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Relaxation of visa issuance requirements for Chinese

Since there is a notice about "easing visa issuance requirements for Chinese people" from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I will state it.

2014 year 11 month 8 announced the operation of relaxed visa issuance requirements for Chinese people from 2015 year 1 month 19 day.
Specific relaxation contents are as follows.
1. Secondary Visa for Commercial Purpose and Culture Person / Intellectual
I omit the requirement for abolishing the traveling history requirement to Japan that I had been requesting so far and the documentation requirements such as identity guarantee from Japanese side identity guarantor.

2. Individual tourists Okinawa · Tohoku 3 prefecture number visa
Until now, for the purpose of promoting tourism and reconstruction of the earthquake disaster relief visits for Chinese individual tourists, 1 night stay in either prefecture of Okinawa Prefecture or the three Tohoku prefectures (Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima) at the first visit to Japan It issued only to those who exceed.
In addition to "people with sufficient economic power and their families" as well as relaxing the new economic requirements, "those who have a history of traveling by short-term stay in Japan within the past 3 with constant economic power And their families ", I will issue a number visa. Also, although we have not allowed families to travel alone, we can also allow family members to travel only. Along with this change the staying period from 90 day to 30 day.

3. Individual tourism visa for equivalent high income visa
For newly "persons with substantial high income and their families", a number of visas (1 years of validity, 5 number of staying days 1 times) with no specific visiting place requirements for the 90 times visit to Japan We will start issuing the day.
Although the number of Chinese tourists visiting Japan has been on an increasing trend in recent years, expansion of such human exchanges will contribute to promotion of mutual understanding between Japan and China, promotion of government tourism nation and efforts of local creation. It is expected that human interaction between Japan and China will be further activated by this visa issuance requirement mitigation measures.

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