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Administrative scrivener corporation Climb regularly participates as a lecturer of seminars and holds voluntary holding seminars.

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【Seminar theme】
The Immigration Act will be amended, but how can I hire foreigners in my own store?
✅ What has changed from the previous Immigration Law?
✅ If you make a mistake, you may never be able to hire a foreigner again!
✅ What the “accepting organization” (employer) / “registration support organization” must do to prevent this

Date and Time Time
Wednesday, May 2020, 10 Web Seminar 15: 00 to 15: 30 acceptance end
May 2020, 10 (Tuesday) Webinar 15: 00 to 15: 30 acceptance end
October 2020, 10 (Monday) WEB Seminar 15: 00 to 15: 30 acceptance end
May 2020, 9 (Thursday) Webinar 15: 00 to 15: 30 acceptance end
Wednesday, May 2020, 9 Web Seminar 15: 00 to 15: 30 acceptance end


Information on seminar ___ ___ 0
Information on seminar ___ ___ 0

Seminar scheduled to be held Deposit Thesis subject research meeting

It has ended.

"Visa, Employment and Entrepreneurship Seminar" taught by the immigration office contact manager and a professional establishment company

[Date] 2016 year 3 month 14 day (Monday) 16 hour to 17 hour 30 minute
【Place】 〒101-0062
4 - 6 Ochanomizu Sora City Accademia 4F Kanda Surugadai Chiyoda Ward Tokyo
Digital Hollywood Tokyo Main School
【Access】 JR "Ochanomizu Station" Walk from Shichibashi mouth 1 minutes
Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line "New Ochanomizu Station" B2 Exit Direct Connection
From the Marunouchi line "Ochanomizu Station" walk 4 minutes
【Registration Fee】 Free

1 hours 30 minutes for professionals who established the company with the head of the former Immigration Bureau Chief "Visa Basic Knowledge · Employment · Company" for international students! !

【Target】 International student · person who wants to find employment in Japan · start a business

【Flow of the day】

Part 1 "Basic knowledge of visas regarding foreign employment"
- About the type of visa
- Documents necessary for obtaining a work visa
- Points to note when obtaining a work visa
- Points of review
-Question-and-answer session

Part 2 "Now of Foreign Employment"
- Circumstances of job hunting for foreigners
- Tips for recruiting foreigners
- Example of successful employment of a foreign company
-Question-and-answer session

Part 3 "What is necessary to start a business in Japan"
- About management and management visa
- information necessary for starting a business in Japan
- Flow until entrepreneurship

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Seminar implementation schedule Practice subject matter conference

Foreigners' direction "Management visa acquisition seminar for company establishment"

Foreign nationals 士 的 "Established corporation ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0
We will continue to hold it because it is very popular.It has been well received by the people, and it has been well received.


We will hold a seminar for those who want to establish and run a company in Japan, and those who want to obtain or change their status of residence (visa) to run the company.We look forward to your participation!
Consideration In the future establishment of a new company in Japan, you need to be a management company like you, an investigation consultant, an insurance company, a required entrance eligibility qualification (change), change your credit status, weather conditions.

【Curriculum enrollment itinerary】

In order to make a company in Japan · Successful completion of a company in Japan
"Management / management" is a so-called campaign management
Other necessary procedures · Other necessary procedures

Date and time Day Time
2015 years 11 month 18 Date (water) 19: 30 ~ 20: 30 Exit
2015 Year 11 Month 24 day (Tuesday) 19: 30 ~ 20: 30 Exit
2015 years 12 month 2 Date (water) 19: 30 ~ 20: 30 Exit
2015 years 12 month 7 date (month) 19: 30 ~ 20: 30 Exit
2015 years 12 month 17 day (Thursday) 19: 30 ~ 20: 30 Exit
2015 years 12 month 21 date (month) 19: 30 ~ 20: 30 Exit
2015 years 12 month 28 date (month) 19: 30 ~ 20: 30 Exit

【Host place / place】
Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 4 chome 1 chome 6 number 501 number Kusumi building XNUMX
Administrative scrivener Client partners Legal office
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Takadanobaba 4 chome 1 chome 6 number 501 number Sumi 大 大 XNUMX
Administrative scrivener customer Customer service Provided legal work room

【 Entry fee 】
500 per person 500 per day per person

【How to Apply Report Name】
Please apply from the application form below.
Payment submission application name Category name.

【Things you want to note】 Beginner's attention items
We apologize for the inconvenience, but all seminars are held in Japanese.We ask that you please acknowledge.
True emergency honor, subject matter conference for the whole day Language 以, □ SOUL.

Application for seminars for foreigners is here
Foreign nationals 舉辦 舉辦 舉辦 舉辦 舉辦 題 題 題 題 題 題 題 題 研 研 研 研 研 研


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