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You can work in your status of residence in JapanStatus of residence (work visa)What you need to know before applying"Category".
How big are the companies and institutions that accept foreigners who apply?makes this category4 typeIt is divided into.
(Depending on the status of residence, there are also 2 types, 3 types, but mainly 4 types)
TherebyDocuments to be submitted at the time of application will increase or decreaseSo be sure to check it out!
Depending on the type of work visa, there are also cases where the category is 2 type.
The table below is a common category in general.
Working visas, which correspond to the table below,
"Management/Management" "Research" "Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services" "Intra-company Transferee" "Skills".

Category 1
Companies listed on the Japanese stock exchanges
Mutual company engaged in insurance industry
Japan or foreign country / local public entity, independent administrative agency, special corporation · authorized corporation
Public interest corporation of national and local public entities in Japan
Category 2
In the statutory report total of the withholding slip of salary income for the previous year in the table, withholding tax amount of withholding tax summary table of salary income in excess of X million
Category 3
Organizations / individuals (excluding category 2) to which statutory document total table such as withholding slip of salary income of previous year's salary income was submitted
Category 4
Groups and individuals not applicable to either of the left

As shown in the table above, they are divided into 4 types according to the companies and institutions that accept applicants. The documents to be submitted at the time of application are different.
The immigration bureau says that companies and institutions of a certain size will not let them work illegally.creditThere are not many documents to submit because there is (Category 1, Category 2)
It may be a bad way to put it, but there is a risk that small companies, new companies, and institutions will not be certified unless they can prove that the applicant will comply with the law and will not work illegally or go bankrupt. (Category 3, Category 4)
Even small companies, if the applicant's ability (faculty or college such as university or qualification etc) and the work contents are solid, there are many documents to be submitted but approved properly.
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