Apply for certification of employment qualification

What is the Employment Qualification Certificate Grant Application?

What is an application for permission to engage in activities outside the status of qualification?

Work qualification certificateWhen a foreigner residing in Japan changes jobs,“The job content of the new company is the same as the previous company, so there is no problem with the status of residence.”A document that the Minister of Justice certifies.
to apply for delivery of the documentApply for certification of employment qualificationIt's called.

Requirements for employment qualification certificate issuance application

It must be at one of the following 3 points:

  1. Having a status of residence to work (working visa)
  2. Have permission to work outside the status of qualification
  3. Having a status of residence without employment restriction (status visa)

Points to note when applying for a certificate of eligibility for employment

This work qualification certificate will be issued regardless of whether the work content of the new company is "applicable" or "not applicable" to the activity content of the current status of residence.
If this is not the case, it may be better to change the business content of the company or refrain from changing jobs to that company.

It is not obligatory to apply for issuance of a certificate of eligibility for employment, but having it issued proves the eligibility of the status of residence at the new company.Fewer documents to submit when applying for extension of period of stay.
Conversely, if you change jobs without issuing a certificate of eligibility for employment and your eligibility for status of residence is not recognized when you apply for an extension of your period of stay,be forced to change one's status of residenceThere is a fear.
If your period of stay is approaching,need to leave the countryTherefore, when changing jobs, we recommend that the applicant or the company apply for the issuance of a certificate of eligibility for employment.

Documents required for application for issuance of work qualification certificate

  1. Employment qualification certificate grant application
  2. Presentation of residence card, special permanent resident certificate
  3. Presentation of passport or employment qualification certificate
  4. If the above can not be presented, a written statement of reasons

Those who can apply

  1. Applicant himself / herself
  2. Staff of the institution managed by the applicant or the employment organization
  3. Staff of the institution where the applicant is trained or educated
  4. Staff of an organization that supervises activities to acquire skills, skills or knowledge that foreigners do
  5. A staff member of a public benefit corporation aiming at smooth acceptance of foreigners
  6. A lawyer or an administrative scrivener reported to the Regional Immigration Bureau Director, who received a request from the applicant
  7. Applicant's legal representative

Application fee

It is necessary for income stamp to be 900 yen. Please attach it to the fee payment form.


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