Permanent re-entry permit

What is deemed re-entry permit?

The deemed re-entry permit is a system introduced from 2012 Year 7 day in 9 year.

Foreign nationals who possess valid passports and residence cards do not need to receive re-entry permission in principle, when leaving Japan and re-enter Japan to continue activities in Japan within 1 years after departing It is like that.

Those who departed by deemed re-entry permit can not extend their validity period overseas. Please be aware that the status of residence will be lost unless you re - enter Japan within 1 year after departing. When the period of stay arrives less than 1 years after departure, it is necessary to re-enter by the period of stay.

Procedure method
In order to obtain deemed re-entry permission, you must have a valid passport and residence card, and when you leave Japan, you will desire to leave by deemed re-entry in the column of "Intention indication" of "re-entry departure record" You need to check it.

Those who do not qualify for deemed re-entry permit
· Persons who are in the process of rescission of status of residence
· Persons reserved for departure confirmation
· Persons who are receiving the order of detention
· Those residing with the status of residence of "specific activities" under application for refugee status certification
· There is a danger of harming Japan's interests or public security
· Persons who are recognized by the Minister of Justice as having reasonable reasons to admit that permission for re-entry is necessary for fair management of other immigrants

注意 点
· If you leave Japan and exceed the 1 year, the status of residence and the period of stay will be lost. If you know that it will exceed the 1 year in advance, let's apply for a re-entry permit.
· If you leave Japan due to a deemed re-entry permit, you can not extend the term of validity overseas.
· If you do not have permission to re-enter Japan, even if you are a permanent resident, your permanent residence will be deprived, so please be aware.


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