[Residence Track] How foreigners enter Japan regarding the decision on September 2020, 9


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 On September 2020, 9, from October 25, 10, the Government of Japan will apply for several types of status of residence in addition to human resources necessary for business, and in principle, will accept new entry from all countries / regions. Decided to allow


 From October of this year, as a general rule, it is a policy to allow new entry of persons with a status of residence such as technology, humanities knowledge, international affairs, etc. from all countries / regions, so the Japanese embassies in all countries The consulate accepts applications for visa issuance.

However, when applying for a visa, the following is required.


・ The Japanese company, to which the applicant foreigner belongs, signed and stamped.Pledge (Residence Track)To attach.

・ Obtain a negative certificate and test for COVID-72 within 19 hours before departure (departure time of the scheduled flight). * After arriving in Japan, you will be required to submit the original or a copy of the inspection certificate to the immigration inspector.

・ Fill out the "questionnaire" that will be distributed on board the airplane bound for Japan.

・ Designated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare before and after entering JapanQuarantine measuresYou will need to receive


What are the quarantine measures required before and after entering Japan?

It is necessary to receive the quarantine measures designated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare before and after entering Japan. What is the content?

[Details of quarantine measures]

(14) Secure a place to stay at a place (home, etc.) designated by the quarantine station director for XNUMX days from the day after entry (sample collection date).

② Secure a means to move from the arriving airport, etc. to the place of stay without using public transportation.

③ Register the place to stay after entering Japan and the means of transportation from the airport, etc. at the quarantine station.

④ To be tested for the new coronavirus

⑤ In principle, wait in the space inside the airport or in the facility designated by the quarantine station until the test result is obtained.


 In addition to this, there may be other conditions depending on the diplomatic missions abroad (Japanese embassy, ​​consulate) to which you actually apply for a visa, so I think you will need to contact the diplomatic missions in your jurisdiction for details.

 In addition, the above operations are subject to change as the situation regarding the new coronavirus is changing from country to country.


This system is a new system that has just begun, and its contents may be updated or changed at any time depending on the situation.The latest information is belowMinistry of Foreign Affairs pagePlease refer to.




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