Naturalization in Nagoya

If you want to naturalize in Nagoya
If you want to stay in Nagoya for a long time,
Should I consider a naturalization application?

Naturalization in Nagoya

Although I looked into the procedure for naturalization, some people may give up on the large number of documents and the complexity of the procedure.

If you want to naturalize and continue to live in Nagoya for a long time, please use Climb, an expert scrivener for naturalization procedures.

Naturalization experts will do their best to assist you in applying for naturalization.
Applying for naturalization is a difficult procedure, but there are points to make it successful.

First of all, it is important to have an address where you live for a long time.
Those who frequently travel abroad or who have a long overseas stay in a year should be careful.

In addition, you will be checked for crimes and anti-social activities in your conduct, for example, to make sure that you have sufficient income in your livelihood situation, and in the past for tax or pension delinquency.

In fact, there are various points in the naturalization procedure in addition to this, and if you do not understand these points, naturalization that would have been able to obtain "permission" may become "denial".

Therefore, when naturalizing in Nagoya, you should ask an administrative scrivener who is strong in naturalization procedures.


Cost of naturalization application in Nagoya

Here are some guidelines for costs if you want to naturalize in Nagoya.
The administrative scrivener corporation Climb is located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, but we support naturalization applications at each legal bureau in Nagoya.

・ Basic cost of naturalization
Naturalization applicant occupation Reward amount
employee 165,000 yen (tax included)
self employed 220,000 yen (tax included)
・ Additional cost when an administrative scrivener accompanies the Legal Affairs Bureau in Nagoya
Additional costs of the Legal Affairs Bureau 55,000 yen (tax included)

When performing naturalization procedures in Nagoya, start by visiting the Legal Affairs Bureau for consultation. We will collect and prepare documents in accordance with the instructions of the official in charge of the Legal Affairs Bureau.

However, the procedure is complicated and there are many difficult documents, and it is a hurdle for the general public to perform. At the administrative scrivener corporation Climb, administrative scriveners who are strong in naturalization procedures comprehensively support customers' naturalization application procedures.

* In addition to these, actual expenses such as transportation expenses, resident's card, tax payment certificate, taxation certificate etc. may be required. Consultation is free.

Naturalization conditions in Nagoya

To live in Nagoya, so to naturalize7 conditionsthere is.

Naturalization requirements Message
Address conditions Continue to have an address in Japan for five years.
Ability condition He is at least 20 years old and has the ability to act under his home country law.
Action requirements Judgment is made based on the degree of inconvenience to society, such as whether they are committing criminal acts or paying taxes properly.
4 Livelihood conditions Be able to make a living on the property or skills of one's own or a spouse or other relative who makes a living.
Condition of loss Not having nationality or losing nationality by acquiring Japanese nationality. If you acquire Japanese nationality, you can only naturalize if you are a foreigner who can lose your nationality.
Thought requirements Foreigners who attempt to harm or insist on the Japanese government through violence or criminal acts and who have formed or joined such organizations cannot be naturalized.
Japanese language proficiency requirements If you have the ability to read and write about the third grade of elementary school, you can clear it.

Example of documents required when applying for naturalization in Nagoya

It is considered that one of the following documents in the home country of the foreigner wishing to naturalize in Nagoya is required.

Examples of documents required when applying for naturalization Birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, kinship certificate, death certificate, adoption certificate, cognition certificate, custody certificate, court document, final certificate

* Required documents will vary depending on the status of residence of the applicant wishing to naturalize.

Cases where permission is denied for naturalization application in Nagoya


Naturalization does not mean that applications are 100% approved.
The following individuals are at risk of being rejected for naturalization applications.

[varimg width="20" height="16"]Check ・ Person who violated traffic within the past 5 years
Check ・ Person who has criminal record in the past
Check ・ Those with low income (based on annual income of about 300 million yen or more)
Check ・ Person who did not pay tax and paid late

* If applicable, please consult in advance.

Statistics data of foreign residents in Nagoya

The number of foreign residents in Nagoya is on the rise, and it was announced at the end of 2017 that there were 83,083 people.
23,386 are Chinese, followed by 15,563 Koreans and 9,236 Filipinos.

Ranking Citizenship Number of foreign residents
1 bit Chugoku 23,386
2 bit South Korea 15,563
3 bit フィリピン 9,236
4 bit 9,018
5 bit ネ パ ー ル 6,333

The areas with the most foreigners in Nagoya are as follows.

Area name Number of foreign residents
Naka City, Nagoya City 3,752
South Korea 9,803
Minato-ku, Nagoya 8,713
Nakagawa Ward, Nagoya City 6,616
Chikusa Ward, Nagoya City 6,612
Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 6,377

Reference: From the website of Nagoya City


Consultation desk when applying for naturalization in Nagoya

If you apply for naturalization in Nagoya, please follow the procedures at the Legal Affairs Bureau that has jurisdiction over your address in Nagoya.
Although consultations are by appointment only, there are many foreigners who apply in Nagoya and it is difficult to make a reservation, so it may take some time to complete the procedure.

Jurisdiction Address
Nagoya Legal Affairs Bureau, Nationality Division
Nagoya City, Kiyosu City, Kita Nagoya City, Nagakute City, Nisshin City, Toyoake City, Toyoyama Town, Nishikasugai District, Togo Town, Aichi District
Nagoya Legal Affairs Bureau Kasugai Branch
Kasugai City, Seto City, Komaki City, Owariasahi City
Nagoya Legal Affairs Bureau Tsushima Branch
Tsushima City, Aisai City, Yatomi City, Ama City, Kaifu District (Kanie Town, Tobishima Village, Oji Town)
Nagoya Legal Affairs Bureau Ichinomiya Branch
Ichinomiya City, Inazawa City, Gangnam City, Iwakura City, Inuyama City, Niwa District (Oguchi Town, Fuso Town)
Nagoya Legal Affairs Bureau Handa Branch
Handa City, Tokoname City, Obu City, Tokai City, Chita City, Chita County (Agui, Taketoyo, Minamichita, Mihama, Higashiura)
Nagoya Legal Affairs Bureau Okazaki Branch
Okazaki City, Koda Town, Nukata District
Nagoya Legal Affairs Bureau Kariya Branch
Kariya city, Chiryu city, Anjo city, Hekinan city, Takahama city
Nagoya Legal Affairs Bureau Toyota Branch
Toyota City, Miyoshi City
Nagoya Legal Affairs Bureau Nishio Branch
Nagoya Legal Affairs Bureau Toyohashi Branch
Toyohashi City, Tahara City, Toyokawa City, Gamagori City
Nagoya Legal Affairs Bureau Shinshiro Branch
Shinshiro-shi, Kitashitara-gun (Shitara-cho, Toei-cho, Toyone-mura)