If a foreign student works part-time for delivery at Uber Suites, will he become [illegal employment]?


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Uber Eats confirms proof of residence face-to-face for foreigners Prevention of illegal employment

On December 2020, 12, Kyodo News delivered the following contents.

According to the Immigration Bureau of Japan, Uber's delivery staff are not hourly part-time workers, but sole proprietors who earn money for each delivery.Foreigners with a status of residence who are not allowed to work, such as international students, are required to work as delivery staff after obtaining the "individual permit" of "non-qualified activities".Without permission, you will be in violation of the Immigration Refugee Law (out-of-qualification activities).Uber said in an interview, "We are reviewing the registration procedure for delivery partners with foreign nationalities and are informing them of the necessary procedures."

To put it simply, "If an international student wants to work part-time for delivery at Uber Suites, he / she will be illegally employed unless he / she obtains an" individual permit "among the permit for activities outside the qualification."

Uber can't encourage illegal labor as a company, so you started to check if foreign delivery personnel have the proper qualifications.

"Out-of-qualification activities" are the permits required to carry out activities other than those permitted by the foreigner's visa.Many people may know so far.But what exactly is "individual permission" here?

There are two types of non-qualified activity permits: "comprehensive permits" and "individual permits".

According to the Immigration website, if you want to do "non-qualified activities" (part-time job), there are two types of part-time jobs, and you need to obtain permission according to the type.

[XNUMX] Comprehensive permit(Operates within 1 hours per weekIf you do)

With "Comprehensive Permit", the employer, location, business content, etc. of the part-time job are not specified in advance at the time of application.However, "I will work part-time with the contents permitted by the permission for activities outside the qualification" (including pachinko and mahjong stores)Engagement in customs business is prohibitedThe rule that has been done) must be observed.

There are also rules regarding uptime.In the case of a comprehensive permit, the principle is "do not exceed 28 hours per week".If you work part-time on an hourly basis, it is clear whether you are observing this condition.Therefore, it is subject to a comprehensive permit.


[②Individual permission(Comprehensive permitActivities outside the scopeWhen engaging in)

However, what about the "part-time job of delivering Uber sweets" that was a problem in the article introduced at the beginning?

For Uber Eats delivery, you will be charged a part-time job in units of "¥ XNUMX per delivery".Delivery time =Contract details that allow you to receive salary regardless of operating hours.

Then, it deviates from the regulation of operating hours stipulated in the comprehensive permit of ①.

Like this"Individual permission" is required for "when engaging in activities where it is difficult to objectively confirm the activity time"is.Since the part-time job destination is clarified and the permission of the part-time job is obtained individually, it is called "individual permission".

"I work part-time without an individual permit, even though I need an individual permit"Illegal workIt will be.

Other activities that require individual permission include:

[Example of those who are subject to individual permission]

・ When an international student engages in an internship for the purpose of work experience and engages in non-qualified activities exceeding 28 hours a week

・ When a "professor" with a status of residence working at a university works as a language instructor at a private company

(When conducting activities that correspond to the status of residence of "Technology / Humanities / International Services")

・ When working as a sole proprietor

reference:Immigration Bureau of Japan HP

How to apply to obtain "individual permission" for activities outside the status of qualification?

 In order to obtain an "individual permit", apply for the local immigration bureau that has jurisdiction over your place of residence with the application form and necessary documents.

[Application form]

 The application form is the same regardless of the visa you have.

 ⇒ You can download the application form pdf from the Immigration Bureau.


Next, about the required documents.

Required documents vary depending on the applicant's status of residence and type of permitPlease note that it is a thing.

Here, we will introduce the necessary documents when operating with a "study abroad" status of residence and a "business consignment contract" or "contract contract".

【 Required documents 】

The following two documents are required for individual permission when working part-time under a "contract contract".

1. Application form (You can download it from the above URL)

2. About the contents of the contractDocument to explain(Arbitrary style)


 The application form is not that difficult, just fill in the required information.

 Then, what about XNUMX "Documents explaining the contents of the contract (arbitrary form)"?

 Since the writing style has not been decided, you may be in trouble asking "what should I write?"The next section will show you how to write this description.

How should I write the explanation required to apply for an individual permit?

If you are a foreigner and you are reading this article, you may be in trouble because you don't know how to write this "text explaining the contract".This sentence should be written as follows.

[Contents of "Document explaining contract details"]

・ Name (company name) and location of the contracting employer

・ What kind of work is it?

・ Amount of compensation for each job

・ How long does the applicant work part-time a week?

While touching on these contents, he explains, "Because it is not an hourly wage, an individual permit is required instead of a comprehensive permit."

Attention ↓

For individual permits, if you change your part-time job, you will have to obtain another permit for activities outside the status of qualification. "Individual permission" means that permission is given to each part-time job destination, soI have to reapply every time my part-time job changesIt is

What do you do when you are in trouble, "I can't write the explanation myself"?

If you are applying to obtain an "individual permit" for a permit for activities outside the status of qualification, and you cannot write a "document explaining the contract details" or you are in trouble, please contact the administrative scrivener corporation Climb.

Climb, an administrative scrivener corporation, will assist you in applying for permission to engage in activities outside your qualifications.

[Application fee for activities outside the qualification]

11,000 yen (tax included) each time

* You can apply for a comprehensive permit and an individual permit at the same time.

 Even if you apply at the same time, the fee is the same

* Even if you get an "individual permit" once, you need to apply each time the part-time job changes.

If you can't speak Japanese well, don't worry.We will help you with your application in English, Chinese and Vietnamese.

 Please feel free to contact us.





■ The person who wrote this article ■

Takashi Moriyama

Representative of administrative scrivener corporation Climb.Specialized in international business from the time of establishment.The number of visa applications for foreigners is about 1,000 per year, and we are confident in our high permit rate and abundant know-how.He has a deep understanding of the actual immigration affairs and is also in charge of advisory employment for foreigners to companies.

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