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Basic knowledge that you want to know for the acceptance of Vietnamese people using the status of residence of specific skills

"How to accept human resources from Vietnam with specific skills?"

"Can you adopt it from within Japan?"


Status of residence for newly created specific skills. Vietnam is one of the countries where Japan is the main recipient country. As of 2018, many Vietnamese people, including technical interns, are staying in Japan, and a shift to specific skills is expected. This time, I would like to introduce the current situation of resident Vietnamese and introduce the basic information to know in order to employ Vietnamese by using specific skills.


table of contents

Current situation surrounding Vietnamese staying in Japan and types of residence qualifications acquired

As of 2018, the number of Vietnamese staying in Japan is 29.その4More than a percentage are technical internsI'm staying as The types of residence qualifications that many people acquire are as follows.


【Type of residence qualification with a large number of acquired Vietnamese】

Type of status of residence of people Percentage of total number of Vietnamese
Technical Internship 134,139 44.9%
Study abroad 80,683 27.0%
Technology · Humanities · International work 28,723 9.6%
Family stay 13,129 4.4%

<Reference: Statistics of Foreign Residents of e-Stat June 2018 "Foreigners of residence by nationality / region (purpose of residence)">


1 is the largest number of residence qualifications, and it is a skill training that becomes nearly half of the whole.

2 thStudy abroadTogether withTotal number of people7PercentageAccount for

Specific skills are status of residence without any academic background or work history.

Japanese Skills Assessment TestPass is the most important point, and foreigners who have signed an employment contract can basically apply if they pass it.

There are also special cases where foreigners who have completed the skills training 2 can shift to specific skills by exempting from Japanese language skills assessment exams.

For this reason, it is expected that people who have already obtained the status of residence that can work can be transferred.


3 benefits of accepting Vietnamese with status of residence (Visa) with specific skills

At the moment, more than 13 Vietnamese people are staying as technical interns.

Other than that, nearly 3 people work for the status of residence of technology, humanistic knowledge, and international business applied to professionals.

We will introduce three advantages of using specific skills in comparison with these status of residence status.


The application conditions have been eased, and it has become easier to obtain a status of residence that allows working.

The characteristics of the status of residence for specific skills are:Application conditions have been relaxedIt is that.

Many foreigners have an opportunity to acquire because they do not require academic background and work experience.

In particular, certain skills have no upper limit on working hours.Status of residence for full time.

Therefore, for foreigners who work as part-time or part-time staff in studying abroad or family stay, specific skills are a stepping stone to full-time employees.


Eating out,宿 泊Enables Employment in Industrial Sectors Not Presently in the Technical Intern Training System

Specific skills define the industry areas that can be used. Companies and organizations that accept foreigners must be business types that belong to the following fields:

This was not in the technical trainingEating out,宿 泊The field of is also recognized.

In these industries,It becomes easier to hire foreigners and the labor shortage is eliminatedHelps.


Specific Skills Targeted XNUM X Fields
Nursing care
Building cleaning
Material processing industry
Industrial machinery manufacturing industry
Electrical and electronic information related industries
Shipbuilding and shipbuilding industry
Car maintenance
宿 泊
Food and beverage manufacturing industry
Restaurant business


Dispatch work is also possible in agriculture and fishery. More flexible employment form

Specific skills are the receiving organization companies and foreignersDirect contractIs basic.

However, in the field of agriculture and fisheries, there is also an exception in the form of temporary employment.

This is because the labor demand required by these 2 areas changes significantly during the busy season.

However, staffing agencies must also belong to these industries.


The field of agriculture and fishing has already accepted many foreigners as technical interns.

According to JITCO (International Training Cooperation Organization) data (2016 years), the largest number of Vietnamese people in the field of agriculture (technical training 2) is Kumamoto (448), Ibaraki (447), Hokkaido (323 people).[1]


These foreigners have the potential to move to specific skills in the future.

In addition, with the establishment of a dispatching business within the industry, companies will have more options for hiring foreigners.


What are the conditions for Vietnamese to acquire specific skills? Japanese level and skills exam

You need to pass both the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and the Skill Assessment Test in order to obtain a status of residence for a specific skill.

We will explain the required level of Japanese and the skill evaluation exam.


The required Japanese level is the level at which daily conversation can be performed and there is no hindrance to life

The Japanese language proficiency exams specified in the specific skills are the following 2.


  • Domestic: "Japanese Language Proficiency Test" N4 or higher
  • Overseas: "Japanese Language Proficiency Test" N4 or higher or "The Japan Foundation Japanese Language Foundation Test"


What I care about when hiring foreigners is the Japanese level of the person who is employed.

The criteria for passing the above exam are:Daily conversation levelIt is stipulated that

The Japan Foundation Japanese Language Foundation Test, which is also conducted in Vietnam, uses A2 levels as a guide based on the European Common Reference Frame.


【Guidelines of A2 level】

  • You can understand commonly used sentences and expressions in areas that have direct relationships, such as very basic personal information, family information, shopping, neighborhood, work, etc.
  • If it is a simple and everyday area, you can exchange information on familiar and everyday matters.
  • You can explain in simple words your own background, personal circumstances, and areas of immediate need.

<Quote:Japan Foundation>


When accepting human resources from Vietnam,Japanese support after employmentLet's also assume the case where you need


Skill evaluation test to be cleared is conducted by industry

Skills assessment exams to assess skills are conducted by field.

For details, please check the website of the responsible ministry.


  • Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare: Care, building cleaning
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: Mold material industry, industrial machinery manufacturing industry, electric and electronic information related industry
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: Construction, shipbuilding / ship industry, automobile maintenance, aviation,宿 泊
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries: Agriculture, Fisheries, Beverage Manufacturing,Restaurant business


As of April 2019, in JapanRestaurant business,宿 泊The operation of skill evaluation tests in the fields of work and nursing care has begun.

Implementation in Vietnam and overseas is under coordination.

Only nursing care exams, the 4th 1 Proficiency Exam was held in the Philippines in May.[2]

In the construction industry, which receives a large number of Vietnamese, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has announced that it will conduct a skill evaluation test in Vietnam during the 2019 fiscal year.


Relationship between the bilateral agreement and the local sending agency important for direct acceptance from Vietnam

In specific skills, the government has signed bilateral agreements with 8 countries that have a track record of accepting foreigners.

In the agreement, while clarifying the window of the foreign country overseas, the rules with the sending organization are established.

According to the Ministry of Justice website, XNUM X As of X NUM X, we have signed a memorandum of understanding with the following X NUM X countries.


  • フィリピン
  • Cambodia
  • ネ パ ー ル
  • Myanmar


The Vietnamese government has also reached a substantial agreement on sending out certain skilled foreigners, and it will be announced on the website of the Ministry of Justice after the creation of a bilateral agreement.

If you are a company or organization considering accepting human resources from Vietnam, please confirm where you are authorized as a sending organization.


How to hire Vietnamese nationals in Japan | Transition from direct employment and skills training

There are the following 2 methods for hiring Vietnamese in the country.


  • Recruit new personnel and establish employment relationship
  • Hiring Alumni of Technical Training XNUM


When directly hiring domestic personnel, confirm the success or failure of the exam

There is no need to go through an intermediary such as a technical intern's supervisory body or a co-op when using the status of residence for specific skills.

It is possible for companies to offer recruitment and directly hire foreigners who have applied for it.

When hiring, make sure that you have passed the required Japanese language proficiency test and proficiency test.

In addition, the company's job offer (consumption of employment contract)There is no problem with and after the test results.

When applying for status of residence, you must pass the exam.


Employment contracts comply with pay level, paid acquisition, social insurance standards, etc.

Because it is a foreigner,It is not permissible to make a discriminatory response to employment contracts.

Above all, as a standard of employment contract of specific skills, it is clearly defined about predetermined working hours, compensation such as salary and welfare, and acquisition of paid salary.

It is recognized that a week XNUM X days or more XNUM X hours work or moreFull time only.

In addition, the salary level engages in the same jobEqual to or more than JapaneseIt is decided to be

When signing an employment contract, please be aware that it is not a condition to discriminate unfairly.


Skilled student 2 graduates can apply for specific skills on exam exemption

Skilled training 2 graduates can apply for the status of residence of specific skills by exempting from Japanese language skills assessment exams.

However, the condition is that the field of application for specific skills and the field for which you have completed technical training are related.

For example, foreigners who apply for specific skills in the field ofCultivation farmingOr "Livestock farmingYou must have completed the technical training in the name of your job category.


[Examples of occupations and fields targeted for transition of skills training and specific skills]

Job types and fields subject to transfer of skills training and specific skills

<Source:About Ministry of Justice residence qualification "specific skill">


Time-limited special measures to technical training 2 which shifts to specific skills

Necessary for specific skills 1Implement support planHave to.

However, at the time of the establishment of the status of residence for 2019 and 4, the preparation of the system is underway at the same time, such as the establishment of evaluation skills examinations according to fields and preparation of notification of registration support agencies undertaking support plans.

Therefore, the following foreigners whose period of residence will be completed by the end of 2019 year 9"Special activities" for XNUM months as an exceptional measure (working possible)Is recognized.


■ Foreigners for whom special measures are permitted

The followings with a history of residence in the technical training 2, whose residence period will expire by the end of 2019 year 9:

  • Technical internship 2
  • Technical internship 3
  • Specific activity (person working as a foreign construction worker or shipbuilding worker)


■ Permitted status of residence and period of stay

Specific activities (working possible) will be granted a stay period of XNUM months (in principle, renewal is not possible)


In this way, it is possible to provisionally employ the foreigner with the status of residence of specific activities even in the stage where the host organization has not prepared a registration support plan or in the field where the skills evaluation test is being prepared.


Please check the Ministry of Justice site for details on the permitted requirements.


<Reference:About special measures for person who is going to change to Ministry of Justice residence qualification "specific skill">


Summary: Vietnamese technical interns and foreign students may increase their application for specific skills

Most of the Vietnamese people living in Japan are technical interns and foreign students.

Foreigners currently employed may wish to switch to a status of residence for certain skills.

In that case, understand the requirements required of the company or organization that is the receiving organization.

Also important is whether the foreigner has passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and the Skill Assessment Test.

If you have any concerns about specific skills or would like support, please contact us, who specializes in visa acquisition support.


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