Apply for provisional release

What is a temporary release license application?

What is an application for permission to engage in activities outside the status of qualification?

Apply for provisional releaseThis means that a foreign national who has been detained under a detention order or deportation order is requested to stop detention under certain conditions.


Attention point of temporary release license application

There is no fee for the application itself, but at the time of permissionPayment of security deposit (300 million yen or less)Please note that you will need

Documents necessary for temporary release permit application

  • Application for provisional release
  • Letter of guarantee
  • Reference materials
  • written oath
  • Documents certifying the reason for requesting provisional release

The above is the minimum required for application.
You may be required to submit other documents. For more information, please contact the immigration camp or local immigration office that is requesting provisional release.

Those who can apply

  • Applicant himself / herself
  • agent, curator, spouse, immediate relative or sibling​


A local immigration office that accommodates foreign nationals who wish to receive temporary release permission.

Cancellation of provisional release

A foreigner who has received a provisional release license

  1. (1) escaped;
  2. (2) There are probable grounds for suspecting escape.
  3. (3) refusing to answer calls without justifiable reason;
  4. (4) has violated the conditions attached to the provisional release;

In the above case, the director of the immigration center or the chief immigration inspector,revoke provisional releaseIt is stipulated by the Immigration Law that it is possible.

If the provisional release is revoked, the person who has been provisionally released will be placed in an immigration detention center, a detention center of the regional immigration bureau, or any other place designated by the Minister of Justice or the chief examination entrusted by him, in accordance with the detention order or deportation order. at a place designated by thehoused againIt will be.

Also, when provisionally releasedPaid security deposit (300 million yen or less) is confiscatedWill be done.
Forfeiture includes all and some forfeit.If the reason for cancellation is (1) or (3) above, the full amount of the deposit will be lost, and if it is canceled for any other reason, part of the deposit will be lost. The amount of money that will be collected and partially confiscated will be determined by the immigration camp chief or the chief examiner depending on the circumstances.


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