Request for a survey on Japanese foreigner work visas

Administrative scrivener corporation Climb targets Vietnamese"Awareness Survey on Japanese Foreign Employment Visas"Was carried out.

This survey is conducted on our Facebook page "Benri.pressI asked questions such as knowledge about working visas and preferred industries.
"" is in two languages, Vietnamese and Japanese, and introduces life information and useful information to make life in Japan convenient.
As of the end of March 2020, 3 people, mainly Vietnamese, have registered.

■ Survey outline

Name: Japanese foreigner work visa awareness survey
Implementation period: March 2020
Target: Vietnamese
Number of people surveyed: 78 (23 men, 45 women)
Survey age: Teens to 10s (30s: 10 people, 10s: 20 people, 65s: 30 people)
Survey method: Internet (Questionnaire on Facebook operated by the company)

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