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Takashi Moriyama

Visa application / naturalization application NAVI [Operation: Administrative scrivener corporation Climb]

Mr. Takashi Moriyama


5 month 10 day born
Graduated from Frankfurt Japanese International School
Graduated from Kumagaya Municipal Middle School
Graduated from Fukaya High School, Tokyo Seitoku University
Naomi Gakuen University School of Policy Studies
Graduated from general policy department

After experiencing engineer · SV · personnel experience, administrative scrivener registration in 2011 year 5 month.

After that, after registering as an administrative scrivener, I gained independence from clerical experience.

I set up my office in the middle of Kabukicho and became independent, after independence I went to Takadanobaba in 1 years.
We have opened a corporation in 2016 year, and we are using it more securely and reliably for everyone.

Certification etc.

Administrative scrivener,Agent for immigration and immigration resident applicationIs owned by everyone.

Message from CEO

There are many places where the administrative scrivener's office responds alone, but if you are alone you may not be able to respond due to irregular response or illness.

In that respect, the administrative scrivener corporation Climb deals with each item under the 2 system, so we are creating an environment where we can follow each other.
Therefore, we can respond quickly to the needs of all of you "I want you to apply early".

Currently, we are also developing our own system to secure time to face customers.

Climb, an administrative scrivener corporation, aims to be an organization that can continue to meet the needs of our customers.

9: 00 ~ 19: 00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

Accepting 365 hours a day, 24 days a year

Free consultation / inquiry