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About preventing illegal acquisition of passport

Since the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pretending to be a stranger to acquire a passport (illegal passport), there was an announcement on 1 month 21 day to strengthen the examination to prevent illegal acquisition. I will describe it below.

Passports illegally acquired are used for escape of criminals and illegal entry and departure of the criminal, promote activities of international terrorism and international criminal organizations, etc. In addition to debts from financial institutions as identity confirmation materials, banks It is misused when establishing accounts and mobile phone contracts, and there is a possibility that genuine name holders will be involved in unexpected troubles as well as further crime damage.


In order to prevent illegal acquisition of a passport (passport), during the period from 2 month 20 day to 3 month 5 day, the national passport office will carry out the "period for strengthening examination for prevention of passport fraud acquisition by impersonation".

For that reason, we may ask more detailed questions than usual to applicants, so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. In addition to this period, we also work with prefectural passport offices etc. to prevent illegal acquisitions as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for example, to set up an appraisal strengthening period from time to time.

If you acquire it by unfair practice, imprisonment of less than 5 years or a fine of 300 ten thousand yen or less will be imposed.

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