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Climb, an administrative scrivener corporation (hereinafter referred to as our office), keeps personal information of customers in providing various legal services.
As an office of a nationally qualified person who handles the law, we will endeavor to provide reliability and a sense of security.
Based on the principle of "compliance supreme principle", we hereby declare that we will implement the policy shown below, build and operate a personal information protection management system to maintain it, and work on continuous improvement.

Our office is limited to the extent necessary to achieve legal counseling, legal affairs such as the execution of accepted cases, public relations activities, organizational management, affairs necessary for construction, and affairs incidental to these. We will acquire, use and provide appropriate personal information.
In addition, we will not use it for any other purpose and take measures to do so.

Our office will comply with laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information, guidelines set by the government, and other norms.
Our office will endeavor to prevent and correct unauthorized access to personal information, leakage, loss or damage of personal information.
Our office will respond appropriately and promptly to complaints and consultations regarding personal information.
Our office will continuously improve the personal information protection management system.

April 2018, 7 (established)

Handling of personal information

Climb, an administrative scrivener corporation, handles the personal information of the client as follows in accordance with the "Personal Information Protection Policy".

1. Purpose of using personal information

Personal information of the person will be acquired and used for the purpose of the following items requested by the person, and will not be used beyond the scope of the purpose.
Our office will use personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes of use.
When using personal information for purposes not specified below, we will do so after obtaining the consent of the person in advance.

  1. (1) Duties of our office in response to your request
  2. (2) Management necessary to properly and smoothly carry out tasks
  3. (3) Information on various legal service information provided by our office

* Careful consideration When we collect and use personal information or specific sensitive personal information, we will handle it fully and carefully.

2. Third party provision of personal information

The personal information of the person will not be provided to a third party without the prior consent of the person, except with the prior consent of the person and any of the following.
However, in the following cases, personal information may be provided to a third party.

  • ・When there is consent of the person
  • ・When disclosure of personal information is requested by a court, public prosecutor's office, police, tax office, bar association, or an organization with similar authority.
  • ・When all or part of the work performed by our office is outsourced to a third party
  • ・When disclosing personal information to a person who has a duty of confidentiality to our office, such as a lawyer or accountant, as necessary for our office's operations.
  • ・When necessary for the exercise of our firm's rights
  • ・When disclosing to the person who will succeed the business in the event of business succession due to merger, business transfer, or other reasons
  • ・When permitted by the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws and regulations
  • · Based on laws and ordinances
  • ・When it is necessary to protect a person's life, body, or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual.
  • ・When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the healthy upbringing of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual.
  • ・In cases where it is necessary to cooperate with a national organization, local government, or a person entrusted by them in carrying out the affairs stipulated by laws and regulations, and with the consent of the individual concerned, we may assist in carrying out the affairs. When there is a risk of interference
3. Outsourcing personal information

When consigning all or part of the handling of personal information to a third party, our office will consign to a contractor who has concluded confidentiality concerning personal information.

4. Optionality of giving personal information

You can refuse to provide personal information at your own discretion, but in that case, you may not be able to achieve the purpose of use described in paragraph XNUMX.

5. Personal Information Protection Administrator and Contact

Regarding the handling of personal information of our office, if you have any inquiries etc., please contact us as below.

Administrative Scrivener Corporation Climb Personal Information Protection Manager Personal Information Consultation Desk
TEL: 03-5937-6960
FAX: 03-5937-6961
Mailing: 〒169-0075
Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 1-chome 17-16 Star Plaza Takadanobaba 8F
Reception hours: 9: 00 to 19: 00 (except Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays)

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