To be careful with permission for activities outside the status of qualification

Foreign nationals staying in Japan can only do activities specified for their status of residence.

However, in advance "Permits for activities outside the qualificationsForeigners who have applied for and received permission can carry out activities such as part-time jobs and part-time jobs to earn income.

▼ Notes on permission for activities outside the qualification
You can't just say, "Yeah! I'll do my part-time job!" With permission for activities outside the qualifications.
Permission for activities outside the status of qualificationWithin 28 hours a week (within 1 hours a day during summer, winter and spring vacations)Because it is decided.
So, the sweet idea that "it's a part-time job, so it's okay to exceed it a little, right?" Is very dangerous.Please do not do it.

・ If it exceeds 28 hours a week ...
DeportationI will let you.You will be asked to leave Japan within a month.
We can not help it if this is done.

・ Also, it is not always possible to do a part-time job with any content.
In the application for permission for activities outside the status of qualificationPart-time jobs in customs-related work such as bars, club hostesses and waiters are not permitted.
This is also deported.

If you break these rules for the money you want in front of you, the disadvantage to return to yourself is too big. So, let 's protect the rules properly.

"I have exceeded 28 hours a week and have been told to return to the Immigration Bureau within a month. What should I do?"
There are many inquiries from international students.
Unfortunately I have to go back to Japan more than I was told about immigration.
While you are in Japan, talk to the school and ask them to take a leave of absence.
Then, I have no choice but to apply for study abroad certification and return to Japan.
We recommend that you attach a reflection statement when you apply.


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