What is a registration support organization? | Necessary requirements for registration and support plan contents for specific skills 1

Status of residence of "specific skills" to accept new foreign personnel. In the new visa framework, the main pillars are the “host organization” that hires foreigners and the “registration support organization” that provides support for foreigners with specific skills XNUM. Here, an administrative scrivener who specializes in visa support will explain the role of registration support agencies and the required conditions.

【Specific Skills Registration Support Organization】


Registration support organization and position to support new status of residence "specific skills"

In the new visa “specific skills”, 2 “host organization” and “registration support organization” will be the center to accept foreign personnel.
The registration support organization takes on the role of entrusting the company / group that hires foreigners among them and carrying out the support plan for foreigners.
The flow of accepting foreign human resources is as follows.

Immigration Control Agency

<Source:Ministry of Justice "Emergency status" specific skills ">

• Host organization: A company or organization that employs a specific skilled foreigner
• Registration support organization: A company, organization or individual who implements a support plan for specific skilled foreigners on behalf of the host organization.

Necessary support from work and life is essential for smooth acceptance of foreign personnel.
The Ministry of Justice imposes an obligation on the receiving organization to provide assistance to foreigners.
The key to smooth acceptance is how a company can work with a registration support organization to implement a support plan.

Below, let's look at the role of the registration support organization and the contents of the required support plan.

What is the role of registration support agencies? Development and implementation of a support plan for specific skills 1

The role of the registration support organization is to carry out a support plan for foreigners of the specified skills 1, receiving a commission from the receiving organization.
Here, what is the specific skill 1? In addition, I will explain the contents of the required support plan.

Specific Skills 1 Foreigners | Explain the difference between 1 and 2 in a table

The new status of residence status “specific skills” is divided into two categories, 1 and 2.
The differences between the two are summarized in the following table.

Specific Skill 1 Specific Skill 2
Japanese language proficiency test Necessary (However, skills internship 2 students are exempted) Must not
State of the art test Necessary (However, skills internship 2 students are exempted) 必要
Length of stay Maximum XNUM X years No limit
Family belt Improper Possible
Support plan Required Must not
Target industry 14 field of specific industry field Of the specified industrial fields, only the 2 type of "Construction" "Shipbuilding / Shipbuilding Industry"


According to the commentary of the Ministry of Justice, the specific skill 1 is a foreigner who carries out work requiring "skills requiring a considerable degree of knowledge or experience in the relevant field", and the specific skill 2 is more than the 1 It is determined to require highly advanced skills.
The main difference between the application conditions is that the specific skills 1 must pass both the Japanese exam and the technical exam.
In addition, there are also restrictions on the family zone and the length of stay.

Acceptance starts with the specific skill 2019 when the specific skill visa of 4 year 1 starts.
In addition, companies and organizations that accept specific skills 1 foreign personnel must implement a support plan.

Preparation and implementation of the support plan is the duty of the receiving organization (company)

The purpose of the support plan is to help foreign personnel enter Japan smoothly, understand their role in work and live in Japan without delay.
The Ministry of Justice's “Operation Guidelines for Accepting Specific Skilled Foreigners” provides the following contents for support plans.

[Contents of support plan]

Overview Details
Implementation of prior guidance Explanation of employment contract details, matters necessary for entry, and residence conditions. Other than face-to-face, videophone calls are also permitted.
Airport transfer at the time of immigration We will pick you up at the airport at the time of entry and transfer to the office and residence, and transfer at the airport upon return.
Support for securing appropriate housing Providing company housing, becoming a guarantor
Contract support necessary for life Bank account commentary, mobile phone contract
Life orientation after entry   In order to be able to live in Japan smoothly, Japanese rules and manners training, provision of necessary information such as hospitals and public offices, and explanations about disaster response. We will carry out in face-to-face contact
Accompanying public procedures If necessary, you will be accompanied by documents / documentation assistance to procedures at public offices such as social security and taxes.
Supporting Japanese language learning necessary for life Admission guidance for Japanese language classes, provision of information on Japanese language learning materials, etc. Support is planned for each Japanese language proficiency. It is optional whether the company or registration support organization bears the cost of learning Japanese.
Consultation on daily life and social life Accept complaints / consultations at work or life in a language that foreigners can understand
Exchange promotion support with Japanese people We encourage participation in residents' association and guide place of interchange with local resident
Support for career change Helping to find a place to work when creating a job for company reasons, create a letter of recommendation
Conducting regular interviews The person in charge of support regularly interviews with foreigners, and if there is any violation of the labor law, notify the administrative organization

P5 http://www.moj.go.jp/content/001293198.pdf

Implementation of these support plans is the duty of the receiving organization. You must do it.
In addition, companies and organizations that accept Specific Skills 1 need to submit the following notification.


[Report necessary for support plan enforcement of specific skill 1 foreigner]

notification Message Necessary timing
1 specific skills foreigner support plan We described necessary support plan to establish in operation summary When applying for the status of residence of the said foreigner, submitted to the Regional Entry-exit Residence Administration Bureau
Report on the implementation status of the 1 specific skills foreigner support program Documents to clarify the implementation situation  Submit 1 times a quarter.


The receiving organization can delegate the preparation and implementation of the support plan to the registration support organization

【Specific Skills Registration Support Organization】

Accepting organizations of companies and organizations that employ specific skilled foreigners can outsource the creation and implementation of these support plans to the registration support organization.
The registration support organization is a notification system, and only companies, organizations, and individuals who meet the requirements can receive a support plan consignment.
As a rule, we will entrust all support plans to the 1 registration support agencies.
When allocating to multiple registration support agencies, the receiving agency (the company that employs foreigners) itself must meet the requirements of the registration support agency.
In addition, it is prohibited for the entrusted registration support organization to further outsource its work to another organization.

Conditions and registration method to become a registration support organization

In order to become a registration support organization, notify the Immigration Control Agency of Japan after meeting the registration requirements.
The following is a detailed introduction to registration requirements and how to apply.

XNUM X registration requirements to become a registration support organization

When filing a registration support organization, the following 6 requirements must be met.

1. A person in charge of support and 1 or more support personnel

2. Have any of the following acceptance experience and experience in consulting with foreigners
a) Individuals or organizations have received medium- and long-term resident foreigners who have been eligible for employment within 2 years
b) Individuals or groups have experience in consulting services for foreigners within 2 years
c) The person in charge of support and the person in charge of support has been engaged in life counseling services for mid-to-long-term resident foreigners with work qualifications over 5 years within the past 2
d) In addition to the above, it is recognized that support work can be appropriately implemented to the same extent as these.

3. A support system in a language that foreigners can understand

4. 1 Not having caused the missing of a specific skill foreigner or a technical interns by reason to be blamed within the year

5. Don't let foreigners directly or indirectly bear the cost of support

6. 5 has not made any illegal or significant unfair acts with regard to immigration or labor regulations within the year

In the past, groups and individuals who have experience in life consulting services for foreigners staying with workable visas such as "management / management" or "technology / humanistic knowledge / international operations" are assumed.
Foreign support for short stays such as travel can not be counted as a requirement, as it is defined as a long-term resident.

From these requirements, it is assumed that administrative scriveners who provide visa support to foreigners, and supervisory groups and cooperatives that accept technical interns, meet the standards of registration support agencies.

Application method of registration support organization

Applications for registration support agencies are accepted at the regional entry and departure residence administration.
[Documents necessary for application]

Registration Support Organization Registration Application Download from Ministry of Justice site
Proof material
(Download the list and form from the Ministry of Justice site)
 1. Entry certificate
2. Copy of resident's card
3. Copy of articles of incorporation or donations
4. Copy of resident's card of officer
5. Pledge concerning officers of specific skill organization
6. Registration Support Agency Brief
7. Registration Support Organization Pledge
8. Copy of consent statement and pledge of support officer
 9. The responsible person's resume
10. Copy of consent statement and pledge of support person in charge
11. Support person's resume
Fee payment notice We attach income stamp of application fee to designated style
Reply envelope What specified the address on a standard envelope and attached a stamp for 392 yen

<Reference:Application for registration of Ministry of Justice registration support organization>

【Application fee】
28,400 Yen

【Period for application】
About 2 month

【Application method】
Post or submit at the window

【Deadline of registration】
Renewal every 5

Registration support agencies are published on the Ministry of Justice website

The registration support organization whose notification has been accepted isMinistry of Justice websiteIt is published in.
2019 Year 4 Month The first registration registered on 26 was announced.
There are 3 administrative scriveners who apply for residence status, 5 groups that have experience of accepting foreigners such as cooperatives, etc., and a total of 8 are registered.
It will be added one by one in the future.

Frequently asked questions of registration support agencies | Can recruitment agencies and supervisory groups register?

Lastly, I will introduce the answers extracted from the Ministry of Justice regarding frequently asked questions of registration support agencies. Please refer to those who are considering the notification to the registration support organization and the consignment of the support plan.

"Can the person in charge of the support and the person in charge of the support be concurrently employed?"

It is possible to hold a double post.

"Can the supervising body of the technical training system automatically become a registration support organization?"

Even a supervisory body or cooperative that has received foreigners must meet the requirements of the registration support organization. It is also necessary to notify the Immigration Bureau.

"What happens if a company that generates missing foreigners creates another company?"

According to the requirements of the registration support organization, missing persons such as technical interns have not been generated within the past 1 years.
If you create another company to cheat the compliance criteria, it may be determined that they are substantially the same institution.

<Source:Q & A regarding the status of residence "Specific Skills" of the Ministry of Justice>

Summary: Smooth cooperation between the company of the receiving organization and the registration support organization is the key

When accepting foreigners with specific skills, it is the responsibility of the accepting company / organization to implement a support plan for the specific skills 1.
If you are small and you can not afford support or you have not hired a foreigner in the past, you can ask a registration support organization to implement a support plan.
Hiring certain skilled foreigners without understanding the obligations of the host organization may cause problems.
Let the company understand the contents of the support plan well, and cooperate with the registration support organization to realize smooth acceptance if it is difficult.
It is possible that a supervising organization or cooperative that has a track record in the technical training system has the know-how to become a registration support organization.
However, please be aware that you will not be able to engage in foreigners with specific skills as a registration support organization without notification even in that case.