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Sri Lankan Naturalization Application Procedure | Necessary Materials and Examination Points

I have been living in Japan for many years and want to acquire Japanese nationality. An option is “naturalization application”.

Naturalization has the advantage of not only having an indefinite period of stay, but also gaining suffrage as in the case of Japanese people and reducing complicated procedures at the government office.
When applying for naturalization, it is important to prepare a thorough document. Here, an administrative scrivener with a naturalization application permission rate of 100% will explain the documents and examination points necessary for naturalization application for Sri Lankans.

Important points for successful Sri Lankan naturalization application

Naturalization applications have several requirements that must be cleared.

[Examples of naturalization application conditions]
• Address requirements
• Age (over 20 years old)
• Behavior
• Livelihood status
<Reference:Ministry of Justice Q & A "What are the conditions for naturalization?">

In addition, you will be examined through interviews to see if you have the Japanese language skills necessary for living in Japan.
Even if you live in Japan, you need to be careful if you travel abroad frequently and have many days abroad.

Ministry of Justice siteExplains the application for naturalization, but not all the requirements are explained in detail.
For example, the livelihood situation checks not only whether there is sufficient household income, but also whether there have been past pension or tax delinquency.

These naturalization application requirements also apply to Sri Lankan citizens born and raised in Japan.
There should be no problem with the address requirement of “Continue to have an address in Japan for 5 years or older” and the age requirement of “20 years or older”.
However, there are cases where it is judged that the requirement is not fulfilled, for example, due to problematic behavior such as touching criminal law in the past, or due to tax and pension delinquency.

It is important to complete the necessary documents after clearing the requirements for naturalization.

<For naturalization, please see here as well.Application for Naturalization">

List of documents required for Sri Lankan naturalization application

In Sri Lankan naturalization application, the following documents are basically required.

1. Application for Naturalization Permit
2. Documents that outline the relatives
3. Naturalization Motivation
4. Resume
5. Documents describing the outline of livelihood
6. Documents describing the outline of the business
7. Copy of resident's card
8. Documents proving nationality
9. Documents to prove kinship
10. Documents to prove tax payment
11. Proof of income
12. Documents proving resident status
<Source:Ministry of Justice Q & A "What documents are required to apply for a naturalization permit?">

The naturalization application procedure itself can be done by yourself without requesting an expert.
However, there are cases where it takes time to obtain documents. Depending on the case, procedures may be required at the local government office.
Let's collect documents with a margin.

Sri Lankan official documents require certification

Sri Lanka has not yet entered into a "Convention that does not require the certification of foreign official documents (the Hague Convention)".
Therefore, certification is required for documents issued by the Sri Lankan government.
Embassy of Sri Lanka in JapanAccording to the document, the original document certified by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka is required for document certification.
If the collected documents are incomplete, naturalization applications are not allowed.
If you want to challenge yourself in a perfect condition, please consult with our visa support specialist.

If you have trouble with Japanese translation of a certificate issued in Sri Lanka

All local and English documents issued in Sri Lanka must be accompanied by a Japanese translation.
At Climb, an administrative scrivener corporation, administrative scriveners and professional staff who are fluent in languages ​​are available.
Of course, you can also request various document translations.
Starting with advice on how to write documents, we support consistent and smooth naturalization applications.

Reliable support content as an administrative scrivener specializing in visa support

All administrative scriveners at Climb have the "qualification for application for immigration and immigration services."
Based on specialized knowledge, we will give you the best advice from hearing the required documents.
We can also accompany you to the Legal Affairs Bureau, translate Japanese documents, and collect application documents on your behalf.
Because it is an important naturalization application, we need a partner that can be entrusted with peace of mind.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with Sri Lankan naturalization application.

<Application for naturalization of Sri LankansClick here for consultation and inquiries>

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