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"Visa Application NAVI Terms of Use" (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") is a meaningful and meaningful information service "Visa Application" on the Internet operated by the administrative scrivener corporation Climb (hereinafter referred to as "our company"). These are the terms of use for comfortable use.
All customers who use this service (hereinafter referred to as "users") shall read this agreement carefully and agree to the full text of these Terms and shall use this service.

Please be aware that all customers who use this service will be deemed to have accepted all contents of this agreement by using this service.


1. "This service" means the information provision service "Visa application NAVI" on the Internet provided by the Company through this site (defined in paragraph XNUMX of this article) and all services incidental to or related to this. ..

2. "This site" means the site (URL: operated by the Company to provide this service.

3. "Publisher" means a corporation, individual, or organization that can deal with problems relating to licensing applications that post information on himself to this site.


This site ( is a website that is managed and operated by administrative scrivener corporation Climb (Company), and group companies including the Company provide information. Please read the following notes before using this site, please use after understanding.
Please note that group companies including the Company may change the terms of use of this website without prior notice.

About the link and address description to this site

The link to this site and the description of the address are free in principle, but it is strictly prohibited to describe the link and address from the site corresponding to or below the site below.
It is applicable not only to internet sites and e-mail magazines, but also to all media including paper media such as newspapers, magazines, leaflets, and radio, television, signage and other media.

  • Adult content, media contrary to public order and morality
  • Medium including content intended to slander or lose credibility of our office
  • Medium containing content that infringes the rights (copyrights, trademark rights, privacy rights etc) of stakeholders such as lawyers and judicial scrivener of our office
  • Media containing content that can be misunderstood as having business alliance with our office
  • Medium containing content that violates other laws and regulations

Tips and notes

Third party sites and other media that describe links and addresses from this site or to this site are not managed by our office. Our office is not responsible for any damage suffered by using these sites.
Content and URL of this site may be changed or deleted without notice. Please note.
This use condition is subject to change without notice. Please note.
In the event of adverse effects such as loss of credibility to our office due to the link to this site and the address, we will request the person who listed link and address to take appropriate measures.

About copyright and immunity

The copyright of all content such as sentences, trademarks, images, designs, etc. that are published on this site belongs to administrative scrivener corporation Climb. Any use without permission by any means such as use, diversion, copying, transmission of contents is prohibited at all.
In addition, our office will not make any warranty on the contents of any contents published on this site.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this site.
In addition, regardless of the reasons, regardless of the reasons for any damage or the like caused in connection with the use, use, downloading etc. of the information / materials posted on this site, each group company including the Company is responsible not.

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