Special permission to stay

What is a special permission to stay?

What is a special permission to stay?

A special permission to stay is a system whereby the Minister of Justice gives a special status of residence to a foreign national who is illegally residing in Japan due to illegal residence (overstay) or illegal entry.

Whether to grant a special residence permit is at the discretion of the Minister of Justice.
Judgment will be made by comprehensively considering the reasons why illegal residents wish to stay, their family circumstances, history of living in Japan, and the need for humanitarian consideration. In addition, it is said that the Minister of Justice may grant special permission to stay in the following cases.

  1. · When receiving a permanent residence permit.
  2. · When I used to have a domicile in Japan as a Japanese citizen.
  3. · When residing in Japan with being under the control of others by trafficking in person etc.
  4. · When other Minister of Justice finds circumstances to allow for special residence.

Documents to be submitted

Documents to be submitted for applicant's special spouse permission application are different depending on whether the applicant is "spouse's case" or "other case".

【Spouse's case】

  1. Statement
  2. Identification
    ① Copy of passport All pages
    ② A copy of the residence card
    ③ Identification card copy (driver's license, home country card etc.)
  3. Proof of marriage
    ① Family register copy (one with a statement of marital facts, one with a child description if there are children
    ② Certificate of family register of home country etc
    ③ Prosecution of marriage notification receipt
    ④ Certificate of written matter on marriage registration
  4. Proof of living conditions
    ① Resident's card (for all households living together)
    ② Certificate of incumbency (Certificate of officials is a certified copy of the company's register, if you are self-employed, business license etc. understand the contents of work)
    · Those who know the annual income of the most recent 1 years (withholding tax levy, income certificate, finalized skew letter etc)
    · Pension receipt certificate such as pension, livelihood protection etc
    · A copy of the register of the place of residence or a copy of the rental contract (one that understands the renewal status of the contract)
    · Spouse's resume
    · Mother and Child Health Handbook Copy
    · Certificate of student's enrollment, attendance / academic transcript
    · Deposit passbook copy · All in use All pages
    · Several snapshots (especially those of wedding ceremony and reception)
    · Certification picture 4 sheets (5cm × 5cm)

[Other Matters]

  1. Proof of identity
    ① Passport copy all pages
    ② A copy of Alien Registration Certificate
    ③ A copy of the ID card (driver's license, home country card, etc.)
  2. Certificate of residence status
    <Work qualifications>
    ·employment agreement
    · Copy of resignation
    · Income statement / number of staff, materials clarifying wage payment to staff (management · management)
    · Trainee's Roster / Training Plan (Training)
    <Study abroad>
    · Certificate of student status
    · Grades · Certificate of attendance status
    · Certificate of Registration Registration
    · Certificate documents such as contents of research and contents of auditing (limited to those issued by faculty / institution, things with teacher individual name are not allowed)
    <Family stay>
    · Marital relationship, proof of parent-child relationship (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.)
    · Nikkei discovery (misplaced) material
    <Parenting Case>
    · Family register copy of child
    · Resident's card of the child
    · Child birth certificate
    · Several snapshots
    · Certification picture 4 sheets (5cm × 5cm)
  3. Income and living expenses support document
    Principal, sponsors
    ① Certificate of incumbency
    ② Those that understand the annual income of the most recent 1 years (withholding tax levy, income certificate, final return form, etc.)
    · Certificate of benefits such as annuity and welfare protection
    · Scholarship receipt certificate documents (study abroad)
    · Remittance certificate (study abroad)

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