Marriage visa

Do you have any problems like this ?
I want to call my spouse and children to Japan!
I don't know what kind of visa I should get
I would like to call it to Japan, but checking the application documents ......
Variety and uneasiness as to whether to apply properly ......

Type of marriage visa

▼ Family stay

Marriage (enrollment) between non-Japanese people,Technology · Humanities · International business visa,Management · management visa,Skill visaSuch aswork visaThose who have married (registered) withFamily visa visaYou can apply for. This visa is also used for calling the child of a person with a working visa to Japan.
This visa is used when an international student is married (registered) and calls a spouse to Japan, but the difficulty of application is considerably higher than that of a person who has a working visa.
This visa isAllowance for activities outside your status”, you will be able to work part-time for up to 28 hours a week.
For further information, please read Family visa visaPlease see the page.

▼ Japanese spouse, etc.

Those who have married (registered) with a Japanese personJapanese spouse etc.You can apply for a visa.
This visa, which is given as a spouse of a Japanese person, has no work restrictions, allows you to perform various jobs, and can also be the owner of a company.
For further information, please read Japanese spouse etc.Please see the page.

▼ Spouse, etc. of permanent resident

JapanesePermanent residencyThose who have married (registered) with a foreigner who has a visa can apply for a visa for a spouse of a permanent resident.
This visa, which is given as a spouse of a permanent resident, has no work restrictions, allows you to perform various jobs, and can even be the owner of a company.
For further information, please read Spouse of permanent resident etc.Please see the page.

▼ Long-term resident visa

Marriage (enrollment) between people who are not Japanese,Long-term Resident VisaThose who have married (registered) withLong-term Resident VisaYou can apply for.
Also, people who have divorced Japanese or permanent residents may be able to obtain this visa if certain conditions are met.
For further information, please read Long-term Resident VisaPlease see the page.

Flow until acquisition of marriage visa

We will explain the process to obtain a visa if you request us to do so.

Step1 Inquiry
Contact Us

Please contact us.
First of all, please contact us by phone or email.


Step2 Interview

I will decide the interview date by phone or e-mail.
We will present proposal and quotation by closely examining the content of your request at the interview.

Step3 Contract

If there is no problem in the details of the request and the quotation, it will be a contract.

Step4 Information on and keeping the required documents
Information on required documents and deposit

We will explain the required documents.
The required documents vary depending on the application content.
Please submit the necessary documents and we will take responsibility for keeping them.

Step5 Application preparation and confirmation
Preparation and confirmation of application

After submitting the required documents, we will prepare the application documents.
After creating the documents, we will ask you to confirm the documents in person.
If there are no problems, you can proceed with the application.
At this time, please pay the remaining amount.

Step6 Application

After confirming payment, an administrative scrivener will apply.
There is no need for the applicant to visit the Immigration Bureau in person.
The review period will vary depending on the content of the application.

Step7 Obtain permission
Acquire permission

After applying, you will receive a notification from us.
When applying for a Certificate of Eligibility, the Certificate of Eligibility will be mailed to the applicant, and the applicant will undergo immigration inspection with the Certificate of Eligibility.
If you are applying for permission to change your status of residence, we will receive your new residence card at the Immigration Bureau and then hand it directly to the applicant.


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