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About the 5 Next Immigration Control Basic Plan

The Immigration Control Basic Plan establishes a plan that will serve as the basis of measures for immigration control administration based on the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act (Immigration Control Act), the Minister of Justice.
The basic policy of this Immigration Control Basic Plan, which is described in the Immigration Bureau,

We will actively accept foreigners who bring vitality to the Japanese economy and society
· Revise the status of residence and landing permission criteria for things that can be evaluated as technical and technical fields, promote acceptance (as per the current policy)
· Implement effective publicity for promoting acceptance of highly skilled human resources foreigners
· Construction fields etc. Appropriate acceptance in areas requiring urgent actions etc. Focus and verify the operational status of the framework on the premise of ministries involved in the implementation business
· Continue efforts to ensure international students' acceptance and smooth acceptance and employment support

We will consider the acceptance of foreigners based on the progress of aging society with a falling birthrate by the whole government from a broad perspective
· Improvement of birthrate, improvement of productivity, utilization of potential labor force etc. are necessary
· The time has come for us to consider full-scale consideration for foreign acceptance in the future
· Consider acceptance when the field where new needs of human resources will occur is able to be evaluated as technical or technical field due to changes in the Japanese economic society etc
· Regarding the acceptance of foreigners who are not evaluated as specialized / technical fields, considering the national consensus and considering the whole of the government from a broad perspective such as economic effect, social cost, industrial structure, appropriate structure, environment improvement, security etc. (The conclusion is unpredictable)
For this reason, we grasp the systems etc. of other countries and actively listen to the opinions of the people

From the viewpoint of promoting international contribution to developing countries etc., establish a new technical internship program
(1) Measures for optimization
· Implement measurement of effect by mandatory inspection etc. of skill evaluation test at the completion of practical training
· Strengthen the audit system by introducing external officers or external audits
· Establish a management investment agency with legal basis and supplement the role of administrative agencies
· Strengthening compliance with penal provisions, etc. for groups and organizations that violate human rights etc.
· Properization from the delivery stage, including the creation of intergovernmental arrangements with the sending country government
(2) system expansion
· Excellent group · Extended practical training period for institutional interns
· Excellent group · Expanding number of people accepting institutions
· Expand target occupation according to needs of sending country side

Contribute to the realization of symbiosis society with accepted foreigners
· Appropriate operation of information collaboration with local public entities and strengthened further cooperation
· It is important to take measures for harmonious coexistence when accepting foreigners and actively participate in efforts to realize a symbiotic society

In order to contribute to the realization of the tourism nation, we will promptly and smoothly implement immigration procedures for foreign visitors to Japan
· Increase the number of automated gate users by effective publicity and operate smoothly
· Promotion of efforts aimed at smooth and efficient operation of "automated gate" system for "reliable travelers"
· Immediate examination of introduction of automated gate for Japanese using face authentication technology
· Implemented smooth immigration procedure for cruise ship passengers
· Examination of pre-clearance to check aircraft passengers in advance at a foreign airport

In order to realize a safe and secure society, we will strengthen strict and appropriate immigration review and countermeasures against illegal residents
(1) Border protection measures to reliably prevent entry of terrorists, etc.
· Promote landing screening utilizing personal identification information and consider using new technology such as utilization of facial photographs for water borne measures
· Strengthen intelligence (information gathering and analysis) function on immigration control, effectively utilizing information including passenger reservation records (PNR)
· Strengthen countermeasures against illegal immigrants who use ships, etc., such as carrying out active patrols at seaports and coastal areas
(2) Promotion of countermeasures for persons staying in illegal residence / camouflage in Japan
· Cooperate with police and other investigative agencies to detect illegal residents, etc. and strengthen countermeasures against counterfeit residents by investigating facts utilizing information
· Proper treatment of inmates and implementation of quick repatriation

As a member of the international community, we will promote the proper and swift asylum of refugees

(1) Efforts to quickly and securely protect asylum seekers

· Construct a mechanism to protect "new forms of persecution"
· International trend · Consideration of clarification of subjects permitted to stay as "retreat opportunities" based on international human rights law norms
· Clarification of certification judgment and improvement of system transparency
· Examination system · Enhancement of foundation and collection of information on country of origin · Enhancement of analysis system
· Training professionals by strengthening and strengthening training through cooperation with UNHCR etc.
· Regarding applications, etc. that do not clearly correspond to refugees under the refugee treaty, promptly process while ensuring the opportunity for the applicant to make a full assertion
· Consider a mechanism for establishing certain conditions concerning work permit under refugee application
· Continue to consider both legal system and operation concerning abusive re-application

(2) Promote smooth acceptance of refugees through third country settlement

· Improve immigration control system, further promote international cooperation, consideration for victims of trafficking in persons

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