How to accept specific skills! Explain the flow of foreigner recruitment and the points to be noted [Introduction guide]

Employment of foreigners with specific skills

The declining birthrate has progressed, and "specific skills" of the new status of residence created as a measure to eliminate the labor shortage in the industry.

Operation started from 2019 Month of 4, and at the end of 4, the first accredited person who was transferred from technical intern was born.
In Japan, specific skill evaluation examinations in the lodging and restaurant sector have begun, and the actual situation has gradually been clarified.

On the other hand, some say that they do not know how to accept foreigners using a specific skills visa.

This time, for those in charge of such a company, I will explain the flow of acceptance and the points to be noted.
Please use this information as a reference when considering hiring with a specific skills residence status.

What is the status of residence for a specific skill? New Work Visa to Eliminate Industry Manpower Shortage

Specific skills are the new status of residence created in 2019 and 4 months.
It is a visa that allows foreigners to work in Japan, and the conditions required for foreign personnel are lower compared to other visas.
Foreign personnel who want to use specific skills need to pass the designated Japanese language proficiency and skill assessment exams. However, no academic background or work history is required.
Therefore, it is assumed that more foreign human resources will be able to work in Japan than before.

Companies that are eligible for the status of residence of a particular skill must belong to the designated 14 industry sector. In addition, the scope of work content that can be used is also fixed.
It is said that the application visa for work visas has been lowered.Not all jobs have access to a specific skills visa.

Specific skills are classified into 1 and 2, and there is a difference in the number of years of stay and the available industry fields.
Only the 2 types of "Construction" and "Shipbuilding / Shipbuilding Industry" can accept the specific skill 2, which has no fixed length of stay.
At the present time of 2019 and 6, it can not be said that the system of government acceptance itself is in place.
Therefore, with the acceptance of the specific skills 1 this time, I will explain the flow and points of attention below.

<Reference> For more details on specific skills, please also check the following.
"Status of residence What is "specific skills"? Thorough commentary on target industries, contents and application conditions"

5 Steps to Accept Foreign Human Resources with Specific Skills

The following 5 steps are required for companies to accept foreign human resources with status of residence for specific skills.

  • Step 1: Are industry and work content in the condition of specific skills?
  • Step 2: Consider recruiting foreign talent either abroad or domestically
  • Step 3: Have you passed the specific skill evaluation test and the Japanese language proficiency test?
  • Step 4: Do you meet the employment conditions required for the host company?
  • Step 5: Confirm the content and timing of the support plan for specific skills 1

The following explains each content in detail.

XNUM X steps

Step 1: Are industry and work content in the condition of specific skills?

The status of residence for a particular skill can not be used for any job.
The host company belongs to the industry designated by the Ministry of Justice, and only foreigners engaged in the designated scope of business can apply.

Therefore, first, let's check if the company falls under the designated industry field.

In addition, it is necessary to check whether the job content of the type of job you are considering for employment can use a specific skill visa.

■ Industrial fields of 1 that can accept specific skills 14

Field Expected number of people for 5 year Jurisdictional authority
Nursing care 60,000 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Building cleaning 37,000
Material processing industry 21,500 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Industrial machinery manufacturing industry 5,250
Electrical and electronic information related industries 4,700
construction 40,000 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Shipbuilding and shipbuilding industry 13,000
Car maintenance 7,000
aviation 2,200
宿 泊 22,000
Agriculture: 36,500 Ministry of Agriculture
Fishery: 9,000
Food and beverage manufacturing industry 34,000
Restaurant business 53,000

<Source: Ministry of Justice Brochure for host organization>

For example, in the field of restaurant business, besides restaurants and cafes, restaurants that carry out take-away and delivery restaurant services are also included.

However, "entertainment business", so-called cabarets and girls bars, which fall under the customs business 1 to 3, are not eligible for the specific skill visa.

Specific industrial sector recognizesIf you do not check the company's conditions and work details properly, it may also become clear that you were not eligible after applying..
Recruitment of foreign personnel takes time, such as preparation of required documents.
Please make sure to check this 2 point whether the host company itself is the subject of a specific skill or the content of work to be engaged.

<Reference> Please also see the following for details and business contents of the industrial field.
"Utilization of specific skill visas in the restaurant industry-commenting on application requirements, exam outline, and employment points"
"[Specific skills] How do you hire foreigners in the hotel business? Comment on visa requirements and exam content"

Step 2: Recruiting foreign talent is considered either overseas or domestic

The next thing to consider is whether to hire foreign talent from abroad or domestically.
The status of residence for a particular skill can be used in either case, whether you are calling from abroad or recruiting foreigners who are already in the country.

Possible cases of hiring specific skilled foreigners from within Japan

The following visa holders are assumed because foreigners already staying in Japan are eligible.

  • Study abroad
  • Family stay
  • Technical Internship

■ Case of studying abroad
You can come to Japan as a foreign student and apply for a status of residence for specific skills when foreigners who graduated from school get a job.

■ Case of family stay
International students who have worked part-time weekly for 28 hours and foreign employees with family residence visas can use the status of residence for specific skills when applying full-time.

■ Case of skill training
Many applicants are expected to move from technical training.
Those who have completed the skills training 2 can apply for the specific skills 1 with the Japanese language proficiency test and the technology evaluation exam exemption.

Skills training involves many tasks related to the task content of a specific skill.
If you are an 2 graduate student, the upper limit of the period you can stay even if you move to 3 is 2.
However, if you acquire a specific skill 1, you will be able to stay up to 5 years.
For companies, it can be said that the advantage is that they can continue to employ human resources who have grasped the work content.

For details about the job types targeted for transition to Skills Training 2,Material of Ministry of Justice (P. X NUM X Skills Training X NUM X Relationship between the job types targeted for migration and the field in the specific skills X NUM X)You can check on

Possible cases of hiring specific skilled foreigners from abroad

In the technical internship system, companies that already have a relationship with a local sending organization, or have a local corporation, are also expected to employ foreigners with status of residence of specific skills from abroad.

At that time, let's check the regulations of the country whether to intervene the local sending agency.

■ A sending agency is designated by the country
The Ministry of Justice has sequentially entered into bilateral agreements on specific skills with 9 countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines, which have received foreigners.
Some of them, like the Philippines, have decided that local recruitment always uses the local sending agency.
The bilateral agreement with Mongolia stipulates that the only authorized local sending agency is the Labor and Social Security Services General Office (GOLWS).
Depending on the country, it may be necessary to intermediate the local sending agency when receiving from overseas.
Please check in advance.

[1] P4

Step 3: Do you pass the specific skill evaluation test and Japanese language ability?

It is important to have an interview and be hired if the foreigner who is applying for specific skills has passed the designated exam.

Specific skills 1 must pass the designated Japanese language proficiency test and proficiency test except for those who have completed the technical intern 2.

The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test basically covers the following tests in all fields.
There are also areas where additional Japanese evaluation exams have been designated, such as nursing care.

  • 【Overseas】 The Japan Foundation Japanese Language Foundation Test
  • 【Domestic / Foreign】 Japanese Proficiency Test (NX NUMX or higher)

Skills assessment tests are set up for each industry sector.
2019 Year As of 6, the following 4 industries have been decided by the implementing organization or have already been tested for skills assessment.
Other industries will be announced on the website of the relevant Ministries at any time during preparation.

■ Implementation group of skills evaluation examination and industry field

Industrial field Skill evaluation examination conduct group 2019 year as of 6 month
Nursing care 2019 nursing skills
Evaluation test implementation company
(The details are Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website
Start in Japan / Philippines
Building cleaning Japan Building Maintenance Association Plan to start after autumn 2019
宿 泊 General corporate judicial person accommodation business skill examination center Start in Japan
Restaurant business Foreign Food Industry Skills Evaluation Organization Start in Japan

Ministry of JusticeQ & A pertaining to the status of residence "specific skills"According to this, it does not matter if the foreigner passes the Japanese Language Proficiency Test or the Skill Assessment Test at the time of employment.
There is no problem even if the hiring decision and the exam pass.
However, at the time of applying for the status of residence for a specific skill, you must have passed a given exam.

Step 4: Do you meet the employment conditions required for the host company?

There are certain conditions that the receiving company must meet to assess the status of residence of specific skills.
Among other things, please be aware of the following points when you sign an employment contract with a foreigner.

  • Working hours for which a specific skills visa is granted is full time only
  • Salary level is equal to or higher than Japanese who are in the same position
  • Equally apply social insurance, workers' compensation insurance and other welfare benefits
  • Arrange for foreigners to use when they want to get paid

The status of residence for certain skills can not be used for part-time or part-time jobs. It is necessary to meet the standard working hours of week 5 days, 30 hours or more.

In addition, salary level is an important point related to the examination. If there is no Japanese engaged in the same job, it will be judged based on the average value in the industry.

Social insurance, workers' compensation insurance, welfare benefits, etc. are applied as well as other Japanese.
You must not make a discriminatory response because you are a foreigner.

<Reference> Please also see the following regarding the conditions required of the host company.

"What is the receiving organization for specific skills? Standards and obligations to hire foreigners on specific skills visas"

Step 5: Confirm the content and timing of the support plan for specific skills 1

When hiring specific skills 1 foreigners, companies are obliged to implement appropriate support plans.

The support plan is to provide the necessary knowledge for daily life and duties so that foreigners can stay in Japan without any problems.
It starts with an explanation of working conditions, supports necessary procedures such as government offices, supports for securing appropriate housing, and airport transfer at the time of entry and exit.

Be sure to check what kind of support plan you need when you hire.
If you call from overseas, you may need guidance before entering the country.

If it is not possible for the host company to make a support plan, it is possible to outsource the implementation to a registration support organization.

<Reference> Please also see the following regarding the contents of the support plan and the registration support organization.
"What is a registration support organization? | Necessary requirements for registration and support plan contents for specific skills 1"

Summary: For acceptance, let's confirm the work content of a specific skill foreigner

It is a specific skill that is said to be easy to obtain a working visa, but the application has conditions that are required of the receiving company.
In addition, it is also important to check in advance whether the work to be engaged falls within the scope that a specific skill allows.
If you do not meet the conditions when you apply for a visa, companies and recruits will be wasted time and money.
The status of residence of specific skills has just started. There is also a part of groping what kind of work is recognized.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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