What is an interview?

After submitting an application for naturalization, you will be interviewed about 3 to 4 months later.

What is heard
・ A family in Japan or in your home country
・ What do you want to be Japanese
・ Work
・ If you have a family, how do you share the housework?
・ If you have divorce experience

The important thing is
・ Do not tell a lie
・ Respond with answers that are consistent with the submitted documents.
2 points.

There is no problem even if the clothes are not suits. You can wear plain clothes.

This interview also shows your Japanese ability. In some cases, a Japanese test is performed, but it is as simple as the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4. However, if you have never attended a Japanese language school or a Japanese school, you should study in advance.

In addition, the person who lives with you, such as a spouse, may be called together for the interview.

Experts like us may not be able to enter the interview room together, so you may be worried, but you will not be asked much about the difficulties mentioned above, so relax.