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Immigration control intelligence center opened

The Ministry of Justice opened the Immigration Control Intelligence Center at the Immigration Bureau on 2015 10 Month 1 days.

We will aim at strengthening intelligence function by setting this as the core organization of information collection and analysis concerning immigration control.

Main contents of the intelligence center
Information gathering
Terrorists, illegal residents, camouflaged persons, etc. We collect information from domestic and overseas related organizations concerning highly risky people (high-risk residents) in immigration control, and build a framework for sharing information with domestic and overseas related organizations , We promote information gathering.

Information analysis
By comprehensively analyzing retained information, we will identify and categorize high risk individuals and provide information to rural immigration offices.

Conduct planning concerning the implementation of discrimination related to documents such as falsified and forged passports, fingerprints and face images.

Role of Intelligence Center
As a role of future intelligence centers, strengthening water borne measures, promoting sightseeing nationalities, ensuring peace of mind in Japan, etc. are a subject for holding the 2020 year 's Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, The Intelligence Center will contribute to information collection and information analysis and will fulfill its role.

Challenge 1
Strengthen countermeasure against water borne
Countermeasures: Prevention of entry of high risk individuals (high risk persons) in immigration control, such as terrorists, illegal residents, and camouflaged persons.

Challenge 2
Promotion of Tourism Nation
Countermeasure: 2000 Implement smooth and prompt review of over 10,000 visitors to Japan.

Challenge 3
Securing peace of mind in Japan
Countermeasure: Strict response to illegal residents and camouflaged residents.

Intelligence Center objectives up to 2020 year
2 points are set as goals of future intelligence centers.

1. Implementing rational and appropriate immigration control by making use of information against the increase of foreigners entering and staying in Japan.

2. "A safe and secure society that welcomes over 10,000 visitors to Japan for foreign visitors" is realized, contributing to the realization of a society that can coexist with foreigners.

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