What is the receiving organization for specific skills? Standards and obligations to hire foreigners on specific skills visas

What is the receiving organization of specific skills Founded in April 2019Specific skillsStatus of residence. Companies and organizations that employ foreigners are called “accepting institutions” and have the criteria to meet and the obligation to comply. If you are not aware of these rules, you may be denied permission to apply for a status of residence or your company may be subject to penalties. here,Specific skillsHere are some points that companies and organizations that employ foreign nationals with their residence status should be aware of.

Specific skillsIs the flow of? Receiving organization is a company/organization that employs foreigners.

First,Specific skillsLet's take note of the flow of accepting foreigners with the status of residence of. Specific skillsIs a residence permit that can be used to both attract foreigners from overseas and to hire them in Japan. In principle, there are no intermediaries like the supervising organization for the technical training system. It is basically a direct contract between a foreigner and the company/organization that accepts it. Like thisSpecific skillsCompanies and organizations that accept foreignersSpecific skillsInstitution). Leaflet for Ministry of Justice Hosting Organization <Source:Leaflet for Ministry of Justice Hosting Organization> Specific skillsThere are two important roles that will emerge in the acceptance of foreigners. one is,Host organization that employs foreignersOne more thing,Registration support agency that supports foreigners on behalf ofis. These two work together to create a smoothSpecific skillsThe realization of accepting foreigners isSpecific skillsThis is the flow of residence status.

The registration support organization is a partner who supports the receiving organization

The role of the registration support organization isSpecific skillsTo foreignersPlan and implement support plans on behalf ofIt is that. Specific skillsIn the framework ofSpecific skillsCompany No. 1 stipulates that companies should implement necessary support plans. The contents of the support plan range from guidance prior to entry to support necessary for daily life and work. Companies and organizations that do not have a track record of employment of foreigners may not be able to afford to implement a support plan. At that time, the registration support organization will appear. A registration support organization that meets the necessary requirements and has been notified by the Ministry of Justice will be entrusted by the company/organization that is the receiving organization to create and implement the support plan. The registration support organization is assumed to be an administrative scrivener, a cooperative, a supervising organization of the technical internship system, etc. with a track record of supporting foreigners.

Specific skillsHow do I become a visa accepting institution? Standards that companies must fulfill

What is the receiving organization of specific skills So how do you become a host organization? All companies and organizationsSpecific skillsNot all foreigners can receive it. The government prohibits malicious companies and brokers from exploiting foreigners. for that reason,Specific skillsTo hire a foreigner with a visa, a company must meet several criteria.

  • Specific skillsBelong to a field that accepts
  • Hosting organization has not violated the law in the past
  • We have a system in place to support foreigners

Each is explained in detail below.

Companies and organizationsSpecific skillsBelong to 14 fields that accept foreigners

Specific skillsThere are 14 areas in which you can use your residence status. The host organization must be one of the following categories:

Field Expected number of people for 5 year Jurisdictional authority
Nursing care 60,000 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Building cleaning 37,000
Material processing industry 21,500 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Industrial machinery manufacturing industry 5,250
Electrical and electronic information related industries 4,700
construction 40,000 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Shipbuilding and shipbuilding industry 13,000
Car maintenance 7,000
aviation 2,200
宿 泊 22,000
Agriculture: 36,500 Ministry of Agriculture
Fishery: 9,000
Food and beverage manufacturing industry 34,000
Restaurant business 53,000

<Source: Ministry of JusticeBrochure for host organization> AlsoSpecific skillsThe work that foreigners can engage in is also detailed for each field... For example, in the lodging industrySpecific skillsThe status of residence can only be used in the inn/hotel business category. You cannot use businesses such as capsule hotels and love hotels that correspond to the simple lodging business and the customs business law. For details, please check the website of the administrative agency that has jurisdiction for each field.

In the past did not violate the immigration and labor laws

It is also an important standard that the accepting organization, the company or organization, complies with the relevant laws and regulations. Specifically, it is a guideline that there have been no violations in immigration control laws, labor laws, social insurance laws, tax laws, etc. in the past 5 years. [Examples of standards required of receiving organizations] [1]

  • Comply with labor, social insurance and tax laws
  • Specific skillsDo not leave a worker who was doing the same job within one year from the date of signing the employment contract.


  • Specific skillsNo foreign missing persons are generated within one year from the date of signing the employment contract.
  • In the past 5 years, the practice certification has not been revoked based on the skills training method
  • In the past 5 years, there have been no impending non-payments, etc. to take out foreign passports, intimidation, assaults, threats violating entry and exit, labor laws, etc.

If a foreigner who has been employed in the past has disappeared, or if an employment form that violates the labor law has been seized, it may not be accepted as a receiving organization.

Specific skillsNo. 1 A system is in place to support foreigners

Specific skillsStatus of residence is divided into 1 and 2. Specific skillsFor No. 1 foreigners, the accepting organization is obliged to implement an appropriate support plan. [Specific skillsDifference between No. 1 and No. 2]

  Specific skills1 No. Specific skills2 No.
Japanese language proficiency test Necessary (However, skills internship 2 students are exempted) Must not
State of the art test Necessary (However, skills internship 2 students are exempted) 必要
Length of stay Maximum XNUM X years No limit
Family belt Improper Possible
Support plan Required Must not
Target industry 14 field of specific industry field Of the specified industrial fields, only the 2 type of "Construction" "Shipbuilding / Shipbuilding Industry"

At this time, an appropriate support system is required, such as having experience supporting foreigners and being able to communicate in the native language of foreigners. If it is difficult for the receiving organization to set up an appropriate system,By outsourcing work to a registration support organization, it is recognized that the necessary system is in place.

2 obligations that the receiving organization must follow

Finally, I will explain the 2 obligations that the host organization must follow. Specific skillsWhen hiring a foreigner with the status of residence, companies and groups must be aware ofMake an appropriate employment planWhen,Do not neglect necessary notificationis. Below is an explanation of what points must be observed.

Specific skillsCriteria for employment contracts with foreigners

Specific skillsWhen hiring foreigners, companies sign individual labor contracts. At this time, the employment contract must meet the following points.

• working time
Only full-time work is permitted.As a guide, 5 days a week, 30 hours or more. For part-time or part-time labor contracts,Specific skillsPlease be aware that you cannot apply for residence status of.

• Salary level
Engage in the same occupationSalary equal to or greater than JapaneseIt must be. In addition, it is important point not to be less than the minimum wage.

• Insurance, workers' compensation insurance and other benefits
Specific skillsFor foreigners who have acquired the residence status ofApply social insurance and workers' compensation insurance according to the same standards as Japaneseis needed. We must not make a discriminatory response on the grounds of being a foreigner, such as the welfare provided by a company.

• Get paid
When foreigners wish to return home temporarily, they need to be arranged to get the necessary paid.

The contents of such employment agreement will be checked when applying for status of residence. If the contract content does not meet the criteria, the status of residence may be deniedThere is also. Please confirm that you have an employment contract that meets the standards before applying.

Specific skillsNotification issued by the accepting organization after accepting a foreigner

Specific skillsThere are roughly two types of notifications that the receiving organization should submit to the Immigration Bureau after hiring a foreigner.

  • Occasional notification: Notification to be submitted when the content of the support plan has changed, etc. when the number of people accepted changes, new employment occurs
  • Periodic notification: Notification submitted 1 times in quarter

The important thing is regular notification. There are the following 3 types for periodic notification.

  • Notification pertaining to acceptance status: stated about the number of days of activities and work content for each foreigner employed
  • Notification of support implementation status:Specific skillsNo. 1 Content of support implementation for foreigners
  • Notification pertaining to the activity status: Notification about the payment status of remuneration, the number of employees leaving, the number of missing people, the participation status of social insurance, etc.

In either case, please bring or mail it to the Regional Immigration Bureau within 14 days from the first day of the next quarter. However, the “report regarding support implementation status” does not require a company or organization that outsources the implementation of the support plan to a registered support organization. The format of the notification form isMinistry of Justice websiteYou can download from.

Summary: Do not forget to fulfill the standards and accept the obligations of the receiving organization

All companies and organizationsSpecific skillsIt is not possible to employ foreign nationals with the residence status of. First, you need to belong to 14 acceptable disciplines. On top of that, comply with relevant laws and meet the standards of employment contracts,Specific skillsNo. 1 It is necessary to have a support system in place for foreigners. Companies/organizations that have not had a record of accepting foreigners in the past will be able to accept them smoothly by entrusting them to a registration support organization. In our company,Specific skillsWe also support companies that are considering accepting foreigners. Please feel free to contact us.

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