As a lecturer at a workshop on specific skills

Takashi Moriyama, a representative employee of the administrative scrivener corporation Climb (Climb, headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) specializing in visa application work for foreigners, was established on December 12 by the Japan International Human Resource Support and Resident Management Association (located in Chiba Prefecture). Matsudo City, Representative Director: Hisashi Kuriyama (hereinafter referred to as the "Kaikyo"), together with Mr. Ishikura, the third section of the Immigration and Immigration Bureau's Employment Examination Bureau, Third Section, at the 18rd training session "International Students and Specific Skills" Lecturer on specific skill visa.

The JAS is established by volunteers of a Japanese language school in Chiba Prefecture, and provides consulting services to Japanese language educational institutions, support services for technical trainees, and training sessions on foreign residents' status of residence. .

Moriyama, who was present at the first part of the workshop held at the Matsudo Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Chiba Prefecture, entitled "New resident status of specific skills (accommodation or eating out)", and worked for foreigners focusing on specific skills. We explained about visa and the difference from conventional work visa. He has been a lecturer at foreign employment seminars and seminars for the food and beverage industry held at more than 1 hot springs nationwide, and gained knowledge by contacting employers who are actually considering foreign employment. Based on his experience, he introduced the current situation regarding the employment of foreigners in the accommodation facilities and the food and beverage industry, and acquired the No. 10 specific skill, and examples of working in the food and beverage industry.

Until now, when hiring foreigners at accommodations and restaurants, regular employees could not do any work on site, such as cooking or serving customers, and could only work as a part-time job with a limit of 28 hours per month. The new resident status `` Specific Skill No. 2019 '' under the revised Immigration Control Law enforced in April 4 is for the accommodation industry and the food and beverage industry, and foreigners who have acquired the specific skill No. 1 will be able to work and cook with a work visa You can get a job such as.

We will continue to inform foreign companies and organizations, facilities, and educational institutions that accept foreign students of the latest information on foreign nationals' status of residence, visas, legal procedures, etc. We will provide opportunities to deepen our understanding of human employment.

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