To be careful with permission for activities outside the status of qualification

Foreign nationals staying in Japan can only do activities specified for their status of residence.

However, foreign nationals who apply for permission for activity outside the status of non-qualifications (prefectural college student permission) can carry out activities to earn income such as part-time jobs and part-time jobs.

Attention point of permission for activities outside the status of qualification
After getting permission outside the status of qualification, I can not go on saying "I'm going to work hard! It is because it is decided that permission for activities outside the status of qualification is within 28 hours of the week (within 1 days 8 hours during summer, winter, spring vacation). So, "Sweet idea like" I am a part-time job, so it's okay if it goes over a little, is not it? "Is very dangerous. Please do not do it.
If we exceed 28 hours a week .... I will be forced to leave. It is said that you should leave Japan within 1 months.
We can not help it if this is done.
Also, it is not a good idea to work with any content bytes.
Part-time jobs related to sexual affairs such as bars, club hostesses, waiters, etc. are not permitted in the application for permission to engage in activities other than that permitted. This is also forced to leave.
If you break these rules for the money you want in front of you, the disadvantage to return to yourself is too big. So, let 's protect the rules properly.
There are many inquiries from international students saying "We have exceeded the week 28 hours and it is said that you should return to the immigration within 1 months." What should I do?
Unfortunately I have to go back to Japan more than I was told about immigration.
While you are in Japan, let's deal with school by talking to school and taking a leave of absence treatment. And we have to apply for accreditation to study abroad and return home. We recommend that you attach reflection scripts etc. when applying.