's largest "Shikoku Aquarium", high-quality sugar made in Japan, and Wasanbon are also cultural areas known as Kagawa's specialty products.
Foreigners who want to work in Kagawa or want to live in Kagawa for a long time are probably attracted to Kagawa's natural and cultural attractions and have come to Japan.

Changes in the number of foreign residents in Kagawa

Naturalization conditions in Kagawa

Naturalization conditions in Kagawa

To live long in Kagawa, so to naturalize7 conditionsthere is.

Naturalization requirements Message
Address conditions Continue to have an address in Japan for five years.
Ability condition He is at least 20 years old and has the ability to act under his home country law.
Action requirements Judgment is made based on the degree of inconvenience to society, such as whether they are committing criminal acts or paying taxes properly.
4 Livelihood conditions Be able to make a living on the property or skills of one's own or a spouse or other relative who makes a living.
Condition of loss Not having nationality or losing nationality by acquiring Japanese nationality. If you acquire Japanese nationality, you can only naturalize if you are a foreigner who can lose your nationality.
Thought requirements Foreigners who attempt to harm or insist on the Japanese government through violence or criminal acts and who have formed or joined such organizations cannot be naturalized.
Japanese language proficiency requirements If you have the ability to read and write about the third grade of elementary school, you can clear it.

Example of documents required when applying for naturalization in Kagawa

It is considered that one of the following documents in the home country of the foreigner wishing to naturalize in Kagawa will be required.

Examples of documents required when applying for naturalization Birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, kinship certificate, death certificate, adoption certificate, cognition certificate, custody certificate, court document, final certificate

* Required documents will vary depending on the status of residence of the applicant wishing to naturalize.

Consultation window when applying for naturalization in Kagawa

・When naturalizing in Kagawa, the Legal Affairs Bureau has jurisdiction over each region of Hiroshima.
・For naturalization in Kagawa, advance reservation with the official in charge is required at the Nationality Division.
・ We do not accept telephone consultations regarding naturalization.
・ In the case of naturalization consultation, after the date of the interview is decided, the necessary documents will be ordered from the home country according to the instructions of the official in charge.

Name Takamatsu Legal Affairs Bureau Fuchu Branch
Location 760-8508 Marunouchi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture XNUMX-XNUMX
Phone Number 087-821-6191