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 What kind of preparation is required to apply for a "business / management" visa for the purpose of running a company whose business is to sell dairy products such as meat, seafood, milk and cheese? Is it?Detailed explanation by an administrative scrivener specializing in immigration affairsTo do.

 As an image, a company that runs a supermarket or online shop that purchases and sells meat, fish, dairy products, foods that require temperature control, and imports seasonings such as foods and spices from foreign countries in Japan. For example, when selling at domestic stores.

 In the following casesEven if you are dealing with food, you do not need a "business license based on the Food Sanitation Law" in the following cases(* However, a business license based on prefectural ordinances may be required).

■ When food sales do not require a "business license based on the Food Sanitation Law"

・ Sell packed products made at licensed facilities

・ Sell the purchased snacks as they are

 (* If you want to subdivide or repack, you need a business permit from a health center according to the type of food.)

・ Sell juice and beer in cans and PET bottles as they are

 (* Permission is required when selling by pouring into a glass or cup)

・ Sell agricultural products

・ Sell only foods that do not require temperature control in containers.

XNUMX. XNUMX.Company establishment procedure

 This procedure is described at the beginning of the article "Procedures / Conditions Required for Applying for Status of Residence" Business / Management "".This "Business / Management" pageto see the available categories of products and services.

XNUMX. XNUMX.Securing sales office properties

 What is the property registered as the head office that will be the office of the company when the company is established?Separately, It is necessary to secure a business office property such as a supermarket (however, it may not be necessary depending on the structure of the head office).

In addition, if permission from the manufacturing industry such as seasonings, which will be described later, is required, a property with a separate room (a room with a sink, a washroom, and storage facilities) is required.

 Regarding securing this property, in the case of renting, both the property of the head office and the property of the sales office etc.The lessee is in the name of the companyso,The purpose of renting is the business purposeMust be stated in the lease agreement as.

 If the person owns the property by purchasing it, it is necessary to prepare a written consent or lease agreement to the effect that the person consents to the company to use the property for business purposes. There is.

XNUMX. XNUMX.Obtaining various licenses related to food sales business

 Depending on the type of food you sell, you will need to obtain the following licenses.

■ To sell meat, fish, dairy products, and other ingredients that require temperature controlPermission for meat sales, seafood sales, and milk sales under the Food Sanitation Law is requiredIt will be.

 In order to obtain this permit, it is necessary to meet the conditions such as having one food hygiene manager at the sales office and having a certain level of refrigeration equipment.

■ When selling meat products, processed seafood products, dairy products, bento boxes, prepared foods, etc. that do not require a cooking processWhen it is necessary to obtain permission for food sales business by ordinancethere is.

 Regarding this license, the conditions for the equipment of the sales office such as refrigeration equipment are more relaxed than the above sales license.

■ When selling packaged or bottled foods purchased from abroad in Japan, as a general rule, permission to sell is not required (foreign foods, seasonings such as spices, etc.).

But in this case,It is necessary to notify the quarantine station of the jurisdiction of foreign foods for sale (Article 27 of the Food Sanitation Law)..

Regarding this quarantine notification, there are the following methods.

・ In principle, submit a food import notification form, instructions on raw materials and manufacturing process, hygiene certificate, and test report as necessary.

-In addition to the above methods, in order to speed up and simplify the import quarantine procedure, advance notification system, planned import system, continuous import of the same food, etc., acceptance of inspection results by foreign public inspection agencies, items There is also a registration system.

■ When selling spices and seasonings purchased from abroad by subdividing or blending them in JapanWhen permission from the manufacturing industry such as seasonings is requiredthere is.

 In this case, a private room with a sink, a hand-washing area, and equipment for storing products is required for packing the seasonings in small portions.

XNUMX.Preparing a basic contract with a business partner

When running a grocery sales business, it seems that the business of purchasing and selling groceries usually occurs due to the content of the service.

 In order to make it clearer that "it is really a grocery sales business" and "it is possible to make stable and continuous transactions and generate profits for the company", the company that was established and the supplier company are involved in this purchase. Create a basic contract for purchasing the groceries and submit a copy to the immigration office.

 A basic contract is a contract that describes the basic arrangements for the continuous purchase of used goods in the future, not for individual purchase transactions.

 Stamp the company names and stamps of both companies on this basic contract.

 At this time, I think it is even better to get the business card of the person in charge of the company of the business partner.

XNUMX.Securing employees such as clerks

 If you are a company that manages grocery sales, the people who make decisions about what kind of groceries to buy and where to sell them are the main forces for the company.

 Human resources who play such a role include the representative director of the company that applies for the "business / management" visa, and "permanent residents" and "Japanese" who have work experience in sales strategy, etc. It is desirable that you are a foreigner or Japanese who has a "spouse, etc." visa.

 In addition, as full-time employees in charge of accounting and trade affairs, foreigners who have "technical / humanistic knowledge / international business", "permanent resident" or "Japanese spouse" visas, etc. Or Japanese is appropriate.However, as a general rule, part-time jobs for "family stays" and "international students" who have obtained permission for activities outside the qualifications can be engaged in this work within 1 hours a week.

 For employees of these companies, I would like to issue a job offer notice or working condition notice in the name of the company at the time of applying for a "business / management" visa, and submit a copy to the Immigration Bureau.


■ The person who wrote this article ■

Kazuko Sawamura (Kazumi Sawamura)

Immigration Bureau of Japan application agent.An administrative scrivener who plays a central role in Climb, an administrative scrivener corporation that boasts 1,000 visa applications annually.Dr. Juris Doctor (professional) at Kwansei Gakuin University, has studied abroad at Ohio State University in the United States.

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