About service charges

About service charges

Visa application (administrative scrivener request fee)

TypesstampcostTotal cost (including consumption tax)
Technology · Humanities · International work
(work visa)
Certification application¥ 0¥ 77,000¥ 77,000
Change application¥ 4,000¥ 77,000¥ 81,000
Renewal application¥ 4,000¥ 34,500¥ 38,500

When a person who has become a specific activity (departure preparation period) due to the disapproval of simple renewal of technology / humanities knowledge / international business applies for a change in technology / humanities knowledge / international business

¥ 4,000¥ 121,000
Change application: ¥ 77,000
Manual creation: ¥ 44,000
¥ 125,000
Family stayCertification application¥ 0¥ 77,000¥ 77,000
Change application¥ 4,000¥ 77,000¥ 81,000
Renewal application¥ 4,000¥ 34,500¥ 38,500
Update within 6 months¥ 4,000¥ 11,000¥ 15,000
Permanent residence permit application-¥ 8,000¥ 110,000¥ 118,000
Short term stayCertification application¥ 0¥ 77,000¥ 77,000
Renewal application¥ 4,000¥ 34,500¥ 38,500
Settled after divorceChange application¥ 4,000¥ 99,000¥ 103,000
Other visa applicationsCertification application¥ 0¥ 77,000¥ 77,000
Change application¥ 4,000¥ 77,000¥ 81,000
Renewal application¥ 4,000¥ 34,500¥ 38,500
Click here for business/management (business management) visa rate plans
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Inquiry about visa application

Clubs established

TypesstampcostTotal cost (including consumption tax)
Clubs establishedLtd.(Minimum amount of stamp)¥ 201,940 (*)¥ 88,000¥ 289,940
A limited company(Minimum amount of stamp)¥ 60,000¥ 88,000¥ 148,000

* Of the stamp fee, "51,940 yen" is the amount to be paid to the notary public office.
◎ When requesting tax affairs from our affiliated accountant, the cost is 66,000 yen (tax included)
◎ If you are requested to set up a company establishment / business management visa, the visa fee will be discounted by 11,000 yen (tax included, lump sum payment only)

Inquiry about company establishment

Application for Naturalization

Service contentsPrices(Including consumption tax and revenue stamp if required)

Application for Naturalization

・ Accompany the Legal Affairs Bureau
・Preparation of application documents
・ Submission agency acquisition fee (including mailing cost)
¥ 258,600

* The cost for the client and family application is an additional 1 yen per additional family member.(tax included)

Additional charge (additional to basic charge)

self employed
Transportation costActual cost
Translation fee (other than our supported languages)
Actual cost

By region (Legal Affairs Bureau that performs procedures)

RegionDiscount from basic rateOthers
Tokyo (within 23 wards)- ¥ 28,600Separate actual transportation expenses
Tokyo (outside the 23rd ward)- ¥ 6,600
Kanagawa- ¥ 6,600
千葉- ¥ 6,600
埼 玉- ¥ 6,600


Type of applicationstampcostTotal cost (including consumption tax)
Special permission to stay
(Document preparation / attendance attendance)
¥ 4,000¥ 220,000¥ 224,000
Application for permission to obtain status of residenceThose who have left or lost their nationality (¥ 0)¥ 33,000¥ 33,000
Foreign baby (¥ 0)¥ 22,000¥ 22,000
Those who have decided to live in Japan for other reasons (¥ 0)¥ 110,000¥ 110,000
Apply for certification of employment qualification¥ 1,200¥ 77,000¥ 78,200
Apply for permission for activities outside your status of residence
<Comprehensive permit> (※ 1)
¥ 0¥ 22,000¥ 22,000
Apply for permission for activities outside your status of residence
<Individual permission> (※ 2)
¥ 0¥ 44,000¥ 44,000
Re-entry permit applicationOnly once (¥ 3,000)¥ 5,500¥ 8,500
Multiple (¥ 6,000)¥ 5,500¥ 11,500
[Specific activities] Transition to specific skills (XNUMX months, XNUMX year)Renewal application (¥ 4,000)
(Those who have applied at our company)
¥ 34,500¥ 38,500
Renewal application (¥ 4,000)
¥ 55,000¥ 59,000
Change application (¥ 4,000)¥ 55,000¥ 59,000
Application for certification of those who could not enter the country due to the influence of corona¥ 0¥ 38,500¥ 38,500

Procedure costs for border measures (a power of attorney is required)
* Online application for new foreigners entering the country using the "Immigration Health Confirmation System (ERFS)"

Procedures for receipt certificate related to entry¥ 0¥ 22,000¥ 22,000
Procedures as a person in charge of acceptance¥ 0¥ 33,000¥ 33,000
Preparation of notification documents for contract institutions (*)¥ 0¥ 11,000¥ 11,000
Document creation only¥ 0XNUMX discount from each reward amount

(* 1) Comprehensive permission In the case of a set with "change / renewal application": 5,500 yen (tax included)
(* 2) Individual permission In the case of a set with "change / renewal application": 38,500 yen (tax included)
(*) In the case of a set with "change / renewal application": 5,500 yen (tax included)

[About daily allowance] * Consumption tax included
Calculated based on the time from our office to the destination using a yahoo map
(Calculations do not use pay trains, pay trains may be used if the conventional line exceeds 1 hour)
Within 30 minutes/5,500 yen Over 30 minutes up to 1 hour/11,000 yen Over 1 hour up to 2 hours/22,000 yen
After that every 15 minutes plus 1,650 yen


【Travel expenses】(Immigration Bureau other than Tokyo)

destinationAmount of money(Consumption tax included)
Tokyo Immigration Bureau¥0
Sapporo Immigration Bureau¥38,500
Sendai Immigration Bureau¥27,500
Nagoya Immigration Bureau¥33,000
Osaka Immigration Bureau¥44,000
Takamatsu Immigration Bureau¥38,500
Hiroshima Immigration Bureau¥38,500
Fukuoka Immigration Bureau¥38,500

■ If you apply on the same day as other customers, the above business trip expenses will be split equally by the number of customers.
 Example) If you apply for 33,000 projects to Nagoya Immigration Bureau at the same time, the total will be XNUMX yen.

■ The above travel expenses are for one trip.
 If you change or renew your permit on your behalf, we will charge you a business trip fee each time.

Inquiries about naturalization application / permanent residence application

additional fee  * Other than naturalization


Total cost(Consumption tax included)

Application at a new company (accounting date has not yet arrived) ¥ 30,000¥ 33,000
Business plan preparation ¥ 50,000¥ 55,000
Apply with temporary staff ¥ 20,000¥ 22,000
Applicant himself applies for individual business owner (freelance) ¥ 25,000¥ 27,500
Applying for work experience (excluding skills) ¥ 30,000¥ 33,000
Application with advanced personnel ¥ 20,000¥ 22,000
Application for former technical interns ¥ 30,000¥ 33,000
In accepting for the first time in company-specific technical internship
Technical Intern training plan development support (first time only)
 ¥ 150,000¥ 165,000
In the first acceptance in the status of residence (training)
Preparation of training plan preparation (first time only)
 ¥ 150,000¥ 165,000
Application from departure preparation period (30 days) ¥ 10,000¥ 11,000
Application during departure preparation period (31 days or more) ¥ 5,000¥ 5,500
Apply for permission to change from the case where the certificate is issued within the deadline¥ 4,000¥ 10,000¥ 15,000
Working at hotels/inns (excluding worksites) ¥ 10,000¥ 11,000
Working at duty-free shops ¥ 20,000¥ 22,000
Working in a factory: CAD/programming (excluding on-site) ¥ 20,000¥ 22,000
Working in a factory: Other than CAD/programming (excluding on-site) ¥ 30,000¥ 33,000
Working in restaurants, convenience stores, and nursing businesses (excluding worksites) ¥ 30,000¥ 33,000
Working in warehouse/delivery/temporary staff/cleaning business (excluding on-site) ¥ 30,000¥ 33,000
Working in agriculture, construction and fisheries (excluding on-site) ¥ 50,000¥ 55,000
Working at a love hotel (*)/golf course (excluding on-site)
* Including cases where it can be recognized as a love hotel due to the structure of the building
 ¥ 50,000¥ 55,000
When there is a criminal record (fine penalty, detention etc) ¥ 50,000¥ 55,000
Other office, if you were not permitted by the principal application ¥ 30,000¥ 33,000
Application for applications other than the designated date ¥ 20,000¥ 22,000
Representation of receipt of residence card¥ 4,000¥ 5,000¥ 9,500
In case you are not making a change to your Immigration Bureau for a previous employment retirement change
Retirement notification agency (organization change notification)
 ¥ 5,000¥ 5,500
Apply for permission for activities outside your status of residence ¥ 5,000¥ 5,500
Accompany to confirm the reason for disapproval ¥ 22,000¥ 22,000
Reason statement creation (single unit) ¥ 50,000¥ 55,000
Reflection sentence, situation manual creation ¥ 40,000¥ 44,000
Translated textActual costASKASK
Certificate of various typesActual costASKASK
Other materials preparationActual costASKASK
Below, add to the basic charge
Urgent application
(Application within 14 days from the day after the contract, payment, and information are available)
* Not eligible for refund
 ¥ 30,000¥ 33,000
The relationship between academic background and work is weak ¥ 20,000¥ 22,000
For overseas universities ¥ 5,000¥ 5,500
If you graduated from a vocational school ¥ 10,000¥ 11,000
The following are discounted from the basic charge (technology, humanities, international only)
N1/N2 discount (limited to workplaces with high Japanese ability) N1:-¥10,000
Bachelor's degree in Japan
(If related to the type of work you are working in)
 -¥ 5,000-¥ 5,500

Contact us for additional charges

Service fee (other than visa application)

MessageOther stamp fees, etc.Remuneration(Consumption tax included)
Registration support organization / application agency¥28,400¥110,000
Obtained an antique dealer licenseIndividual   * Separately: Transportation expenses (actual expenses)Actual cost¥55,000
Corporation   * Separately: Transportation expenses (actual expenses)¥55,000
Collection agency for materials related to application¥5,500
Restaurant business license¥88,000
Late-night liquor service restaurant business notificationFrom ¥ 110,000
Travel business license1 species of¥880,000
2 types, 3 types¥220,000
HACCP procedureNegotiable
Home building permitGovernor permission / new¥110,000
Minister's permission / new¥165,000
Governor permission / renewal¥66,000
Minister permission / renewal¥88,000
Construction permitGovernor permission / new¥132,000
Minister's permission / new¥198,000
Governor permission / renewal¥66,000
Minister permission / renewal¥110,000
Construction industryNotification of change in financial results¥55,000
Change permission¥44,000
Examination of management items¥88,000
Ryokan business licenseFrom ¥ 275,000
Notarial act document preparation (statement of settlement, etc.)¥55,000
Loan procedure / document preparation 5% of the loan amount
 Start fee ¥ 22,000
Certification of parking space¥8,800
(Within the jurisdiction of Totsuka Police)


[Half-price refund or free re-application rules]

▼ If the application for naturalization is not permitted
 Refund: Refund amount = 110,000 yen (half of the basic charge, tax included)
 Free re-application: 55,000 yen (including tax, mail, Japanese document acquisition fee) + transportation fee (except within 23 wards)

▼ If the reason for disapproval falls under any of the following,Refunds, half-price refunds and free re-applications are not applicable.
Please note

● If you have hidden facts that are disadvantageous to our company
● If there is a falsehood in the content of the application
● If the documents pertaining to the application have been forged
● If you have committed a crime or traffic violation in the past, or have committed a crime or traffic violation while applying
● When it becomes difficult to meet the requirements due to a significant decrease in income during the application process
● If you do not cooperate in answering the questions necessary for the application and submitting and collecting the required documents
● If you do not cooperate with the instructions of the Legal Affairs Bureau and the Immigration Bureau
● If you withdraw your application for personal reasons before the results of the examination are available.


9: 00 ~ 19: 00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

Accepting 365 hours a day, 24 days a year

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