Climb President Kei Moriyama gave a lecture on the revised immigration law and work visa for school corporations.

Takashi Moriyama, a representative employee of Climb (Climb, headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), a specialized scrivener corporation specializing in visa application work for foreigners, said Funai Research Institute, Inc. (Tokyo headquarters: Tokyo, Japan) on January 1. At Chiyoda-ku, President: Takayuki Nakatani (hereinafter referred to as "Funai Research Institute"), he was a lecturer on the employment and visa of foreign students at the "Next-Generation Vocational School Study Group".

Funai Research Institute develops consulting services specialized for each type of business, mainly for small and medium-sized companies in Japan.
The Next-Generation Vocational School Study Group, organized by a childcare and education group, one of 16 divisions, aims to improve the performance of vocational schools and provide sustainable management through lectures provided by consultants and guests who are familiar with the industry. To provide information.

The theme of the study group held at Funai Research Institute's Gotanda office was "International students (globalization)", and Moriyama, who took the second lecture, gave a lecture entitled "Points for Supporting International Students Based on the Revised Immigration Control Law". I did First, an overview of the revised Immigration Control Law that came into force in April 2, followed by tips on renewal documents for study abroad visas, points to note when international students work part-time, work visas required for employment of international students In addition to the differences between Skills and Specific Skills No. 2019, search keywords and methods for recruiting, how to write a resume, and the directors and executives of vocational schools participating in Japanese labor law, etc. did.

The Corporation will continue to provide foreign companies with information on the status of residence, visa status, legal procedures, etc., to companies and organizations that employ foreigners and educational institutions that accept foreign students. We will provide opportunities to deepen your understanding of foreign employment.

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