[Specific skills] How do you hire foreigners in the hotel business? Comment on visa requirements and exam content

Accommodation By utilizing the newly created status of residence "Specific Skills", employment opportunities for foreigners have been expanded in the accommodation industry such as hotels and inns.If you pass the exam, you will be able to work for up to 5 years regardless of your educational background or work experience. A specific skill visa will have a great impact on solving the labor shortage in the accommodation industry.Here, we will explain the points of hiring foreigners with specific skills in the accommodation industry and the contents of the Japanese language / skill evaluation test that foreigners take.  

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Background to accepting foreigners with specific skills in lodging business is the increase of foreigners visiting Japan and labor shortages

First, let's take a look at the current state of the accommodation industry.Behind the expansion of acceptance of foreigners is the demand for accommodation due to the increase in foreign visitors to Japan and the labor shortage due to the decrease in the working population.The government has set a goal of reaching 2020 million foreign visitors to Japan by 4000.As a matter of fact, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan is increasing year by year due to the growing demand for tourism for the Olympic Games.On the other hand, the government estimates that there is already a labor shortage of 3 people in the industry.This is still insufficient, even considering efforts to improve productivity through operational efficiency and IT, and to promote employment of women and the elderly. The number of foreign tourists visiting Japan in 2018 was 2 million, an increase of about 890 times compared to 2013.In the next five years, considering the increase in the number of travelers in the future10Inadequate laborIs expected to occur.In response to this labor shortage, the government will accept foreigners with specific skills for the next five years from the accommodation industry.210,000 X NUM XPeopleI decided.This number is the seventh largest in the 14 industrial fields that accept foreigners with specific skills.Acceptance is carried out under the jurisdiction of the Japan Tourism Agency of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.  

What is the scope of services allowed when hiring foreigners in hotel and hotel lodging businesses?

In the application for status of residence, the contents of work for foreigners areImportant point to decide permission / disapprovalis.If you do not fall under the specified business scope, your application may be disapproved, so please check in advance.Below, we will introduce the scope of work that is permitted in the accommodation industry.  

Recognized duties are front, plan, public information, customer service, restaurant service

The business of the accommodation business recognized by the status of residence of specific skills is the following business related to the provision of accommodation services.  
  • front
  • Planning and PR
  • Customer service
  • Restaurant service etc.
  In addition, sale of souvenirs in hall, check and exchange of hall equipment, etc.Do related work togetherThere is no problem.However, please note that it is not permitted to perform only related work.What are the benefits of a specific skill visa for the accommodation industry?The number of foreigners who can obtain work visas has expandedThat is the point.Let's compare the range of status of residence that you can work with so far and the specific skills in the table. [Previous status of residence and scope of application of specific skill visa]
Type of status of residence (Visa) front Planning and PR Customer service Restaurant service Remarks
Specific skills Educational background and work history  
business Administration × × × × Only managerial positions etc. involved in management are possible
Technology · Humanities · International work ×   × × Relevant educational or professional background is required.
skill   × × × Foreign food cooks can apply. Senior career.
  Until now, the only people who can obtain a work visa in the accommodation industry are professionals such as planning, public relations, and accounting who have a related educational background.Or it was limited to some, such as foreign cooks with skilled skills.With a specific skill visaEmployment of foreigners is possible with the position of field staffis.As a result, we will be able to respond to foreign visitors to Japan, such as by having front desk staff who can handle multiple languages.  

Accommodation that does not permit specific skill visas | Working in backpackers and love hotels

Even in the same hotel business, the type of inn business "Simple post office sales""Room salesThose that correspond to "can not hire specific skill foreigners.[1] P3 http://www.mlit.go.jp/common/001284808.pdf In addition, you cannot work at facilities such as love hotels that fall under the Customs Business Law.Businesses that employ foreigners can confirm this type of business.Permit of hotel and hotel salesIt is judged by whether you have acquired. [Business format to which the status of residence of a specific skill cannot be applied][2] https://www.mhlw.go.jp/bunya/kenkou/seikatsu-eisei04/03.html
  • Simple post office operation: A structure where many people share the accommodation, and an operation where facilities are provided (eg bed house, mountain hut, ski hut, youth hostel, capsule hotel)
  • Room sales: Sales to stay for a period of 1 months or more
  • When it corresponds to the "facility" specified in the Article 2 Article 6 Item 4 of the Sex Industry Act (Example: Love Hotel)
  In addition, as defined in Article 2 Article 3 of the Sex Sales ActReceptionCan not be performed by certain skilled foreigners.[3] P6 http://www.mlit.go.jp/common/001284808.pdf  

Requirements for Foreign Workers to Obtain Status of Residence for Specific Skills in the Accommodation Industry

Only specific skill No. 1 can be accepted in the accommodation industry.Unlike other workable statuses of residence, you are not required to have a specific educational background or work experience.The following three points are required of foreigners at the time of application.  
  • Being older than 18
  • Pass the prescribed Japanese language proficiency test
  • Passing the prescribed skill evaluation test
  In addition, although it is said that graduates of technical intern training No. 1 can transfer to specific skill No. 2 by exemption from the examination, as of 2019, technical intern trainees will not be accepted in the accommodation industry.Also, please note that foreigners who are staying in a specific activity (internship) cannot take the skill evaluation test introduced below.  

Contents of Japanese Exams and Technical Tests for Specific Skills 1 Required for Accommodation Business

We will explain the details of the Japanese exam and the proficiency test that you have to pass when applying for a specific skills visa for foreigners in the lodging business.  

Accepted Japanese Examination and Required Level

Japanese language ability is judged by the following 2 exams.
  • 【Overseas】 The Japan Foundation Japanese Language Foundation Test
  • 【Domestic / Foreign】 Japanese Proficiency Test (NX NUMX or higher)

With accommodation business skill measurement examination

For foreigners who wish to work in the Japanese accommodation industry, this exam is a test that measures whether they have the necessary knowledge for business from both writing and practical skills. General incorporated corporation accommodation skill examination centerHosted by  
Subjects Message Questions range
Department of test Mark sheet type for 60 Knowledge and skills pertaining to front desks for accommodation, planning and public relations, customer service, and restaurant services
Practical exam Judgment test by speaking about 5 minutes
  We have set a minimum line for each subject with a passing standard of 65% or more.Already, the first skill measurement test was conducted on April 1, 2019, and more than 4 foreigners have taken the test nationwide.The result will be announced on May 14th. [4]https://www.kankokeizai.com/外国人材特定技能、宿泊業のは初試験は4月国内7ヵ Foreigners who pass the JLPT / Accommodation Skills Measurement Test and have an employment contract with a business operator can apply for a status of residence for specific skills.  

Conducting body, date, and place of Japanese language examination and technical examination of accommodation work

Test name Implementer method Number of times Place
Japanese language proficiency test [Domestic] Independent administrative institution Japan Foundation mark sheet Conducted 2 times a year Each prefecture
【International】 Japan International Education Support Association 1 times to 2 times Confirm with the local implementation organization
The Japan Foundation Japanese Language Foundation Test Independent administrative agency Japan Foundation CBT method About 6 times, only overseas Confirm with the local implementation organization
Accommodation skill measurement test General corporate judicial person accommodation business skill examination center Writing, practical skills [Domestic] Three times a year [Overseas] Preparing In Japan, it will be implemented in Tokyo, Osaka and other areas
<Reference:General corporate judicial person accommodation business skill examination center>  

5 points to hire foreigners with specific skills in hotels and ryokans

In fact, there are points that companies and organizations that are accepting organizations should be aware of when foreigners are hired with specific skills status at a hotel or inn.  
  1. Employers join the council
  2. Direct employment only
  3. Employment contract is only permitted for full time staff
  4. The number of years of employment is up to 5 years
  5. Have an obligation to implement an appropriate support plan
  I will explain in detail below.  

Requirements for the business owner (host organization) of the hotel business

In addition to the requirements of the regular host institution, accommodation companies and organizations that accept specific skilled foreigners need to meet the following: Accommodation industry
  • Running inn business with permission of inn / hotel business
  • Joining a conference established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • Provide the necessary cooperation to the council
  Businesses that accept foreigners with specific skills for the first time must join the council within four months of the foreigner's entry into the country.For the council, please contact the following.Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Tourism Agency Tourism Industry Division Tourism Human Resources Policy Office Telephone 4-03-5253  

Recruitment of accommodation business is possible only direct employment, dispatch is not permitted

In the lodging industry, the employment of foreigners with specific skills is with hotels and ryokans.Direct contract onlyIt will be accepted.In the case of acceptance by dispatch, the status of residence of a specific skill cannot be used.  

Employment contract full-time: be aware of peak season fluctuations

Employment contracts with foreigners who apply for status of residence for specific skills have some points that companies must comply with.  
  • Specified working time is full time
  • That salary level is equal to or higher than Japanese engaged in the same duties
  • Do not unfairly discriminate on social insurance and workers' accidents because they are foreigners
  • To be able to get paid when returning home temporarily
  Above all, employment contractCertain skills visas can not be granted without full timePlease note in particular.The prescribed working hours must be at least 5 days a week and at least 30 hours.It is not possible to hire foreigners with specific skills during working hours such as part-time work and part-time work.  

Employment of certain skills 1 foreigners must not exceed 5 years

Specific Skill No. 1 There is an upper limit to the length of stay of foreigners.Only foreigners who use specific skills in the accommodation industry can be hiredUp to 5 years in totalis. After completing five years of employment, the foreigner must return to his / her home country or obtain an appropriate status of residence other than specific skills.If you are hiring a large number of foreigners, plan your hiring with a maximum of 5 years of stay.  

With the support plan that the host organization should carry out

When hiring a Foreigner with Specific Skill No. 1, the host organization must formulate and implement an appropriate support plan.The support plan required includes pre-immigration guidance, airport transfers, housing security support, and the provision of information necessary for work and life.These support plans areEmploying company is obligedIt must be done.  

We can use in such a situation! Case example of utilizing the status of residence of specific skills in the lodging industry

Lastly, we will introduce the case that is expected in the hotel business, under which circumstances it is possible to utilize the status of residence for specific skills.  

I would like to employ a multilingual staff at the hotel

With the 2020 Olympics coming up, the demand for multilingual support is increasing in tourist destinations.Being able to handle not only English but also languages ​​such as Spanish, Chinese, and Korean, which have many foreign visitors to Japan, is a great advantage for the accommodation industry.At hotels and inns where you want to hire foreigners who are fluent in languages ​​as front desk staff, you can utilize your status of residence with specific skills.  

I would like to invite staff working at overseas hotels of group companies to Japan

Special skill visas can also be used to attract foreigners from overseas.I would like to hire staff working at overseas local hotels of a group company at a hotel in Japan for several years.I would like to call in for a certain period of time for training.Specific skill visas are still available in these situations.  

We want to employ foreigners familiar with a specific country in public relations to attract foreigners visiting Japan

You can also use a specific skill visa to hire marketing staff for public relations and planning.When attracting foreigners from overseas, if there are foreigners who are familiar with the local situation, it is possible to plan more attractive package tours and devise advertising methods.  

Summary: The use of specific skills for the hotel industry is a chance to resolve labor shortages

The status of residence of a specific skill has a great advantage for businesses operating the accommodation business in that it can be used in the scope of work for which a workable visa could not be obtained.I would like to hire staff who can handle multiple languages ​​in preparation for the increasing number of foreign visitors to Japan.I would like to hire a part-time international student who works in the field as a full-time employee.I would like to hire local staff to attract customers from overseas.In these cases, you can take advantage of specific skills.However, when hiring foreigners with specific skills, we must not forget the obligations required of the host company.Make sure you understand the details of the employment contract and the implementation of the support plan before hiring.

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