List of family visas

Here are the types of family visas.

Types of family visas


Family visa visa

A family residence visa is a visa for calling a foreign family residing in Japan to Japan. Many people get a visa when they get married (registered).

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Visa for Japanese spouse etc.

A Japanese spouse visa is a visa for a spouse (wife / husband) who married (registered) with a Japanese person, a Japanese child, or a specially adopted child to live in Japan.

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Permanent resident visa


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Long-term Resident Visa

A settlers visa is a person who, under consideration of special reasons by the Minister of Justice, approves residence by designating a certain period of stay.
Unlike permanent resident, the period of stay is 3 year or 1 year, renewal after qualification income is necessary.

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Marriage visa

If you are applying for a visa for marriage (enrollment), the type of visa you apply for will change depending on the situation. First, check which visa you should apply for.

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