[Business management visa] Procedures and conditions for establishing a company, applying for a license, and obtaining a business visa

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What is a business management visa?

 If a foreigner wants to start a business, establish a company in Japan, and work as an officer of the company for business or management, it is necessary to obtain a status of residence "Business / Management" (business management visa).A business management visa is given to a foreigner who manages trade or other business in Japan, or engages in activities to manage the business (representative director, director, audit contract, department manager, factory manager, branch manager, etc.) This is the status of residence.
The period of stay of a business management visa is 4 months, 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years.

 A business management visa is one of the work visas, and is applied when a foreign office worker starts a business or when a foreign sole proprietor establishes a company.In some cases, a foreign student studying abroad may change from a student visa to a business management visa.In addition, foreign spouses and children who have a business management visa can apply for a family stay visa.

 This page introduces how to obtain a business management visa from the flow of company establishment.
The general flow is as follows.
① Company establishment
② Obtaining a business license
③ Apply for a business management visa

1 Company establishment
 First of all, the establishment of a company, but the necessary requirements are as follows.

<Requirements for establishing a company>
・ Securing (renting or purchasing) a sales office (office) where the company's head office is located 
・ Prepare a seal certificate or signature certificate or a seal certificate in your home country for the personal seal, etc. of the founder (the person who issues the capital of the company).
・ Create articles of incorporation that are the basic rules of the company
・ Put capital (500 million yen or more) into a bank account in Japan (a collaborator is required in Japan)
・ Creating a company name for the company to be established
・ Clarify the business purpose of the company to be established and formulate a realistic business plan.

 With the above as a minimum, we will certify the articles of incorporation at the notary public office and register the company with the Legal Affairs Bureau that has jurisdiction.

2 Obtain a business license
 It is not always necessary to obtain a visa by the time you apply for a visa, but you will be required to obtain and submit various licenses necessary for the business you are trying to carry out.
 For example, if you want to run a restaurant such as a restaurant in Japan, you need to get a business license for the restaurant business from the health center, and if you want to run an antique dealer, the life safety section of the police station in your jurisdiction is the application destination. I will.

3 "Business / Management" visa application
 The following three requirements are required to be granted a business management visa application.

[XNUMX.Business management visa requirements]
a.The business office exists in Japan
 A business management visa is a visa for running a company in Japan, so it is natural that you need an office in Japan.Normally, this office is often the address of the head office registered in XNUMX.

b.Have a certain business scale
 In relation to applying for a business management visa, the business you are trying to do is required to be of a certain size or larger.
 The scale usually means that the capital is 500 million yen or more.
 However, it is not always necessary to prepare more than 500 million yen as capital, and if there are two or more full-time employees living in Japan, it is firmly explained that the capital is equivalent to 2 million yen. If possible, this condition will be met.

c.Business stability and continuity
 This is the most necessary item to prepare for applying for a business management visa.
 As for immigration, the business of a company that was supposed to be managed with a business management visa that was once approved stopped immediately and went bankrupt, and the foreigner used a safety net such as life protection in Japan, and the foreigner From the time of visa application, we will examine the question "Is there a prospect that the company that is applying for the visa will continue to be stable in the future?" In order to worry that the tax will not be paid.
 A "business plan" is required to explain this point.When creating a business plan, generally make the following preparations.

[XNUMX.Preparation list for business plan creation]
・ Make the content realistic
 In the business plan that describes the business plan that can expect stable sales, the result of market research, the income and expenditure plan for the next three years, the personnel plan, the explanation of the qualities as a manager based on one's own academic background and work history, etc. Prepare to become.

・ Prepare basic contracts with business partners and business cards of business partners
 If it is a business, there are usually business partners.
 When importing and exporting nursing care products, it is useful to prepare a basic contract regarding the sale and purchase of nursing care products with the manufacturer, etc. that is the supplier of the nursing care products, and submit a copy.
 In this way, showing in the form of a contract that there is a real business negotiation with a business partner will prove the prospect of stable sales in the future.

-Submit a history of transactions that have already occurred
This is a necessary preparation if the store is already in operation at the time of applying for a business management visa.
 Depending on the circumstances, stores such as restaurants may already be in operation at the time of visa application.In that case, money should be exchanged as a company in terms of purchasing, sales, expenses, etc.
 If the sales and net income are favorable, we can show the prospect of stable management in the future.

 In addition to this, there are many things that can be devised depending on the content of the business you are trying to manage.The above is just an example, but what is important in explaining this "business stability and continuity" is to explain a realistic outlook in line with the content of the business in the business plan together with the materials. Is to do.

[XNUMX.Documents required when applying for a business management visa]
The required documents for applying for a business management visa are divided into categories XNUMX to XNUMX according to the institution to which you belong.
For details on required documents for each categoryThis "Business / Management" pageto see the available categories of products and services.

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