Taiwanese naturalization application procedures | Administrative scriveners explain necessary materials and examination points!

When Taiwanese apply for naturalization, it is important to collect appropriate documents. In particular, collection of family register copies takes time, so we want to tackle it early.

Naturalization has the advantage of not only having an indefinite period of stay, but also gaining suffrage just like Japanese people and reducing complicated procedures at the government office.

here,Administrative scrivener with naturalization application permission rate 100%However, I will explain the documents and examination points necessary for naturalization application.
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Important points for successful naturalization application

Naturalization applications have requirements that must be cleared. The following are the basic requirements for naturalization applications:

[Examples of naturalization application requirements]
• Address requirements
• Age (over 20 years old)
• Behavior
• Livelihood status
<Reference:Ministry of Justice Q & A "What are the conditions for naturalization?">

In addition, do you have Japanese language skills necessary for living in Japan?interviewIt is judged through such as.
Even if you live in Japan, you need to be careful if you travel abroad frequently and have many days abroad.

Ministry of Justice siteExplains the application for naturalization, but not all the requirements are explained in detail.
For example, the livelihood situation checks not only whether there is sufficient household income, but also whether there have been past pension or tax delinquency.

It is important to complete the necessary documents after clearing these requirements.

<For naturalization, please see here as well.Application for Naturalization">

List of documents required for Taiwanese naturalization application

The following documents are basically required for naturalization application.

1. Application for Naturalization Permit
2. Documents that outline the relatives
3. Naturalization Motivation
4. Resume
5. Documents describing the outline of livelihood
6. Documents describing the outline of the business
7. Copy of resident's card
8. Documents proving nationality
9. Documents to prove kinship
10. Documents to prove tax payment
11. Proof of income
12. Documents proving resident status
In addition to the above, a driver's license or driving record certificate may be required.
<Source:Ministry of Justice Q & A "What documents are required to apply for a naturalization permit?">

The problem with collecting documents necessary for Taiwanese naturalization is that it takes time to collect a copy of the family register.
The Taiwan family register is a combination of a Japanese family register and a resident card.
To collect all records, a lot of materials are needed.
Taiwan family register copies can only be issued at the Tosei Office in Taiwan.
For this reason, you will either go directly to Taiwan and apply for it, or you will apply for a proxy through the representative office of the Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, Japan.
Proxy applications can be requested from relatives or agents in Taiwan. Let's tackle it early with plenty of time.

About the acquisition of Taiwan family register copy

All locally issued documents must be accompanied by a Japanese translation.

The administrative scrivener corporation Climb is staffed by professional staff who are fluent in Chinese.
Requests for translation of various documents are also possible.
Starting with advice on how to collect documents, we support consistent and smooth naturalization applications.

Watch out for the timing of Taiwanese nationality withdrawal!

Japan does not allow adult dual citizenship.
For this reason, generally, if a naturalization application is granted, it is necessary to proceed with the withdrawal of foreign nationality.
One of the requirements for naturalization applications is the "Conditions for Preventing Multinationality".
This is a rule that a person who wants to naturalize must be stateless or, as a rule, must leave his or her nationality with permission for naturalization.

If you are in Taiwan, you will be required to withdraw from nationality through the “Application for Lost Nationality of the Republic of China”.
In this case, you should be careful when applying for loss of nationality.
AlwaysAfter accepting the notification of the loss of nationality after applying for naturalization in Japan, the procedure will be carried out at the Office of Economic and Cultural Affairs in Taipei..
If you apply for the loss of nationality of Taiwan, you will lose your Taiwan family register. Therefore, in the unlikely event that Japan's application for naturalization is denied, it may become stateless.
Please be sure to contact the Legal Affairs Bureau before proceeding.

Reliable support content as an administrative scrivener specializing in visa support

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Based on specialized knowledge, we will give you the best advice from hearing the required documents.
We can also accompany you to the Legal Affairs Bureau, translate Japanese documents, and collect application documents on your behalf.
In addition, we will ask for consultation after application, such as interviews and Japanese language tests, before application.
Because it is an important naturalization application, we need a partner that can be entrusted with peace of mind.
It is recommended that you get professional support rather than considering the application yourself.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with Taiwanese naturalization.

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