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Are you in trouble with something like this?


I want to know the hiring route and hiring method for hiring foreigners


I want advice on legal issues that are likely to occur when hiring foreigners


How can I get the company to settle after employment?

There are some points to keep in mind when hiring foreign talent!

point1 Applicability of work based on status of residence
Depending on the status of residence of foreign human resources, there are many cases where the work content that can be handled is limited.If a foreign human resource is engaged in a business that is not applicable to the business, not only the foreign human resource but also the employer"Illegal employment promotion crimeThere is a possibility of being punished as a violation of laws and regulations such as ".Understand immigration lawAnd then legally hire foreign personnelThat is also important in corporate management.
point2 Management of working conditions with Japanese employees
Currently used by companiesWork rules and working conditions noticeIt is necessary to be careful about using it for foreign human resources without confirming the details.About problems that may occur peculiar to foreign human resourcesMake arrangements in writing in advanceByIt is possible to respond accurately even when a problem occurs.
Also on the legal sideReward amountPlease note that there are many cases of strict crackdowns including such matters.
point3 Regular follow-up for settlement
Career plan in JapanIf you can't draw enoughSalary sideI will change jobs based on such factorsThere are many cases.FirmlyOn the company sideRegular interview,Build a career planDo togetherBy providing support such as, awareness of the company will increase, and as a result, it will lead to the retention of human resources.

Our office will solve your anxieties and worries!

Our office provides total support for companies that employ foreigners, from establishing a system for hiring foreign human resources to supporting retention after acceptance.


Various legal advice
Administrative response / advice
Retired followers
* Some partner requests

Emergency response

Checking and reviewing various documents
Construction of acceptance system
Training for in-house approval
Occupational diagnosis of foreign human resources

System maintenance

Acting for various procedures
Support for retaining foreign human resources

Specific Skilled Foreigner
Support business In-house production support

Employment support

Selection of recruitment channels
Job offer legal check
Application for status of residence

Recruitment support

Emergency response

System maintenance

Employment support

Recruitment support




Details of phased support

Establishing a system for accepting foreign human resources

When hiring foreign human resources, the status of residence that can be employed varies depending on the type of job.We will hear about your company's situation.Judgment of occupations that can be employedToward the acceptance of foreign human resourcesConfirmation and review of documents such as employment contractsAnd Support for building the system necessary for acceptanceWill be carried out.

Support for recruiting foreign human resources

The minimum requirement for hiring foreign personnel is to be granted a status of residence.Foreign personnel who are considering hiring at your company from the interview stage before hiringCheck your resume, etc.After employment, there is no problem even after employmentIs it possible to apply for status of residence?Legal checkI will do it.By performing a legal check before hiringCan be adopted without wasting costsis.In addition, the crackdown will be strengthened in the future by checking the residence card of foreigners who are considering employment.Illegal immigrantsTo prevent employment such as.

Support for employment and retention of foreign human resources

Many of the issues faced by companies that employ foreign human resources are the “turnover rate”.At our company, so that foreign human resources can be establishedWith employees1on1MTGImplementation ofIn Japan includingCareer planBuildWe will support you.In JapanCan clearly draw a career designThis is directly linked to the retention rate of foreign human resources.again,Employing foreigners with specific skillsWithout entrusting a registration support organization to the support work that needs to be carried outIn-houseAdvice for in-house productionHow to carry out support workI will tell you.

Support for employment and retention of foreign human resources

When foreign human resources are retired, various procedures different from those for Japanese people will be required.About retirementWith 1on1MTG with employeesRetired followersImplementAfter letting menecessarynotification,Lump-sum withdrawalCorrespondence such asTotal support is possible through alliances with other professionals.Not only dealing with various problemsSuggestions for preventionWill be carried out.


Advisory fee (monthly / tax included)33,000yen55,000yen88,000yen
Target companies

● We are considering hiring foreigners
● I would like to request main support for procedural work
● I am working as a registration support organization, but I cannot respond to questions from business partners.
● I am active as a human resources introduction company, but I cannot respond to questions from business partners.

● Already hiring foreigners
● Procedures occur regularly
● I am working as a registration support organization, but I cannot respond to questions from business partners.
● I am active as a human resources introduction company, but I cannot respond to questions from business partners.

● Employing foreigners with multiple statuses of residence
● There are issues in the current situation, including the retention of human resources
● I am working as a registration support organization, but I cannot respond to questions from business partners.
● I am active as a human resources introduction company, but I cannot respond to questions from business partners.

Chat / email consultation (unlimited)
Telephone / face-to-face consultation
About once a month

About once a month

Phone: unlimited
Face-to-face: about 5 times a month
Residence card check
Up to 10 cases per month

Up to 20 cases per month

Up to 30 cases per month
Discount support for in-house training for employees30,000 yen / time10,000 yen / timeFree (up to 3 times a year)
Discount support for immigration application work10% 割 引20% 割 引30% 割 引
When hiring specific skills
Support business In-house production support
Support for retention of foreign employees-Advice on recruitment
(About once a month)
Employee 1on1MTG
(Up to 2 people a month)
Introduction of experts in other professionals

For consultation on employment of foreigners, please contact the administrative scrivener corporation Climb!

Even if you are considering hiring a foreigner, please feel free to contact us first!
We will give you advice for the future development of the company.



Features of Climb, an administrative scrivener corporation

Top class in the industry!Achievements and trust of about 1,000 applications per year

Our office handles about 1,000 immigration procedures annually.As well as requests from companies, we also respond to inquiries from individual foreigners, so we can also provide consultations on applications for family members, including applications for status of residence of foreign human resources to be hired. Is possible.

An administrative scrivener who is familiar with the immigration law who can deal with problems specific to the industry will respond!

In employment of foreigners, the status of residence and business content that can be employed differ greatly depending on the type of business, so knowledge of the type of business is important.Since our office handles various consultations on employment of foreigners, we will propose the most suitable employment for foreigners after understanding the problems that are likely to occur in each industry.

Strong in preventive legal affairs!Prevent legal issues with day-to-day support

If a company that employs foreigners encounters a problem such as a violation of the Immigration Control and Refuge Law, in some cases there is a risk of management risk such as the name of the company being announced.Our office emphasizes the viewpoint of preventive legal affairs and can prevent legal problems by providing daily consultation.


Introduction of advisory administrative scrivener

Administrative Scrivener Corporation Climb Representative Takashi Moriyama

■ Representative of administrative scrivener corporation Climb Takashi Moriyama
Since its opening, we have been dealing with many companies specializing in visa application.
The advisory contract service of NBC can solve the anxiety that many people in charge have about the frequent revision of the Immigration Control Act and the burden of visa application that requires specialized knowledge.
We will provide various companies with peace of mind and legal employment of foreigners, and we will provide advisory services that can solve different problems for each company at the same time.

Norikawa Minakawa

■ Noriko Minagawa (Noriko Minagawa) 
We receive many inquiries from each company, such as "I want to hire a foreigner for this kind of work, but I don't know the type of visa" and "I'm having trouble renewing my visa."
We will carefully deal with each of them, quickly resolve any doubts, and proceed with the procedure accurately.
Even if you apply for a visa in one word, the content of the application may change depending on how the foreign employee spent in Japan before employment.
Since the immigration examination criteria are often not disclosed, we will provide the best advice and peace of mind based on the know-how we have cultivated over many years and the experience of being involved in immigration operations.




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