What is a visa application?

What is VISA (Visa)

What is a VISA visa?

VISA (Visa) is issued at the overseas Japanese embassy in order to enter Japan.
Check the passport (passport) and paste the seal or seal that "This passport (passport) is valid so you can enter Japan without problems".

What is the status of residence?

What is the status of residence?
The status of residence is the qualification required for foreigners to stay in Japan.
I am applying to Immigration Bureau (changed to Immigration Agency in 2019 Month 4 Year).
There are 27 types and activities are allowed only within each activity range. If you exceed the scope of your activity, you will need to be careful as you will be subject to an immigration order.
For example, if you enter the country with a status of residence, you do not earn income by studying abroad, except for part-time jobs, as studying abroad is entering to study.
As a general rule foreigners have rules that should not be accompanied by income other than income permitted under the activities belonging to their status of residence.
Therefore, if you do activities outside the status of qualification, you need to apply for permission for activities outside your status.
In the case of international students, part-time jobs within 1 hours are permitted in 28 weeks by obtaining permission for activities outside the status of qualification.