[Japanese spouse visa] Is it okay to live separately?What if I get divorced?Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a "Japanese spouse, etc." visa?

The status of residence (visa) for "Japanese spouse, etc." is a visa granted to foreigners (spouse) who are married to a Japanese person, children born between a Japanese person and a foreigner, and specially adopted Japanese children. is.

 Let's see what kind of person is specifically applicable to this in each case.

● "Foreigners (spouse) who married a Japanese"

 Marriage here means that the legal marriage relationship continues.

Therefore, if you have a common-law marriage, a Japanese person you are married to, or if you divorce the Japanese person, you will not meet the visa requirements of your spouse.


● "Children born between Japanese and foreigners"

 This is the case

・ When parents Japanese and foreigners are born after marriage

・ When parents were born before marriage but were recognized by their father after birth


 This does not apply to adopted children.On the other hand, special adoption (Article 817-2, Paragraph 1 of the Civil Code) corresponds to this case.

 Also, the child is included in this case even if he was not born in Japan.

 There are no work restrictions for foreigners who are granted a visa, such as a Japanese spouse.Therefore, you can engage in full-time work that is not related to your educational background or work history, just like Japanese people.

 In addition, the criteria for examination will be relaxed when applying for permanent residence.Specifically, you can apply for a visa for a Japanese spouse, etc. if you have been in Japan for at least 3 years and have lived in Japan for at least 3 years after marriage.

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Requirement XNUMX

Marriage真 実To be

 Obviously, marriage to a Japanese person needs to be true.

 As mentioned above, there are many foreigners who apply for this visa by fake marriage because it is a very attractive visa.

 Therefore, as an immigration bureau,Examining from various perspectives on "Is the marriage of these two really true?"To do.If the couple's age difference is large or the dating period is short, the truth may be suspected, so be careful.For more information about this, please see the related article here ⇒[Japanese spouse visa] Is it prohibited if the couple is too old or has a short dating period?

 In this regard, it is effective not only to submit a questionnaire, but also to submit a record of exchanges (photographs and message history) for as long as possible from meeting and dating to visa application. ..

 In addition, in order to be granted a visa for a Japanese spouse, etc.As a general rule, you are required to live with your Japanese marriage partner..

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Requirement XNUMX

Family life after getting a visaFinancially stableDoing things

 After the visa is grantedIs Marriage Life in Japan Economically Stable?Will be judged from various perspectives.

 Of particular importance is whether the Japanese marriage partner has a stable income or assets.Regarding this point, we will submit a Japanese tax certificate, tax payment certificate, and employment certificate.

 But own to better explain that you have a stable income and assetsReal estateIf there is, a copy of the real estate registry,savingsIf you have a copy of your balance certificate or passbook,stockIf you have, it is also effective to submit that information.

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About frequently asked questions about visas for Japanese spouses, etc.

⓵ With a Japanese marriage partnerSeparationBut

 Are there any problems with applying for a visa?

 As explained above, in order for a "Japanese spouse, etc." visa to be granted,As a general rule, it is necessary to live with the Japanese marriage partneris.Exceptionally, separation is permitted when there is a good reason to separate.

 The rational reason seems to be, to put it bluntly, when the necessity and appropriateness of being separated is recognized.For example, it seems that Japanese people who are married cannot live together because of work reasons such as being transferred or assigned to work alone, or temporarily returning to their parents' home to care for their parents. This is the case.

 If you are separated without such a reasonable reason, it is difficult to get a visa for "Japanese spouse, etc."

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⓶ I already have a visa for "Japanese spouse, etc."

 With a Japanese marriage partnerdivorceWas.

 Are there any problems with applying for a Japanese spouse visa?

 One of the conditions for a "Japanese spouse, etc." visa to be accepted isContinuing a valid legal marital relationship with the Japanesethere is.Therefore, if you divorce your Japanese partner, this condition will not apply and you will not be granted a "Japanese spouse, etc." visa after the divorce.

 However, if there are certain conditions even after divorce,SettlerYou may be allowed to change to another visa.

 Also, in the case of women, there is a restriction on the period of prohibition of remarriage, but if you marry another Japanese person, you can also apply for a visa by explaining the truth of the marriage and the stability of life. I can do it.

⓷ I already have a visa for "Japanese spouse, etc."

 Many timesNEWdoing.

 But no matter how many times I update1 year period of stay.

 How can I stay for 3 years?

 I often get inquiries because the Japanese marriage partner is a sole proprietor.Circumstances such as low income due to high expenses calculated for the purpose of tax saving etc.If there is.

 As explained above, in explaining the stability of lifeJapanese income is very importantIt will be.Therefore, it is important to increase your income as much as possible in order to get your visa approved for a long period of time, so in the above circumstances, you should be aware of reducing expenses and increasing your income.

 If you would like to know the conditions for getting a 3 or 5 year visa, please see this related article. ⇒[Japanese spouse visa] What are the conditions for permitting renewal application? What are the conditions for getting a 3 or 5 year visa?


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