Basic knowledge that you want to know for the acceptance of Vietnamese people using the status of residence of specific skills


In April 2019, a new status of residence "Specified Skilled Worker" was created.
Vietnam is one of Japan's major host countries.
Many Vietnamese, including technical intern trainees, were staying in Japan before the establishment of the specific skill, and many transitions to the specific skill were expected, but due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection, 3 In many cases, technical intern trainees who have completed the annual training period obtain the status of residence "Technical Intern Training No. 2" that can be extended for up to two years.

On this page, we will introduce the current situation of Vietnamese residents and introduce the basic information you need to know in order to employ Vietnamese people using specific skills.
“What should I do to accept human resources from Vietnam with specific skills?”"Can you adopt it from within Japan?"We will answer questions such as:

Current situation surrounding Vietnamese staying in Japan and types of residence qualifications acquired

As of June 2020, the number of Vietnamese people living in Japan has reached 6, with more than half of them staying as technical intern trainees.
The types of status of residence that many people obtain are as follows.

【Type of residence qualification with a large number of acquired Vietnamese】
Type of status of residenceof peoplePercentage of total number of Vietnamese
Technical intern training (total of Nos. 1 to 3)219,50152.2%
Study abroad65,81815.7%
Technology · Humanities · International work58,47113.9%
Family stay23,5285.6%

reference:e-Stat Statistics on Foreign Residents June 2020 “Foreign Residents by Nationality and Region, Status of Residence (Purpose of Residence)”

The most common status of residence is Technical Intern Training, which accounts for more than half of the total. Together with the second study abroad program, this accounts for nearly 1% of the total number of students.

Specific skills are status of residence without any academic background or work history.
Passing the Japanese language/skills evaluation testThe most important point is that if you pass this, foreigners who have signed an employment contract can basically apply.

There are also special cases where foreigners who have completed the skills training 2 can shift to specific skills by exempting from Japanese language skills assessment exams.
In the future, it is expected that there will be a shift from those who have already obtained a status of residence that allows them to work.

3 benefits of accepting Vietnamese with status of residence (Visa) with specific skills

At present, a little less than 22 Vietnamese are staying as technical intern trainees.
Other than that, nearly 6 people work for the status of residence of technology, humanistic knowledge, and international business applied to professionals.

We will introduce three advantages of using specific skills compared to these statuses of residence.

① Application conditions have been relaxed, making it easier to obtain a status of residence that allows you to work.

The characteristic of the status of residence of a specific skill is that the application conditions are relaxed.
Many foreigners have an opportunity to acquire because they do not require academic background and work experience.
In particular, the Specified Skilled Worker status has no upper limit on working hours and is a status of residence for those who work full-time.
Therefore, for foreigners who worked part-time or as part-time staff while studying abroad or staying with family, acquiring specific skills can be a stepping stone to becoming a full-time employee.

② Enabling employment in industries such as eating out and lodging, which were not available in the previous technical intern training system.

Specific skills define the industrial fields that can be used.
Companies / organizations that accept foreigners must belong to the following fields.
This was not in the technical trainingRestaurant business,宿 泊The field of is also recognized.
In these industries, it will be easier to employ foreigners, which will help alleviate labor shortages.
Please check the fields covered by specific skills below.

▼ 14 fields targeted for specific skills

  1. XNUMX. XNUMX.Long-term care
  2. XNUMX.Building cleaning
  3. XNUMX. XNUMX.Raw material industry
  4. XNUMX.Industrial machinery manufacturing industry
  5. XNUMX.Electrical and electronic information related industries
  7. XNUMX.Shipbuilding and ship industry
  8. XNUMX.Car maintenance
  9. XNUMX.Aviation
  10. XNUMX.Lodging
  11. XNUMX.Agriculture
  12. XNUMX.Fishery
  13. XNUMX.Food and beverage manufacturing industry
  14. XNUMX.Restaurant business

③ Temporary work is also possible in agriculture and fishing, allowing for more flexible forms of employment

Specific skills are based on a direct contract between the host company and a foreigner.
But,Agriculture/FisheryAs an exception in the field ofDispatch work typeis also accepted.
This is because the labor demand required by these 2 areas changes significantly during the busy season.
However, staffing agencies must also belong to these industries.

JITCO (International Training Cooperation Organization) data (2016)According to the following, the number of Vietnamese people accepted (technical intern training No. 2) in the agricultural field is as follows.

  • ・ Kumamoto Prefecture (448 people)
  • ・ Ibaraki (447 people)
  • ・ Hokkaido (323 people)

Status of technical intern training No. 2 transition applicants by prefecture, nationality, and occupational field

ThenData from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (July 2020, 7)According to the following, the prefectures that accept a large number of Vietnamese people in the specific skills and agricultural fields are as follows.

  • ・ Hokkaido (55 people)
  • ・ Chiba (29 people)
  • ・ Ibaraki (26 people)
  • ・ Tochigi (21 people)
  • Total of all prefectures: 257

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries "Acceptance status for specific skills in the agricultural field"

What are the conditions for Vietnamese to acquire specific skills? Japanese level and skills exam

You need to pass both the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and the Skill Assessment Test in order to obtain a status of residence for a specific skill.
We will explain the required level of Japanese and the skill evaluation test.


▼ The required level of Japanese is that you can have daily conversations and it does not interfere with your daily life.

The Japanese language proficiency exams specified in the specific skills are the following 2.

  • Domestic: "Japanese Language Proficiency Test" N4 or higher
  • Overseas: "Japanese Language Proficiency Test" NXNUMX or above or "Japan Foundation Japanese Language Basic Test"

What I care about when hiring foreigners is the Japanese level of the person who is employed.
The criteria for passing the above exams are:Daily conversation level” is stipulated.

"" which is also carried out in VietnamThe Japan Foundation Japanese Language Foundation Test(JFT-Basic)” refers to the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR)” and “JF Japanese Language Education Standard(JF Standard)The standard is ``A2 level'' based on ``AXNUMX level''.

【Guidelines of A2 level】
■ Understand commonly used sentences and expressions related to directly related areas such as very basic personal information, family information, shopping, neighborhood, and work.
■ If it is a simple and daily range, you can exchange information about everyday matters in your daily life.
■ Be able to explain in simple terms one's background, one's immediate surroundings, and matters in areas of immediate need.

When accepting human resources from Vietnam,Japanese support after employmentLet's also assume the case where you need

▼ Skill evaluation tests that must be cleared are conducted by industry

Skills assessment exams to assess skills are conducted by field.
For details, please check the website of the relevant government agency.

Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareNursing care ②Building cleaning Management
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry③Materials industry ④Industrial machinery manufacturing industry ⑤Electrical/electronic information related industry
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourismconstruction ⑦Shipbuilding and shipbuilding industry ⑧Car maintenance ⑨aviation ⑩宿 泊
Ministry of AgricultureAgriculture: ⑫Fishery: ⑬Beverage manufacturing industry ⑭Restaurant business

Relationship between the bilateral agreement and the local sending agency important for direct acceptance from Vietnam

Regarding specific skills, the government is sequentially collaborating with countries that have a track record of accepting foreigners.bilateral agreementIs tied.
In the agreement, while clarifying the window of the foreign country overseas, the rules with the sending organization are established.

As of April 2019, we had a memorandum of cooperation with four countries, but as of May 4, the number has increased to the following 4 countries.

  • ·Cambodia
  • ·Nepal
  • ·Myanmar
  • ・ Mongolia
  • ·Sri Lanka
  • ·Vietnam
  • ・ Bangladesh
  • ・ Uzbekistan
  • ·Pakistan
  • ·Thailand
(In order of publication of cooperation memorandum) Bilateral Memorandum of Cooperation on Specific Skills From the Immigration Services Agency

How to hire Vietnamese nationals with specific skills (Vietnam / Japan)

From February 2021, 2, when applying for the issuance of a certificate of status of residence for a specific skillRecommended person table (specific skill foreigner table)It is now necessary to submit.
* Including when applying for permission to change the status of residence

The Memorandum of Cooperation regarding specific skills with Vietnam stipulates that the Japanese side must confirm documents (recommender list) that show that the Vietnamese side has undergone the necessary procedures in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the country in various residence applications. I am.

▼ When newly accepting from Vietnam

Application for "Specific Skills" Certificate of Eligibility

in advanceDOLAB (Overseas Labor Administration Bureau, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, Vietnam)After receiving approval from the recommender, submit it along with other required documents to the Regional Immigration Office.


① Conclusion of a labor provision contract between the accepting organization and the sending organization <Procedure: Vietnam side>
The host organization applies for a worker provision contract to DOLAB through an accredited sending organization and receives approval.
② Conclusion of employment contract
The certified sending organization recruits human resources based on job information based on the worker provision contract concluded in ①, and the receiving organization receives the introduction of human resources from the sending organization and concludes an employment contract related to specific skills.
③ Application for issuance of recommender list (specific skill foreigner list) <Procedure: Vietnam side>
Applicants are approved by DOLAB through an accredited sending agency
 Form 1:
④ Application for issuance of Certificate of Eligibility <Procedure: Japanese side>
The host organization applies to the local immigration bureau for the issuance of a certificate of residence status for specific skills.
⑤ Application for visa issuance <Procedure: Japanese side>
The applicant presents the Certificate of Eligibility issued in (XNUMX) to the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam and applies for the issuance of a visa for a specific skill.
⑥ Entering and staying as a specified skilled foreigner <Procedures: Japanese side>
Applicants who have performed the above procedures will be permitted to land and will be granted a "specific skill" status of residence if they are found to meet the landing conditions as a result of the landing examination upon arrival in Japan.
 Authorized sending organization (Vietnam):

▼ When accepting people residing in Japan

"Specific skills" application for permission to change status of residence

in advanceEmbassy of Vietnam in JapanAfter receiving approval from the recommender, submit it along with other required documents to the Regional Immigration Office.


① Conclusion of employment contract
Conclude an employment contract for a specific skill between the applicant and the host organization
② Application for issuance of recommender list (specific skill foreigner list) <Procedure: Vietnam side>
The applicant, the host organization, the employment placement business, or the registration support organization will carry out the procedures at the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan.
Send the following documents to the Labor Management Department of the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan
  • ・ Recommended person table (specific skill foreigner table): Form 2
  • ・ Application form for granting a list of foreigners with specific skills (obtained from the Labor Management Department of the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan)
  • ・ A copy of your passport
  • ・ A copy of the resident's card (issued within the last 3 months)
  • ・ Reply envelope (with stamps for simple registered mail)
     (Status of residence: only for study abroad)
  • ・ A copy of the graduation certificate or certificate of completion
  • ・ A copy of the pass certificate of the proficiency test or a document certifying the pass
     (Status of residence: only for technical intern trainees)
  • ・ A copy of the certificate of completion of Technical Intern Training No. 2 or 3 or a document certifying the completion
     Form 2:
③ Application for permission to change residence status <Procedure: Japanese side>
The applicant applies to the local immigration bureau for permission to change the status of residence to "specific skills"
 Complete the procedure with permission to change your status of residence

▼ About the recommender list (specific skill foreigner list)

From April 2021, 4, the application for permission to change the status of residence from Vietnamese nationals residing in Japan for the time being is as follows.

Status of residenceStatusSubmission of recommender list
Status of residence: “Technical Intern Training”-必要
Residence status “Student”Those who have completed or are expected to complete a course of 2 years or more必要
Those who have completed or are expected to complete a course of less than 2 yearsMust not
 * It is necessary to submit documents (graduation certificate, etc.) certifying that the course has been completed or is expected to be completed for less than 2 years.
Currently enrolled in school or those who have dropped out of schoolMust not
 *You must submit documents proving that you are enrolled in the school (certificate of enrollment, etc.) or documents proving that you were enrolled (certificate of withdrawal, etc.)
Other than the above two-Must not

▼ Graduates of Technical Intern Training No. 2 can apply for specific skills without exam exemption.

Skilled training 2 graduates can apply for the status of residence of specific skills by exempting from Japanese language skills assessment exams.
However, the condition is that the field of application for specific skills and the field for which you have completed technical training are related.
For example, a foreigner applying for a specific skill in the field of agriculture must have completed technical intern training under the occupation name of "cultivation agriculture" or "livestock agriculture".

[Examples of occupations and fields eligible for technical intern training and specific skills transfer]

Job types and fields subject to transfer of skills training and specific skills

Source:About Ministry of Justice residence qualification "specific skill"


Labor Management Department, Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Japan
10-4 Motoyoyogicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo WACT Yoyogi-Uehara Building 2F
TEL: 03-3466-4324
MAIL: (Japanese available)

If you would like to know more, please refer to the following page.(All from the Immigration Services Agency website)

[Summary] There is a possibility that applications for specific skills will increase among Vietnamese technical intern trainees and international students.

Most of the Vietnamese people living in Japan are technical interns and foreign students.
Foreigners currently employed may wish to switch to a status of residence for certain skills.
In that case, understand the requirements required of the company or organization that is the receiving organization.

Also important is whether the foreigner has passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and the Skill Assessment Test.
If you are concerned about specific skills or would like support, we specialize in visa acquisition support.Climb Immigration Lawyer OfficePlease contact us.

[Vietnamese recommender form preparation and application: Request fee to our office]

Contents of requestTotal cost (including consumption tax)
Set with specific skills5,500 Yen
In the case of a single unit11,000 Yen

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