The administrative scrivener corporation Climb receives many questions and consultations regarding visa applications. In particular, we introduce items that have a lot of questions, such as status of residence and application documents. If you are worried about applying for a visa, please refer to it.

Q & A Status of residence in general (household, status, permanent residence, naturalization)

My wife is an international student, I am a residence qualification for my family stay. My wife graduated from college and because I was not able to find a job, I switched to a job visa for job hunting. Can I stay in Japan?
Since your status of residence will be for your family, you can stay in Japan without problems.
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My husband sets up a company in Japan and applies for a visa. Can I go to Japan with my wife as well?
Yes. You can apply for a visa for family stay. If you are entering the country at the same time as your husband who is a dependent, please be aware that "signature seal of the employee's business representative etc" will be required in the signature column of the dependent.
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Although I am a permanent resident, I would like to invite my parents in my home country. Is there a way to call it to Japan?
In the current system, there is no visa corresponding to "calling parents to Japan". However, there is a possibility to call if there are no families in home country and some conditions such as elderly are satisfied.
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I am working as a training visa, but I married a Japanese person who had a relationship for 2 years. I'd like to continue living in Japan, but can I switch to a Japanese spouse visa?
You can apply, but it is very difficult to get approved. Once you return to your home country and apply for a Certificate of Eligibility, it is highly likely that your husband will call on your wife afterwards. A training visa is a visa that allows foreigners to acquire Japanese technology, skills, and knowledge at a Japanese company and bring back the skills and knowledge they have acquired. Therefore, long-term stays in Japan, such as changing to a Japanese spouse visa, are often not allowed.
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I am married to a Japanese. Can I bring my child in my home country to Japan?
Yes, but the type of status of residence depends on the age of the child. If your child is a minor and needs help, you can call him a "Resident" resident. A minor in this case is not 20 years old. Generally, it is often treated as "a minor until graduation from high school in the home country"
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Currently my father is working in Japan and I stay in Japan with my residence status as a family stay. I would like to call a spouse in my country, what should I do?
The principal can not call it with the status of residence of a family stay. There is a possibility that it can be resolved by switching to a status of residence of employment.
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I'm Chinese. Married a Japanese and filed a marriage registration in Japan. I want to change the status of residence to a Japanese spouse. Do I need to get married in China?
Please do procedures on the Chinese side if possible. It is because we will submit a Chinese marriage certificate to Immigration Bureau upon application. If the procedure is difficult, the Chinese marriage certificate is not required, but you need to explain why you are not doing the procedure.
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What is the difference between permanent residence and naturalization?
Permanent residence means "the right to live in Japan as a foreigner while maintaining your nationality." Naturalization means "acquiring Japanese nationality and living the rest of the country as a Japanese."
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I heard that it is impossible to apply for permanent residence application if there is no period of stay of more than 3 years, is it true?
It was so until now, but now I can apply even from the period of stay 1. However, it is often difficult for people who do not have a period of stay of more than 3 years from immigration to obtain a permanent residence permit.
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Can I apply for permanent residence with the status of residence of my family stay?
Although you can not apply for permanent residence under the status of residence of your family stay. However, when the main body (supporter) makes a permanent residence application, it can be submitted together. In this case the requirement is marriage with dependents 3 years or more, staying in Japan 1 years or more.
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I have a box office visa for 3 years. I would like to apply for permanent residence, but please let me know the requirements.
(1) Good behavior: Complying with the law and running a lifestyle that is not criticized as a resident even in daily life. (2) Having sufficient assets or skills to run an independent livelihood: To be a public burden in daily life and to be expected to have a stable life in the future in view of the assets or skills it has. (3) The permanent residence of the person is deemed to be in the interests of Japan: a. As a general rule, stay in Japan for more than 10 years. However, during this period, it is necessary to continue to reside for at least 5 years with working or residence qualifications. b. You have not been fined or sentenced to jail. Fulfilling public obligations such as tax payment obligations. c. At the time of application, you must have a 3-year box office visa
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How long is the permanent residence examination period?
The current standard examination period is 10 months, but it depends on the application case, busy season of immigration or examiner.
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My husband made naturalized. Currently it is a status of residence for staying in a family, can you apply for permanent residence?
You can not do it as it is. First, change the status of residence to Japanese spouse, then apply for permanent residence. As a requirement, marriage with her husband 3 years or more, staying in Japan is over 1 years.
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I want to apply for naturalization. Please tell me the necessary documents.
We do not know the documents to gather unless we hear and confirm the situation of the applicant for naturalization application. Please tell us your story at the meeting.
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Can Japanese proficiency be asked for underage naturalization application?
If you are 15 years old or older you will be required to have Japanese proficiency.
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Currently Taiwanese citizenship, if you acquire Japanese citizenship will you become a dual citizen?
While dual citizenship is allowed in Taiwan, dual citizenship is basically not allowed in Japan. In order to be naturalized, you must apply to the Legal Affairs Bureau and obtain permission for naturalization from the Minister of Justice. Naturalization means you lose your nationality. Naturalization differs from permanent residency in that it involves the loss of nationality or not. Therefore, it is necessary to consider "Can I lose my nationality?"
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I am a Vietnamese. I'd like to apply for naturalization application, but I could not acquire the necessary document "nationality certificate". What should I do now.
If your parents come to Japan as refugees, you will not be able to obtain a "nationality certificate" for the child.Instead, you can obtain replacement documents at the following locations:Asia Welfare and Education Foundation Refugee Business Headquarters/Certificate of Settlement Record or/Certificate of Refugee Recognition
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Can I change my job while applying for naturalization?
Although it is possible to change jobs, it is necessary to report the change to the Legal Affairs Bureau and submit a certificate of the new company.
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Q & A Status of residence in general (engineer country / general employment)

I am currently a foreign student and I am going to change my status of residence as I got a job search, but what kind of documents do I need to prepare for my company?
Documents to be submitted will differ depending on the company, but please prepare a statutory report total table when you are employed in a company that is not a listed company. Documents to be submitted will change based on the statutory report total table.
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I am applying for a change from a study visa to a work visa. I was working part-time by taking permission outside the status of qualification but I wonder if I can continue during application?
There is no problem as long as the period of stay remains. Also, even if there is no time limit, 2 months can still work as usual.
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It is not a juridical person, but a private business owner does not have a registry certificate. Are there any documents to be substituted?
In the case of a sole proprietor, we will submit a "Notification Form for Establishment of Salary Payment Offices etc." instead of a Registration Certificate.
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Is there a regular hourly pay rate system?
There is. (Check with Shinjuku Labor Standards Inspection Office)
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The job title has been decided, what will happen to the visa during the period from job titles to joining the company?
It is necessary to change to a specific activity of job offer waiting. The required documents are as follows. ・ Documents that have the ability to cover all expenses during your stay. ・ Documents that allow you to confirm the fact of a job offer from a job offerer and the date of the job offer. Materials that can be used to confirm the details of the training to be conducted (only when there is an applicable activity)
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I would like to apply for a work visa at working holiday visa. Do you require an educational background?
Bachelor 's degree in the home country, graduating from a vocational school in Japan, a national license and work experience, or work history of 3 years or more and its certificate documents. You will be asked for requirements on applicant's educational background and work experience.
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In working holiday visa, it was said that work visa application is impossible under the work content "company's factory product production line". What kind of work can you apply for a work visa, can you increase the success rate?
You need to be in a business that requires specialized knowledge and skills. The most common is the visa for "Technology / Humanities / International Business". In the case of this visa, the following business applies. ・ Technical sciences: IT engineers, architects, instrument design, drug development, etc. ・ Humanities knowledge: finance, trade, accounting, etc. ・ International work: translation / interpretation, language lecturers, designers, etc.
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Q & A Status of Residence (Business / Management)

Can foreigners who do not have a bank account in Japan establish a company?
It depends on the shape of the company. When establishing a stock company, a Bank of Japan account is required. If you are a limited liability company, you can establish a company without a bank account in Japan.
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There is a document required for the notification of antique shops, there is what is called "identification card" issued by the government office, but can you get it even by a foreigner?
Foreign nationals can not acquire. Instead, it may be a good idea to submit a residence card with the status of residence, the number of the residence card, and the nationality.
I am considering changing the status of residence of management management by establishing a company in Japan. Is the project plan just fine?
I think that it would be better for business plans to have specific details such as suppliers and personnel plans such as vendors and sales partners that are planned.
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I am staying at an advanced profession. I would like to establish my own company apart from the company I work for, is it possible?
Yes. It is possible. However, there are "to continue the current company" and "need to be a business related to the current occupation".
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I run a limited company. I would like to change the representative sign of the company, what should I do?
Push the new representative seal to (Note 1) of the seal (seal) seal (Note) and press the representative's representative of (Note 3). I will submit a seal stamp certificate obtained at the ward office etc. attached.
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Is there a capital requirement?
The person who applies for business management is to invest more than 9 percent and 500 ten thousand yen.
I am a Chinese who is considering setting up a company. The name of the current residence card is in alphabetical notation. I would like to put a name in the company establishment document by writing in kanji, what should I do?
I will offer a kanji inscription on immigration and put a name in the kanji notation on the residence card. Having a residence card written in kanji, go to the municipal office of the municipal office and ask him to issue a seal imprint certificate.
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I heard from a friend, but first get 4 monthly business management visa → get the Bank of Japan account → afterwards, can we establish a company?
The meaning of the management management visa for 4 months is that "I will give you a business management visa for the time being 4 for the time being, so please prepare for the establishment of the company in the meantime". However, even if you prove that you are preparing for the establishment of the company in fact, from the immigration point, it often happens that the plunge is entered, "Are you not registering the company?" "How about securing the office?" If you have prepared collaborators in Japan, you can proceed from the beginning with the aim of obtaining business management visas for 1 year.
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What happens if you are not doing procedures such as renewing contracts, relocating or company liquidation?
Continued use of the office address without renewing the contract is a violation of the law. The representative of the company can no longer enter Japan, and in the worst case it may be a trial.

Q & A Application form items / general application / notification

What is the place of residence in the home country of the application form?
It is a place to stay when you return to the country. Example: homebirth
Do you state the relationship of relatives to the field of relatives in Japan in the application form?
Parents brothers are fine. It is okay not to mention cousins, cousins, etc.
I am sharing the room, will you fill in the colleagues' field in the application form?
Yes. I will fill in as a living person. Write office / school name and residence card number.
Currently I am an international student attending a Japanese language school. I am in college but I found a job. How would you describe the final academic background of the application form?
Please describe the school you graduated. It is necessary to submit documents certifying graduation.
Is the final academic record of the application, but will you write the school that graduated at the end?
In that person's educational background, the graduation history of the highest level educational institution is called "final academic background" (graduate school etc). In other words, attention is required because the school that graduated last may not be the final academic record.
There is a column to write the number of foreign employees in the application form, but are technical participants included in foreign employees?
Technical interns are not included. We will target foreign employees to those who have an employment contract.
Is the signature written in the application form a signature?
Please give me an alphabetical notation stated on the residence card or passport.
I worked in a work visa but I quit my job. Do I need to file a notification?
Yes. You must notify the Immigration Bureau within two weeks of leaving work. It is also important to note that if you stay in the relevant employment activity / work for 2 months or longer, you will be able to cancel your work visa.
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Is an envelope to be submitted when applying for a Certificate of Eligibility for a Status of Residence, but is it necessary for 3 people to apply for simultaneous 1 name application at the same company?
For simultaneous applications with the same company, 5 names are OK with 1 names.
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I would like to include the address of the company as a recipient of the postcard for the result notification to be issued when applying for a work visa, is it okay?
Please describe your company's address and submit a document stating that you want to make the receiver a company. However, we can not accept receipt unless you are yourself.
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It is a family stay visa. I am working part-time, but will I need the procedure of permission to allow part-time job at the time of visa renewal (application for permission to work outside the status of qualification) again?
Although it is necessary, there is no need for "documents that clarify the contents of the activities (working conditions statement, etc.)" listed in the required documents. You can apply by submitting "Application for permission to engage in activities other than that permitted" and passport, residence card.
I have permission to work outside the status of qualification but I am not currently working part-time. When applying for renewal of a status of residence, should you do 0 for activities outside your status of residence?
Yes. I say "I am not working part-time now" as ○.
Currently I am changing the visa. What if my address changes during that?
1. Send a document to the Immigration Bureau's examination department with the date of application ② Application number ③ Name ④ New address. 2. At the municipal office, move in and out.
Regarding the statutory document total stamp of the withholding slip, in the case of electronic filing, if there is an electronic filed Hanko, does not it need a mail detail page?
Even if you do not have e-mail details, there is no problem if you have pushed Electronic Declared Hanko in the legal document total token of the withholding slip.
When is the earliest visa renewable?
Visa renewal can be applied from 3 months ago on the expiration date.

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