What is a short-term stay visa?How to extend a short-term stay visa with the new coronavirus

For those who cannot return to Japan due to the new coronavirus (people who have difficulty returning to Japan)

Everyone who came to Japan with a short-term visa such as a tourist visa or a relative visa
Isn't it a problem because your flight is canceled and you can't return to Japan?
Climb, an administrative scrivener corporation, handles the procedure for renewing (extending) the period of stay of a short-term stay visa on your behalf.

Currently, it may be difficult to renew (extend) short-term stays in some countries due to the spread of new coronavirus infections and changes in the response status of each country.
At least, recently, it is often difficult for Taiwanese and South Koreans to respond.
Please contact us first if the flight has been canceled and the period of stay for your short-term stay is approaching.

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Short-term stay visa

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What is a short-term visa?

What is a short-term visa?

A short-term visa is a short visit to Japan (within 90 days), visits relatives, friends and acquaintances, tourism, commercial use (market research, business contact, negotiation, contract signing, after-sales service of imported machines etc. ), Visas to be issued for the purpose of participation as amateurs in goodwill visits, sports, recreation, competitions and contests, exams for universities, etc.


Example of purpose for those who obtain a short-term stay visa

· Tourism, entertainment (visit friends and acquaintances)
・ Recreation, treatment of illness ・ Participation in competitions and contests
· Sickness of relatives' sickness
· Relatives attending the wedding ceremony
· Kinship attendance at the funeral
· Examination procedure activities of universities etc.
· Factory tour and inspection of the fair
· Participation in seminars and briefings conducted by companies, etc.
· Participation in meetings, meetings
· Commercial (business contact, negotiation, contract signing, after-sales service, publicity, market research etc.)
· Preparation for investment, business start
· Visit to sister city
* As a general rule, with this status of residence "Short-term stay", you cannot operate a business with income or earn a reward in Japan.As an exception, international students are allowed to work for "short-term stays for the purpose of continuous job hunting".However, even in this case, you need to apply for permission for "non-qualified activities".
* If you enter the country with a “temporary stay” status of residence, you must apply for a “Visa” (VISA) at the local diplomatic mission abroad (Japanese embassy, ​​consulate general). Unlike other visa status, you cannot apply for an application in Japan (application for a certificate of eligibility). If your visa application is rejected, you will not be able to reapply for about 6 months, so please be careful when submitting documents.

Points to note for short-term visa application

・ As a general rule, applications for renewal (extension) of "short-term stay" visas are not permitted.It is only permitted if there is good reason for the Minister of Justice to justify the renewal.
· Changes from "short-term stay" visa to other status of residence (visa) are not permitted. It must be based on unavoidable special circumstances. (For example, international marriage)
· When entering Japan for marriage purposes, it is necessary to enter Japan with a "short-term stay" visa, not for visa exemption (no visa) but for reason to visit fiancées for marriage purposes.
· In cases where the change of status of residence and renewal of the period of stay are not permitted and the period of stay has passed, if the applicant appears at the early departure with intention to leave the country, he / she must stay at the time of disapproval It seems that they are taking measures to permit the change of the qualification to "short-term stay" and allow the departure procedures under legal law.
・ The period of stay for a "short-term stay" visa is 90 days, 30 days, or 15 days.



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